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Haven Reviews: The Incredible Baron

The incredible baron20160729184526_1

A bragging, posh and quite self absorbed gentleman, a big boned shrieking bat of a lady and a pint sized big eyed boy is on journey into the unknown. On a trek to discover new creatures and document them. After all a true man have to leave a legacy. Unfortunately the Baron have a bad habit of being a braggart, whom like to take the honor for other peoples ideas. Only the Baron himself is capable of making these robotic inits. But when they go wrong, they suddenly belong to his assistant again.20160804091003_1

While the story is fantastic and very fun, with colorful characters and lovely artwork. The Incredible Baron gameplay itself is a bit dry and boring. There is nothing inherently wrong about it, I just find it dull. On the left side is my base, here I can build rooms. These produce units for a cost. Money slowly trickle in and can be gained by besting the incoming enemy. However the units themselves can only walk one way and that is towards my enemy. Unfortunately  I have no control over these little buggers at all; which means strategy comes from what order I buy them in. Eventually I got several support abilities to use as well. Such as the flintlock pistol, that provides extra research 20160804091107_1when dealing the killing blow. When the dead bugger is researched I’ll know what the weakness is and can pick units accordingly to color and gain new units. Each one have a unique color. Some colors beat other colors,  while some units I unlock with enough research.  Before each mission, I had to pick what units to have available in combat. Now that is well and all, but at least they keyboard layout works. The incredible baron uses a keyboard mouse combo, it mostly works, but the cursor will go outside the border and onto my other screen. Replay-ability comes from unlocking more units, getting a better score on previous levels and leveling up. Even when losing a level, the research progress will slowly rise.

20160804095119_1As stated earlier, even if I don’t enjoy this kind of gameplay much. Mostly because I like a hands on approach. There are two fantastic things about this game though. The music is fantastic, it’s full of life and quite in theme with a Caribbean palm covered pirate island. The other thing is the graphics, which are vibrant and colorful, with a lot of charm, not to mention they are well drawn. Meanwhile the plot of The incredible baron is a weird tale of exploration, science and a bucket load of puns. Regardless I will not tattle the tale, because that would be spoiler and that is not what I’m about. Most people will enjoy it more than me, but all in all I would recommend trying the incredible baron;  on Steam, IOS or Android.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Njål H Sand

Haven Review: RAMBOE


Now this is one of those interesting games working on a pun for its name. In RAMBOE you are playing as a Ram! Named Boe! Because Boe was a renowned explorer who got eaten and his body devoured he found his soul roaming around in a depression and so he took over a Rams body and became RAMBOE!ram-boe-979615-h900 You get all that? Because I’m not repeating myself! The object of RAMBOE is to push blocks into a portal, these blocks posses the souls of people who have had the similar fate as Boe in which they no longer have a body and cannot move. So Boe pushes these blocks into the portals so the souls can be free again and weaken the giant Ice Giant who ate Boe’s body.

Now in terms of puzzle solving the game is fairly straight forward as it teaches you everything you need to know and how to play it. Such as staking multiple blocks on-top of each other, and how to solve the various and extensive puzzles that are put forth for you.

The one issue I found with the game though is that, the audio options don’t save outside of the main menu which has led to me talking very loud. Which you can see at the end of this article in the let’s play video we got attached.unnamed

The music is nice as is voice acting although the speech can be a little hard of hearing at times. Due to the persons accent as they try to speak. But these are things that can be easily rectified. The game visually looks a bit clunky, don’t get me wrong though the game itself plays nice and its color scheme is visually appealing but it feels like the animation could use a little work.

The game controls are also very sensitive at times making it hard to play as even the slightest touch will send me plummeting to my death. A smaller issue that could be rectified in my opinion just by making it so the character you control cannot fall to your death.

ram_boe_2In conclusion though, the game has the makings of a good puzzle game with a decent story it just needs some more fine tuning and polishing. It is available now and you can buy and play it, but we can only hope the developer will continue to support it and make it shine like it can.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne

Spoiler Alert: This review is written as commentary on story elements within the game. Reader discretion is advised.
The Walking Dead has become synonymous with Telltale Games in recent years, standing with its own unique characters who don’t appear in the TV series (except that one time with Glenn, but that was only in Episode One!)

Now however we have The Walking Dead: Michonne, a character that does appear on TV. This game gives us a bit of back story to her character, her regrets and the weight she carries on her shoulders. Right off the bat you’re thrust into her story, with her chopping through some brush while avoiding zombies (ahem…sorry…I mean walkers). She begins to hallucinate about what I can only assume are her two daughters.mich

From there, as in all Telltale titles, you’re met with amazing fight scenes in which you must kick everyone’s ass by pressing certain button combinations. This is followed by the obligatory cut-scene and finishes with Michonne uncharacteristically pulling out a gun and letting the player choose weather she blows her brains out. Being the sword-wielding bad-ass that I am, I choose not to and was soon met by some rather unsavory characters who took me aboard their ship.

From there we were floating down a river in our lovely sailboat, and Michonne wakes up from a nightmarish nap; The crew of the ship checks to see if she’s okay before receiving a distress call from their trading partners aboard another boat. Continuing on in yet again classic Telltale fashion, the story then brings you to search for a radio signal. More boat issues begin, and the ship gets stranded. You take a row boat over to the other ship that the signal was coming from, and conveniently get parts to fix your ship.HeadChop4_1920x1080

But you already know, since it’s a Walking Dead title, that nothing goes according to plan. The boat tips over, you avoid getting bitten by walkers from under the water and you make it ashore…only to be thrown into another dark scenario. This time its followed by the first Walking Dead combo cut-scene where you must push all the buttons in the right succession to survive; a twisted game of “Simon Says”.

So more exposition befalls you as a group of men break into the place, trying to get a bag of supplies, and mistakes you for a troublemaker. So they kidnap you and take you to their super secret base, which isn’t so super secret. This dark game has become even more dark, because it’s The Walking Dead.

Alright let’s stop for a minute here. The Walking Dead is a dark series. We all understand that it’s a zombie Apocalypse and that there are roughly 300,000 people left on Earth. But what bothers me about the stories is just how often these events happen with the original Walking Dead game from Telltale Games. You must see the story play out in a way that makes considerably more sense, where they’re held up in a hotel and are working their way forward. But in The Walking Dead: Michonne it feels like they’re just trying to advance a person’s story with unbelievable acts that they’re presenting as believable.
The-Walking-Dead-Michonne-4 With a long string of coincidences that help make her who she is, it feels like this game is falling short of her comic book counterpart. There are two parts left to go and hopefully that will make up for that. As this is a Telltale game, it will be limited to 3 episodes instead of 5 or 6, like the rest.

Don’t get me wrong, Michonne is a great character and very well received. Hell, she actually gets raped in the comics, endures it and gets revenge later on. But in terms of how bad-ass she is, there feels to be a huge gap. It feels also that the first installment doesn’t do her justice.

The Telltale formula is getting really old and there’s almost no innovation that makes it feel like an actual game to me. It feels like Simon Says meets a story book, and not in a creative way. I honestly wish they would take a lesson from King’s Quest in terms of design, but that’s just my input.TWD_Michonne_Kids

Overall the story is a bit lacking, as are the interactions throughout. Nothing really kept me interested in playing, but hopefully the next installments will fix this.

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

-Daniel Clatworthy-