There aren’t many modern pixel games. ; I’ve played and enjoyed it, but I have to say FixFox is one of the games. That I’ve most certainly enjoyed. It’s a; truly unique game both visually, mechanically, and in its narrative as well.FixFox spaceship

You play as Fox, who fixes things but is lazy about it. And he is accompanied by your talking backpack who; helps guide you, sass you, and almost get you killed at almost; every chance it gets but not on purpose. You’ve earned the title of FixFox because you’re a Fox who fixes things.

But, as I have already stated, he is lazy and so the company you work for is thinking about firing you. So now have to venture out to a job. On the outskirts of the solar system, and repair some beacons. But, as you lay down in your cryogenic sleep, others have boarded your ship as stowaways…

Upon reaching your destination, your ship ends up crashing into the planet and your tools are taken away by a cult of individuals who believe everything on their planet was created by their great creator, and repairing it is blasphemy!

This creates issues as you have to repair your ship and the beacons to get off of this planet. So you have to make do with using what you can find with items such as spatulas, and coins as a screwdriver, old metal pipes as a hammer, and Band-Aids and postage stamps as your means of tape.FixFox repair screen

You run around acquiring all of these items from scavenging pirate stashes on the planet you crash-land on. But, if you scavenge too many things, the pirates will come and seize your belongings after a while. So, your only option is to try and trade some of the items in to get what you need.

Likewise, the same cult of the “Great Maker” is equally as irritating. The more things you repair around the planet catch the attention of the cult, and they too will seize your belongings to ensure you stop repairing everything on the planet.

FixFox is a game where you have to get creative with your repairs and plan out carefully what you’re going to repair. At times you will have to repair priority story items. However, repairing items for individuals does attract the attention of the cult. However, it can also yield key items needed for repairing story items.

The gameplay itself isn’t that challenging, and it is enjoyable! But, what I love the most about FixFox is the soundtrack! The music on the first planet reminds me of Destiny 2’s Forsaken with a strong western vibe with its nomadic; setting to really set the atmosphere of where you are. Alone on a desolate planet having to use what you can find to survive. It really sets that western atmosphere as you try and get the job done, and get off the planet.Camping out

There is a unique story element to FixFox. And I understand why it is there, and I do appreciate the unique back-story of Fox. Being that he is a furry by choice. Humanity spliced their genes, in the beginning, to look cooler. But, as global warming started to wreak havoc on the planet. Humans used the premise to evolve into animals both to stave off starvation and to be able to hibernate for long periods like bears do.

FixFox has so many unique twists and turns to its story and so many more unique characters that help breathe so much life into the game. That makes me have to admit, despite it being a pixel game and my bias towards that art style. I’ve enjoyed FixFox because; it feels unique and it feels fresh, and by the time I stopped playing it. I realized that I had been playing it for hours.

The concept of having to progress the story by non-violent means and by having to solve problems creatively by repairing things and helping people reminds me so much of Doctor Who. You have to sit and plan out what are; the important jobs you can take to get the items you need so you can progress the story.FixFox pronoun screen

FixFox is even quite forgiving when the Pirates and the Cultists take your items as they; only take a few and never your entire inventory! So the difficulty of FixFox is much lower than you’d imagine. But, that helps make the game more enjoyable. Not just for an older audience but for a younger audience as well!

I’d have to say I recommend FixFox as it’s a truly unique and enjoyable game that considers so many aspects in its design. From its music, its art style, its gameplay, and even. The core mechanics and principles.

FixFox is a great game so be sure to check it out if you ever have a chance to do so!

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