RedoutRedout is one of the fastest racing games I’ve ever played on Steam. There is a serious lack of fast futuristic racers. Then again racing games are of a mixed bunch and is usually way too limited. Especially when it comes to AI and interesting tracks. Redout does deliver a fairly complete experience. 

I just really enjoy speeding through corkscrews, at breakneck speeds. Incidentally, this is where the title comes from. When curves and speed become too great, the screen is likely to take on a red hue, while the vision starts to blur. There is a limit to what the human body can take. Plus it makes for an interesting mechanic. Along with the ability to adjust the pitch while going through a loop. It’s something that has to be done, otherwise, I’ll just scrape up my vehicle against the tarmac. Since the hovercraft is both fast and brittle, any bump and scrape will hurt. Apparently, there are powerups that can affect the opposition, however, they are quite frankly boring. Redout

Readouts campaign mode is composed of several companies to pick from. Each has individual stats and specifications on their speeders. The company picked will keep clambering for attention by offering money deals and contracts, which all relate to upgrades.  The bags of money thrown at me I mostly use to buy upgrades and improve them. Progress equals higher velocities and harder races. Despite my best effort, I’m not very good at winning in this game though. I have a really hard time handling the cornering and timing.  The cramped track width does not do me any favors. Then again I do have the habit of driving in the first person instead of the third. That could be a contributing factor. The boss levels are one of the things that really make Readout shine. These are long hard races, with portals, that teleport the player to another location quite seamlessly. Redout

Graphically the game is very polished and sleek. With some interesting track designs and some wicked loops. With various cool themes. Redout has all the hallmarks of a fantastic racing game. Tight cornering, drifting, catch-up mechanics, and some upgrades. The one thing it really lacks is a way to trash the opponents and more impact sound effects. I find t a bit too muted. The soundtrack is also quite good and upbeat, with some very catchy tunes. Being able to adjust the pitch, but pressing the stick back and forth adds some extra depth to the mechanics, preventing it from becoming a mindless arcade experience. Redout also comes with Steam achievements, which is always good. VR support I can’t comment on, it since I don’t have it, and a very functional multiplayer mode.

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!

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