If you are a fan of medieval fighting and also inventing things then can we recommend a game for you, Besiege is sandbox features and its in-game mechanics are one of the best games I have ever had the privileged of playing.url

If you are a fan of YouTube and watch people like the Yogscast. You have most definitely seen Besieged by now and the crazy contraptions you can build just to severely maim your enemies. Enemies being the computer-controlled AI.

The main focus of the game is to build contraptions to ultimately destroy a target(s) or move to a certain area. A task you think is easy but for someone who has played a few hours watching is a lot easier than playing and I still haven’t cleared the first area yet.

All in all, is the game worth checking out? Yes, I strongly recommend it to anyone even in early access. Heck even if the game pulls a Stomping Land and only leaves a player with just the first stage and sandbox mode it is still worth it. I know that will never happen from such a talented game designer who is passionately working on this amazing game.

Simply put, if you enjoy sandbox games go buy this if I had it within my power I would do a giveaway because this game is that amazing. Not many games get me this excited about gaming and we have to review a lot of titles.

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