Metamorphosis is one of those weird under-seen games that I’ve had the opportunity to take a crack at and in a lot of ways visually it feels unpolished. But, and I do mean here, that does not mean in any way that it is not a great game.

First, the rough spot out of the way is that the animation just doesn’t feel like it matches the character’s movements, at times it feels forced and isn’t as fluid as it could be. I can understand why it isn’t as some stages during gameplay repeat until you have progressed to trigger the next animation cycle. So having something on repeat, in this case, messes with the initial timing of moments where characters are talking and interacting with one another.A live stage event in Metamorphosis.

That’s it, that’s the only thing I didn’t like about the game, and even that it’s a minor issue.

Metamorphosis followers the story of Gregory Samsa who just woke up from partying with his best friend Joseph with a bit of a hangover and as you leave his apartment you begin to change from a lowly salesman to a … lowly… bug.

That’s right! It’s like those books we read in elementary school except this time you’re a literal bug! This in itself, is a pretty unique concept for a 3D title, but I digress. The game is a mix of platform jumping with a bit of puzzle-solving. You need to navigate the stages and solve various puzzles to get to the location that can turn you back into a human the place all bugs refer to as the Tower.Where does this tunnel lead in Metamorphosis?

One of the unique features of the game is the fact you get a bug’s eye view of situations and you discover a great deal about their world and the jobs they do in this world. Spoiler Alert the bureaucrats are basically bugs running the show from behind the scene and they just don’t want people to know about it. Much like how American politics are run by roaches I mean wonderful human beings.

Along the way you are presented with various narrative options to discover more about your friend Joseph and what is happening to him while you’re a bug I won’t go into detail because the game is really short like I beat it in three hours. But I will say this is the game because of its ability to give you choices you do have multiple endings you can experience which does give the game a bit of replayability.

Follow the path that lies ahead of youAs a whole, the game is short, and sweet, but presents itself as a game you can play time and time again and where it feels like it would be a bit disturbing to play as a bug. The visual of Metamorphosis reminds me more of Harry Potter meets Honey I Shrunk the Kids. It’s the strangest combination I’ve ever seen in a game but it is also one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in a game which leaves me a tad confused because I hated Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Personally, I recommend it the game is wonderful I had a great time playing it and I was enraptured the whole time as I tried to solve the various puzzles and do hardcore parkour which arguably wasn’t even that hard.

Metamorphosis is a game that focuses more on the narrative and the enjoyment a player can take out of playing a game and that’s why I love it.


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