Have you guys ever played a game that is so ludicrous that it just makes sense? I have, and it was called Human: Fall Flat. If you’ve ever played Human: Fall Flat and enjoyed it. Then I know that you would; enjoy a Totally Reliable Delivery Service. In essence, they are the same game with some minor differences.

You expect me to DELIVER Packages?!
You expect me to DO ACTUAL WORK?!

Now, if you have not played Human: Fall Flat, please allow me to break down Totally Reliable Delivery Service for you. The controls; are basic. You wobble around with the motor functions of an infant and grab anything as they would.

That is the core premise of Totally Reliable Delivery Service, and because of how you move around and wobble. It can lead to some very humorous moments. You could create a string of players together that could swing back and forth, or you could grab onto the side of buildings and vault yourself up, or as the name would suggest in Totally Reliable Delivery Service, you could deliver packages.

Now, there are a few differences, however, between Totally Reliable Delivery Service and Human: Fall Flat. The first is the level design Human: Fall Flat was stage based, and they kept it small to simple problem-solving puzzles, whereas Totally Reliable Delivery Service has created a vast open world.

I mustache you a question in Totally Reliable Delivery Service.
I mustache you a question…

In this open world, there are numerous things you and other players can do in a multiplayer cooperative game, such as race trash bins, unlock cosmetic items, and earn money from delivering packages.

The money you earn in the game can buy more cosmetic; items and unlock other items, like the delivery truck. The only issue I have with this issue is that each area in the game has to be unlocked. So despite the game being a vast open world. If; you want to interact with or engage with certain non-player characters (NPCs) in that area, you; need to first; use the in-game currency to unlock that area.

Where; I feel Totally Reliable Delivery Service shines the best is when it comes to its multiplayer functionality, as you can have several friends in a game together just causing all sorts of mischief trying to deliver packages or challenging each other to races. However, this is a double-edged sword as the game.

The moon boots in Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

When you play; in a single-player, it ends up becoming; more tedious and mentally taxing. In my opinion, it is a game that; is more fundamentally geared to a multiplayer experience due to how massive the entire world is. There is a lot to do in the game, but most of what there is to do requires friends or other players. The racing aspect of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is proof of this concept, as, without anyone there, you are just mindlessly racing around the city by yourself with no point.

My complaint here; is not even a common one, as this seems to be a constant issue that quite a few people over on the Steam store page have mentioned if you browse through the Not Recommended section and even in the Recommended section. When you play by yourself, the game becomes a tedious slog and a grind, and there is not much to do; by yourself except try to make money.

That is not to say that you cannot have fun playing single-player in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. It just becomes more focused on unlocking features and areas through a slow and tedious process.

In my personal; experience, unless I had people to play with, I would not even bother playing it simply; due to there being too much content to do by yourself. Wherein Human: Fall Flat, the stages are short, fun, and engaging either by yourself or with others; that was what made it enjoyable. Totally Reliable Delivery Service, on the other hand, does not have that.

I thought we went over the fact that I cannot fly in Totally Reliable Delivery Service.
Huston, we have a problem.

What can you expect from playing Totally Reliable Delivery Service?

In the end, it boils down to your personal preferences and if; they are playing with someone else or by themselves. If; you are playing by yourself, you are probably not going to have a good time, but if you are playing with friends or other players online, your experience may differ. My experiences with Totally Reliable Delivery Service genuinely are not very promising. It is why I  try; to inform you of what it was like to play it. It might be a different experience for you!

It is worth checking out if you plan on playing it with friends? I would give it a solid, yes! But, as for a game that I would play single-player? It is a game I would actively; avoid, and maybe you might too. You can check it out on Steam and Epic Games; if you want to see what it is like!

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