Like in all the Fallout games, in Fallout 4 War, war never changes The world went nuclear, both technologically and figuratively. Even rusty car wrecks produce a mushroom cloud. America and china fought a war over resources, which resulted in a nuclear apocalypse. Some humans took shelter in hidden underground vaults, to shelter themselves from the nuclear rain. 20161201010641_1Some more success is full than others. So far all the protagonists have emerged from such a vault, and Fallout 4 is no different. If you look away from the hero being cryo-frozen at the start, only to be woken up 200 years later. Only to witness the protagonist’s spouse getting gunned down, as doctors steal the baby.

Fallout 4 is a first-person shooter, within an open sandbox, with a level-up mechanic. Where body parts can be targeted in slow motion, to brutal effect. But I assume you already knew that. This means that I’ll prattle on about some new features instead. Guns no longer have durability and that is frigging sweet.

Fallout 4

Enemies have more and better animations, and the ghouls are a true pain to deal with, as they lunge for my face. There is also an abundance of high-level boss monsters that at least succeeded in spilling my guts more than once.

Then there is the abundance of power armor upgrades, too bat the thing runs on a limited power source, which has to be bought or looted. Apparently, there exists one with a jet pack as well. Not to mention the quite fun and engaging settlement building. The best part about it is the ability to build artillery and bomb things to heck and back. Other than that the building mechanic is a secondary thing, which I don’t spend too much time on.Fallout 4

Since it hardly affects the story much. But it can provide some fun bonuses. The Fallout 4 protagonist now has voiced dialogues, with a very crummy dialogue tree, which is less flexible than ever before. Each level-up gave me one point, I can put in an attribute or use in one of the lovely perks. I also greatly enjoy the unique weapon modifiers and the new unique weapons, such as being able to freeze enemies.

On several occasions the game crashed on me, stability has always been an issue, a fan patch fixed some of it. When mods are activated the Steam achievements get disabled, however, that’s a small price to pay in order to get a portal gun, nude bodies, and fancy effects to enhance the environment. Certain quest NPC still has the uncanny ability to engage in conversation with me, despite being hidden. It’s a really unfortunate trigger system. Fallout 4Though One of my biggest pet peeves must be the inability to see properly underwater and a serious lack of things beneath the surface.

However, it is a very nice-looking game, which is very fun and extremely addictive. Where the soundtrack is fairly decent, with a fairly decent in-game radio. As for the plot, it’s quite fun, but it feels like it’s missing something. It’s nowhere near the quality of New Vegas, but it makes up for it with the rule of, stunning scenery and locations, if you want to checkout Fallout 4 you can find it on Steam and every platform where it is sold!




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