Ascendant is a fighting platform game that takes platform games to new heights because in it
each stage from the start of the game is completely random and you only live once.
All the power-ups in the stages as well are completely random making it extremely challenging.Ascendant

Even though I knew this I completely forgot as I played and died quite a few times.Ascendant
Fighting my way thru hordes of enemies in a hack and slash that reminds me of the black sheep of Zelda games Legend of Zelda II.

Control-wise it is a bit complicated to learn at first but once you have learned the controls progressing and fighting bosses get easier. However, since there are no checkpoints in Ascendant; if you die it’s like playing Super Mario brothers and you get brought back to the title screen regardless of how far you have progressed in the game.Ascendant

Summed up Ascendant is an extremely challenging platform game that is sure to give anyone a really hard time but also an extremely fun time if you are into the platform and hack-and-slash-styled games.

If you want to check Ascendant out, you can find it on Steam, but remember that we warned you about its difficulty!



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