In terms of horror games, I have to say, Remothered isn’t really doing it for me in terms of its fright factor, and it left me a bit disappointed. It could be that it was released with fierce competition but that’s not the case here Remothered just isn’t that scary.Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Remothered’s whole design just feels confusing, and convoluted, and the narrative jumps all over the place. Such as how the game starts you off being chased and then supposedly killed, followed by a flash-forward to modern-day talking about events that transpired, then being thrown back again before you’re supposedly murdered. Everything just feels like it doesn’t belong.

Remothered throws so much information at you that you can’t cope and it just feels out of place. In most stories, you go from point A to point B. Remothered starts you midway through the story with no tutorials to confuse you further at which point you would think it’s the beginning of the story.

When in reality it’s midway through the story and you half expect a Llama to show up circle the protagonist and explain how we got into this mess.

Remothered tries to say at the very least to tell its story in a new and unique approach but that isn’t the case here. Remothered takes a Lucas film’s approach to its storytelling by starting you right in the middle of the story it’s telling you and then throwing you between the beginning and the end as you struggle to piece it all together.

Outside of how they handled the approach to the story-telling the game’s controls and overall gameplay fairly bad there are several bugs that I’ve encountered such as with picking up items used for defensive purposes that are then erased from the game and inventory upon auto-saving, this has affected everything except items called Moth Keys.Ah more creepy people in Remothered: Broken Porcelain

The biggest issue seems to be a complaint commonly found in the Steam forums where the transition from crouching to running isn’t fluid and so escaping enemies is difficult at times. But it’s not just that. Nothing about its animations feels smooth or fluid at all from the transitions between rooms, escaping stalkers who are chasing after you or simply just moving around.

That is to say that the game isn’t inherently bad. How it’s managed to handle the crucial details needed for a game like Remothered is a complete and utter disappointment. It feels like it was rushed to meet a release date deadline for October. If there was more attention to its programming most of these issues could have simply been avoided, I feel.

The cut scenes felt so out of place and I just couldn’t find myself enjoying the game with its narrative throwing me all over the place. The worst part was the stalkers of the game that chase you around. It felt so forced and felt like they were trying to create that tension that Resident Evil has with their character Mr. X, and Nemesis as they chase after you trying to kill you.

Remothered isn’t scary put simply isn’t scary. Because of how they jump all over the place with the story I can’t feel connected to the gameplay there is nothing that makes me feel immersed and when there could be. Knowing what is going to happen in the story takes away from that fright factor because you know what is going to happen next.I got to get out of here!

The worst part is even the character voice lines even feel out of place when your character screams
“I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” but give us no real indication as to why she’s screaming or why she needs to get out of here.

As a whole, I cannot in good conscious recommend Remothered until a lot of these issues if not all of these issues are fixed. But just like many have said before me. This is my critical take on the game and I’m not in charge of your wallet so if you want to give it a try check it out on Steam.

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