Legend of Korra is a cartoon made for kids but enjoyed by everyone worldwide. It has everything a great story, and a great array of characters some that even come from the original TV series the last Airbender.maxresdefaultert

However, Legend of Korra the game is far from its TV show counterpart. Yes, the voice actors from the show are in it as is the music. But in the game, it runs dry fast, and the game itself even on its hardest setting is incredibly easy to play almost like the Batman games. Although its controls are strait forward the game itself is lacking and I found it really difficult at times to stay focused when the plot and premise of the game felt incredibly thrown together.The-Legend-of-Korra-Neues-Gameplay-Material-und-Infos-zum-Pro-Bending-Mode-1 As if the people who made the game didn’t even bother watching the show where they had Chi Blockers teaming up with the triple threat triads to get rid of Korra and everyone. Despite all its faults, it is still a good game just tragically not the avatar game we are looking for. Just like the handheld releases of the avatar games they are greatly lacking in their design and fall short of being amazing.


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