Cake Bash LogoCake Bash, is a game that I’ve wanted to play since I saw it on Twitter and so I reached out to the developer and asked them kindly for a handful of copies to play with my good friends. That took way longer than it should have to set up with all our varying schedules all over the world.Cake Bash Party Games

Now Cake Bash is a unique Party game as I’ve only encountered one other franchise that takes the same approach to gameplay and that was Mario Party. I’ve always loved some Mario Party, except this one comes with extra diabetes.

The premise of Mario Party is to go around and collect coins except in this, you then use the money you earn to buy extra sweets for yourself. The goal of the game is to simply be the best-looking dessert you can by the end of the game for the customer waiting to buy you.

It’s this reasoning that Cake Bash can get, a bit competitive as to collect coins you have to play a variety of different mini-games. Fighting each other either for the center of attention collecting jelly beans, or throwing objects into pies to rack up the most points, and so on.

My friends and I would like to note however a lot of these mini-games are similar in design and with little variation. Always keeping the same design, and only changing smaller cosmetic traits of the mini-game such as collecting Jelly Beans, turns into collecting Sprinkles, and so on.

Survive the Pidgeon Party GameIt’s to this extent that unless you’re playing with friends online. Cake Bash can feel a bit repetitive and if you’re like me you could face quick burnout and loss of interest.
Although not many of our readers are autistic like me so not sure what you’ll take from that.

Getting a private game going in Cake Bash can be difficult as well, and it took us a bit to figure out. It’s a minor thing that I noticed where you can only invite people after you’ve selected your character. If you’ve played similar party games this may confuse you if you’re playing with a group of players like us.

Normally you would log in as a new player and then begin fighting over which character you play and because this aspect isn’t present it took us a considerable while to figure out how to invite each other to our game.

Now the characters for Cake Bash are our favorite aspects of the game, choosing from our favorite pastries such as Cupcakes, Éclairs, Flan, and a variety of others and with a vast array of different skins, I was a red velvet Cupcake but I could also be a beautiful Unicorn Cupcake. It’s this variety that we enjoyed and it brings a unique aspect to the gameplay with its very over-the-top cute animated faces.Another Cake Bash Party Game

As a whole, we all really enjoyed Cake Bash but we felt like there were some aspects lacking, we were having a good time and we do recommend the title for Party games to play while we wait out the quarantine. But we just wish there was more to Cake Bash, maybe explore the bakery more and play a variety of different games in the store that our characters are in.

Some of the designs just didn’t make sense to us when we were being attacked by a Pigeon, or we were visiting a beach. These are minor things but when we’re playing a game about being in a bakery, we would have liked the setting to be more involved in a bakery.

The core focus remains pretty good and fighting with your friends over what task is pretty hilarious and fun in it itself, but there were just those few aspects of the game that just didn’t feel like they belonged.

As a whole we enjoyed Cake Bash the gameplay was great, the character designs were amazing and the music was beautiful for each game and as a whole. But like I already said, it was lacking in some areas. Is it a bad game? No, of course not.

Don't fall off the cake!Any game that a person can play, relax, and have an enjoyable time is never a bad game. We all had fun, and we all liked it. Would I recommend it? Of course, it’s the closest alternative we have to a Mario Party on the PC and that’s one of the things that just made it so great for us.

It’s light-hearted fun that can be enjoyed by everyone from all around the world and it’s, and for this reason, we recommend Cake Bash if you want to check it out on Steam I highly recommend it, and even if you don’t. Have friends you can just sit and play games with online, they even have online match-making so you’re never far away from a group of people who’d want to play with you.


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