Batman (2016)I am vengeance I am the night I am! Bruce Wayne is at a party trying to raise money for Harvey Dent in Batman (2016) the Telltale series. Now jumping right into this Batman (2016) is fairly straight forward like pretty much all Telltale titles you make some decisions based on your interactions and press a few buttons in a Simon Says kinda combo to try to give the game more of a dynamic feel.Batman (2016)

Although this Batman game is taking it a bit further by really pushing for that Simon Says aspect and making Batman more action based than storytelling in this approach. However, like all Telltale titles, the formula gets old very quick, and considering we are only on episode one so far I slightly dread what is to come.

However, since this is a Batman title we can finally get a feel for the alter ego of Batman when he is Bruce Wayne and dive further into the character’s story and get to know more about the man behind the mask. It tells a story that we don’t truly get to explore when we are reading comics, or watching movies.

So in that regard, the storytelling is pretty excellent and engaging, showing off a side of the Batman we haven’t experienced or gotten to see for a good while, outside of the CW show Gotham.Batman (2016)

It also helps build up the character much like in the movie Batman – Year One you get to see a story closer to his beginning and not having him more experienced and more brooding than he is later in life. It shows off a younger more virile Bruce Wayne as he begins to meet the rogues from his galleries such as Catwoman, Penguin, and all the rest.

Giving us a back story we heard about but never truly, experienced until just recently. The game sets up a timeline, before the Justice League, before Two-Face and Penguin before these villains and you get to see how everything comes together, and how it’s all connected. Batman (2016)

The musical score for the game is spot on and what you would expect from a Batman game. The only true issue I have with the game is the dated Formula Telltale keeps doing with little to no innovation to it. At this point you kind of expect them to release their own storytelling engine so anyone can make their own Simon Says story.

Ultimately the game is solid with solid gameplay, solid storytelling, and solid music. I may disagree wholeheartedly with their formula but that is just my biased view. The game is good, and it’s enjoyable, and being a Batman fan this is just a bonus for me. I love it and they did a great job with the game.



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