Amnesia: Rebirth logoAmnesia: Rebirth is being as honest as I can here, not at scary as the rest of the games in the Amnesia franchise and that’s okay! It’s good to create something new and it’s not always going to be like the originals.

At the very start of Amnesia Rebirth like the series suggests you start out with Amnesia except now you’re stranded in the middle of a massive desert where you could suffer and die from heatstroke which is a series first.The other world in Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth has vast new open areas to explore with how big sections of the maps are designed but in reality, the game is holding your hand through a considerable portion focusing more on its narrative and its storytelling. Even the core mechanics of regarding puzzle solving seem to be very straightforward at times and doesn’t feel as challenging as its predecessors once did.

That’s okay though as Amnesia: Rebirth now focuses more heavily on its vocal and visual storytelling compared to its predecessors like Amnesia The Dark Descent and Amnesia A Machine for Pigs. It’s this new approach to storytelling that makes this version of Amnesia stand out from the rest and a good way to get introduced into the Amnesia franchise, to which I say I guess the Amnesia child edition.

Amnesia: Rebirth has a sole story focus in which its goal is to reunite a mother and their child which you willingly gave up to an Empress to a Gate Building civilization and as you progress solving puzzles and hiding from enemies you discover this truth.

The story is a lot about a mother’s love for her child but includes the standard fare experienced with the Amnesia series of not remembering anything that happened prior or that was leading up to this moment and it’s that core element that keeps us pushing through the story.What becomes of those who stay there

Amnesia has always been able to discover and fight through the fear of the unknown and it’s that core focus that is still present in Amnesia Rebirth as you struggle to survive being caught by Ghouls left over from the Gate Builders that drag you through cave systems and into a different world entirely.

It captures spectacularly all the things we’ve come to love and expect from the Amnesia games with excellent story-telling and captivating gameplay mechanics that although just like any other jump scare or horror game, always find a means to implement it in such a way that it doesn’t get tiring.

Amnesia: Rebirth is like the prior Amnesia games one of a kind that cannot be compared to the rest, and just like the rest they cannot be compared to it. But it’s definitely one of the best Amnesia titles I’ve ever played to date and I highly recommend everyone who enjoys horror titles to pick up this game.

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