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Frequently asked questions

Question 1#: Why did you start creating content on the internet?
Answer: I felt that the best way to reach Gamers is to become a content creator; in this way, we could share the message of Gamers-Haven with the world.

Question 2#: What made you stop reviewing games with a grading score?
Answer: Arbitrary numbers do not reflect the game’s value. What matters is how you feel about the game. In a world filled with opinions, game reviews remain subjective based on the player’s preference, so I want our game reviews to reflect our opinions.

Question 3#: What is the Gamers-Haven, exactly?
Answer: Full disclosure, we are a community, and we’re working on becoming a business in America. We are a registered business in Norway, but due to situational problems, Daniel Clatworthy had to return to America; this caused the Norwegian company to become listed as inactive.

Question 4#: How do you get all these games to review?
Answer: I ask, or people ask us.

Question 5#: How much money do you make from YouTube, Twitch, and donations?
Answer: I wish I could make money from doing this.

Question 6#: Can I donate something other than games?
Answer: This is a situational yes; it depends on the context.

Question 7#: I want Gamers-Haven to play my game; will you please play it?
AnswerSure, send us a message! Full disclosure; we cannot promise how soon we’ll get around to playing it. We could have a few games ahead of yours, but we will try to help bring your game some coverage!

Question 8#: What is your preferred platform for gaming?
Answer: PC.

Question 9#: You said something negative about my game; take down your article!
Answer: Fix your game, and we’ll consider editing the content of our original post to reflect any positive changes. 

Question 10#: I would like Gamers-Haven to sponsor my product or service; would you do some coverage for it?
Answer: Yes; however, this is conditional. We refuse to do any coverage for a product; that we have not tried, tested, or used. If; you are asking us to sponsor your product. Then we expect to be able to use and test your products.

Question 11#: I want to post a paid article on Gamers-Haven.
Answer: Yes, this is fine, but it is subject to review before publishing with clear disclaimers that it is a paid article. So, if you; are looking for a way to circumvent our conditional clause for product and service reviews, it will not fly with us.

Question 12#: I want Gamers-Haven to do paid promotional coverage for (insert joke about RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS here.)
Answer: Okay, but just like our product reviews and service reviews. You must be willing to let us try the product or service before we do any coverage.

Question 13#: Why so many stipulations on product and service reviews? Don’t you want to make some money?
Answer: Yes, we want to make some money, but we also want to do honest work. We want people to know that Gamers-Haven has integrity. We want them to know they trust us for informative and honest opinions.

Question 14#: Why did Daniel Clatworthy call himself, TheWhiteRose000?
Answer: I liked Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of Roses and I thought having three Zeroes in my name made me sound like I’d be the first, the same way James Bond is 007.

Question 15#: Why did you rebrand yourself PaladinRose?
Answer: Better branding and reflects my personal identity more.

Question 16#: How can I support the Gamers-Haven?
Answer: I’m glad you asked! There is a lot; you can do to support the Gamers-Haven community; you could subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and even Twitter! If; you want, you can even donate to our Patreon, help us by getting things from our Amazon wishlist, or if you got a game you would like us to cover or want to donate to us, you can always get in touch through our Contact us page!