Stan Lee BoxDue to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, that being life I’ve not had the chance to take the time and review. The Stan Lee Box! I have been excited for months about this, literally months, and although it’s an older box that does not take away from the excitement I’ve had about being able to open this up and finally take a peek!

So let’s get started, shall we?Stan Lee Box

First up are the two really amazing figures that came in this box the MK 1 of the fire Iron Man armor that Tony Stark made while he was captive. This lovely little piece is die cast which means it’s metal, a literal Iron Man armor that is actual metal! I love it, and besides being a beautiful figure to look at and admire it also makes a great paper weight due to its weight! So not only a collectible but also a beautiful desk ornament also!

But let’s not forget the other figure this box came with, and as you all have guessed from past experiences I am a fan of Spider-Man! So what makes me happy, is having my own little web-slinger hanging around taking photos of things on my desk and everything and brightening my room with some color! I love not only the design of the figure itself but also the fact that I got two awesome figures both in one single box!

We also got a How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way!  Where it teaches the step-by-step guide on how to draw your very own comics! So for all those aspiring artists out there who want to start their own comics, this alone is already super beneficial to you!  Having clear instructions to be able to help you pursue your dream of making your own comic whether it be a Super Hero comic or a romance Stan Lee Boxcomic it’s all up to you!Stan Lee Box

The box also comes with Raw Hide Kid from the Marvel Masterworks a good piece for those of you out there who love comics that aren’t focused around everyone’s favorite web-slinger or man of Iron. But speaking of Marvel Master Works, let’s not forget the limited edition variant covers from Monsters Unleashed drawn by Marvel artists and signed!

So not only do you get the comic with it, with protective casing and hardback but you get the drawn versions of it as well! It’s an amazing and beautiful piece for all collectors and comic enthusiasts alike, I personally won’t be opening these. They are simply satisfying for me to look at and enjoy.

Last but not least, we have a T-shirt with the big man’s face on it, but we also got Excelsior! The wood shavings inspired Stan Lee for his catchphrase, and with it comes an info card that explains where the phrase originated and what inspired him to start using it as a catchphrase.

In conclusion, the Stan Lee box is completely worth it and I absolutely love it, maybe someday we’ll do a giveaway for one, but for now, we will enjoy this box and all its contents!

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