The Pokemon Reborn bug queen!

The art of besting Shelly in Pokemon Reborn. A while ago I decided to look up some Pokemon fangames and I came across several full-fledged titles.

I had to fight the trainer known as Shelly, she is a pink-haired gym leader, who likes to spam bugs in dual battles. If this was one of the official games, I would have crushed her monsters hard. But alas it was not easy at all. I brought a burning slug to the fray, it got stuck in a pile of rocks. Despite me putting the forest on fire. In theory, I was hoping that the flames would consume the enemy in an inferno. But they survived and retaliated. Then I brought a bird, a mighty Unfezant, whose mighty plumage brought the mightiest of bugs to their knees. Until it took a Dazzling gleam to the face and was no more. The flying pink psychic elephant fetus took down some but eventually fell as well. Despite many, many tries I just could not beat Shelly in a fair fight.

There are a couple of things you should know by now. Pokemon Reborn is hardcore difficulty-wise. This means that if you exceed the level cap set by the current gym badge, Most Pokemon will ignore your orders completely. In the case of Shelly’s gym, the cap is 35, and she is somewhere below that. This limit exists in all the games, it’s just much, much higher. In Reborn each badge after the second one only increases the level cap by five. But that is not the main issue though. In most games I hardly ever see critical strikes occur at all. However, in this game, they are very much a real thing. Naturally, this means that some luck is involved.

The second problem is the very limited selection of practical Pokemon with elemental affinity. Especially rock, ground, and fire are very hard to come by early. So far I’ve found two types and I use both. Eventually, I came up with a brilliant idea, to crush her bugs with a living stone. In this case a Sudowoodo. That three-looking stone fellow, who hates water. I trained day and night to make him a champion. It was not to be, he got killed before I could even launch a single pebble at the enemy Pokemon. In the end, I had to rely on a burning fire slug and an oversized Dove. I set fire to the forest with a plume of lava, followed by a Wing attack and they fell like flies. Until the thrice-cursed Anorith entered the field and managed to pull off a rock slide. The bane of all flying and burning creatures in the Pokemon world. Lucky for me Shelly somehow missed.

This means that luck was the only reason I won the damned bug battle.

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!

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