ASUS HAS THE WORST PRODUCTSASUS HAS THE WORST PRODUCTSNow I am by no means industry certified as a computer consultant, I’ve had vocational training, and I did manage to graduate early from the technical school I studied. That being said I do have a degree, but I hold no current certifications. Now for my very long list and very tangible rant on why I deeply, loathe ASUS-based products, and why I believe ASUS has the worst products.

Since I started working on computers, I have been told that ASUS was the ‘mark of quality,’ the ‘Mercedes of technology,’ and ‘they are at what they do Bub.’ However, after using ASUS for years in comparison to other computers like MSI, Lenovo, and GIGABYTE. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I don’t care for them nor do I recommend them to anyone searching for a computer nowadays. My reasoning?

Quality, it all comes down to quality.

Sure, they are known for motherboards, and graphics cards, but they don’t stand by their products as EVGA does. I’ve had to return motherboards to Newegg countless times over the years. I even traded my friend a Gigabyte board I loved for his i7 and his Sabertooth X58 and set up another friend’s Sabertooth 990FX.  I’ve personally owned two ASUS GTX590s not to mention my current laptop is an ASUS X555L, and I am working on a friend’s ASUS ROG G75VW.

Now this friend is not computer tech savvy like myself, he can put a system together, but that’s about it when it comes to maintenance. He’s enlisted my aid, as have all of my friends over the years and I don’t mind helping them when I can.

ASUS HAS THE WORST PRODUCTSBut Daniel, you ask why you own so many ASUS products if you don’t like ASUS?! They were and remain the cheapest thing I could get from a pawnshop or for free with my decidedly limited budget.
The ASUS Sabertooth X58 I own has had burnt-out onboard audio since day one. If not for the fact my headset was USB I’d never be able to listen to anything.

The Asus Sabertooth 990FX that belonged to my friend? Well, that one quite literally caught fire, so I mailed it to ASUS when I was living in America. Their verdict: they claimed it got damaged in the mail and thus refused to repair or refund it. It wasn’t until I contacted the Better Business Bureau and got someone yelled at that the product was replaced.

The ASUS GTX 590’s;  had a firmware issue in addition to the overheating problem common to ASUS. I attempted to update its firmware, and it bricked the card entirely. The second one which I purchased off of eBay was fine, but it was my first life lesson on never buying graphics cards and equipment when they are new. They continued to overheat for years, so I decided to apply some new thermal paste to the graphics cards only to find out the bottom of the heatsinks was damaged most likely during the manufacturing process. ASUS HAS THE WORST PRODUCTS

This final tale continues as to when I had to return to America. I needed a quick fix for a laptop, so I nabbed an ASUS X555L from a pawnshop, three different models of the same notebook. The first had a failing Hard Disk Drive HDD, the second had a failing graphics card, and now the final one as I sit here back in Norway has a failing screen and no means to repair it or replace it under my current circumstances. This leads me to use my friend’s ASUS ROG G75VW laptop which he said has given him issues due to the cost of shipping in Norway. He decided just to let it sit in his closet because he couldn’t do anything with it. This like-new laptop has a botched graphics card and the entire system at random will just casually shut itself off and reboot itself. The only means to solve this problem is to underclock the graphics card using GPU Tweak and other software.

But it doesn’t stick, it never sticks due to software issues with GPU Tweak II.

So, after many years and many products not to mention products not even listed, we come to my thesis. ASUS is not a good company. A quick jaunt over to the Better Business Bureau website will support my claim. So shop smart, shop pretty much anyone else.

Gigabyte: they’ve got a great support team.

EVGA offers lifetime warranties on its products.


Hell, even at this point a Dell would be a better choice, just for the love of Christ and all that is good and holy in this world, do not purchase ASUS! Still, to this day, I keep getting messages on ASUS and how did I get them to replace the Sabertooth 990FX now you know!

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