Technomancer Now the Technomancer is one of those few games that manages to catch my interest and from there it’s hard to grasp how I feel about it as I play through the game. At the start of the game, you get to create your character. How you look the color of your eyes, skin tone, the works and you actually do get to see your character quite a lot on camera to help give it some extra depth.

From there you are given an optional tutorial to learn all the combat controls and combat stances of which there are four different types.
There is the Technomancer build where you control lightning, the Warrior build where you fight with a giant Bow-staff like Robin from Batman. The Guardian which is my personal favorite which is a shield and a mace to beat things with and last the Rogue where you fight with a gun and a knife because swords aren’t a thing.

TechnomancerAt first, I thought I could use just the single battle stance to get by and for the most part, you can but the certain area’s really pushed other stances onto you making the battles much harder.

Next comes a skill tree where you can put points into it and improve which stances you like from Technomancer, Warrior, Guardian, and Rogue. The skill trees help you unlock new potential strengths to your stances and help you improve during combat.

Speaking of the Skill tree there are is other uses for skill sets from Charisma to Stealing much like something you would experience in an older RPG it’s good and it helps you loot things and make a lot of money early in the game if played right. But Ultimately picking which one you want can be a tedious task, I put mine into stealth originally and I wish I put it into charisma afterward.

Combat in the Technomancer is really irritating as at the start you got low health and its hard to put more points into your personal chart as you level up because those skill points are given out very rarely once every 5 levels so getting more health is very hard and the game punishes you quite severely for being a low level.

TechnomancerAnother issue I found with the game is that the story moves along at a slow pace to the point where it is very hard to keep on task. I spent the first thirteen hours at the start of the game doing only starting missions and at one point I would have sworn that was the only area for the game. It’s a good story though, it’s just very slow-paced due to the combat and the sheer size of the areas.

Music wise I’ll keep it simple, it sounds very Gothic mixed with an electronic vibe, and although strange it’s very fitting for the game as you are based on mars and it feels all ancient with the technology around it.

Now for my biggest issue with the game and possibly the most irritating things I personally have thought of with it. You are on Mars but if you go outside you are mutated by the sun’s rays and then die due to the radiation from it. Naturally, this would be a thing but the fact of the matter is everyone on the planet is breathing air which means there is an Eco-system of sorts in place they even talk about farms where things grow and mutate so there has to be some degree of an o-zone layer to protect everyone from the sun’s rays but there isn’t and that so far is the biggest plot hole so far.

TechnomancerThe next is Technomancers and mutants in the game are mutations and although it’s kept secret there are countless scientists alive on that planet who quite literally study genetic mutations and not to mention if this is based on the future of humanity. We already have genetic scientists who can alter a person’s DNA now on a whim so the fact that Technomancers haven’t been found out because of their mutations is utterly stupid and another giant plot hole.

The third and final issue I have is water, NASA speculates that Mars has water stored in its crust. Which for the most part I believe is true and that the planet itself does indeed have some water still in it perhaps further down and some in its atmosphere still. But the game makes you believe that there is almost none and it’s so rare that people want to kill over it. However, they got a bar in the town where they sell guess what, beer, and any idiot knows that beer has water in it and is readily available to the workers there.


There are just way too many plot holes for my taste, I get it that the game is trying to bring me into its fantasy world of technology, and evil corporations as a governing agent but with so many plot holes I can’t experience that immersion that I want. The game is good albeit if you tend to ignore all these issues with plot holes but if you are like me it will annoy you to no end. You can check Technomancer on Steam if you want to give it a try!




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