v1 V2000, Retro games, and insane challenges are a thing these days. Let me give you a challenge and a treat; A real lesson in game design for all those hard-core macho players out there. V2000 is a very odd game with a fun concept but a very flawed execution. According to the story and in-game intro dragons attacks a series of small worlds with a contagious virus and giant bugs among other things.
In order to fight this infestation a weird VTOL (vertical take of and landing) craft is deployed


The main reason why the game is so damn hard and broken is the controls. The craft can’t slide sideways and the aim is quite shit. Nor can the camera actually rotate, which makes this a very tricky business. However, the game is far from impossible and each level is unique and interconnected. In order to win the nest has to be destroyed and the infestation must not reach critical mass. Or enough civilians die. Tough at that point it’s just to hit restart. Sure there are extra lives, but those are limited. There are only so many medals to collect. One is gained from finishing the level, while the other ones are hidden in various spots.

The other challenge is that each level is a puzzle of sorts and usually requires weapons from another world. Hover these weapons can only be unlocked by ferrying civilians off to the factory, where they will produce new upgrades and guns. After all, some enemies are bulletproof to the max. The craft itself has two modes, flying and floating, and can be submerged by carrying a weight.

Graphically the game was quite decent for its time, with waves in the ocean, some physics, and in full 3D. Naturally, physics is what makes things so hard at times. Touch trees, fences, buildings, and such and the craft takes damage. v3Not only that it will also be bounced back as the thing in question usually explodes. Which makes the fixed camera and floaty craft a real thorn in the buttocks to deal with. It surprises me a little that games like the Silver Surfer have been completed and recorded. One of the very noticeable challenges in V2000 includes drowning white lizard things through mind control. Rolling boulders down a cliff and having them crush various hives, which otherwise are immortal, and a slew of other challenges. Each world is different and very, very challenging.

Back in the day the PC version apparently had a versus mode as well. Though the PC version will not keep the save file when exiting. Naturally, this makes the Playstation the best version if you can get a copy and get it running. Emulators can be a fickle mistress when it comes to weird old and virtually forgotten games. Also, good luck searching for a copy, V2000 is a painfully generic title.

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!

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