Crysis Remastered logoCrysis its spawned so many memes and jokes, and for a long time its become the whole benchmark to test how powerful your PC truly is for gaming. You didn’t need 3D Mark, or even Heaven Benchmark what you needed is a copy of Crysis because it was that game that pushed your system to its breaking point stressing your CPU to its max and it’s the reason why. Now they have released Crysis Remastered! That’s right! A whole new generation of benchmarking is brought to you by Crytek! Now the big money question is can a PC like mine be designed for reviewing games and video editing But can it handle playing Crysis Remastered? The beach in Crysis Remastered


CPU: Ryzen 3950

GPU: Nvidia 2080ti

RAM: 32GB of Corsair 3200mhz

Game Drive: 2TB Intel 660p NVME

System Drive: Gigabyte 200GB SSD

Long story short, I cannot achieve the maximum settings of “Can it Run Crysis” however with the game-ready driver from Nvidia it does achieve a solid 30-40fps on high settings with Ray Tracing on. But my room is like an oven. If Florida experienced winters like the rest of the world do, I’d be set!CAN YOUR PC HANDLE THE "CAN IT RUN CRYSIS" GRAPHICAL SETTINGS?

But moving onto the benchmarking results, Crysis Remastered is still a wonderful game and to those who’ve never played it, you’re missing out on a fantastic game. The plot of the game features heavy influences from North Korea and how they’ve discovered something on this remote island.

You’re tasked with a group of individuals to infiltrate the Island and find out what they’ve discovered and it ends up being something that changes the course of the entire world! The narrative is very linear but the reason Crysis has been around so long and why it was remastered besides the benchmarking joke is because of how visually breathtaking the game can be.The beach view

There has always been massive attention to detail in the physics of the game and its foliage taking into account as many of the visual cues to bring more life and realism to the game. This is the reason why the game is also so graphic intensive and why the joke was born “can it run Crysis”.

Despite having a very linear story in getting from point A to point B the game itself utilizes its visuals to help create a very immersive atmosphere in which the player can truly feel involved in the game as you fight back against the North Koreans and what they’ve discovered on the Island.

It’s Aliens, by the way, they discovered ancient Alien tech there’s not much of a spoiler the games have been out for years if you managed to somehow avoid spoilers until now. Congrats, I’ve just ruined it for you, but let’s move on!

Crytek has taken the liberty to not only update the graphics but included Ray Tracing as well as utilizing new game design features for a more visually appealing game, while also stressing your computer even further.The jungle in Crysis Remastered

Collectively they’ve remastered a masterpiece of gaming history into something far greater than what it was while staying true to the original source and continuing their legacy as the most demanding game ever to be created.

The story is good despite being linear, the visuals are breathtaking to the point that not even my PC can fully run it on max settings, and the soundtrack is decent. Overall Crysis still remains one of the best games I’ve ever played and enjoyed if you want to give your PC a try out the Remaster is on the Epic store and the original is still available on EA’s Origin, and Steam. It will also be launching on the Play Station 4, Xbox One, and, The Nintendo Switch also! But they’ll most likely be versions more suited to those platforms.

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