William Southard – Server King

William Southard – Server King

I keep things running.

William Southard

Shhhh… I’m just the guy who runs the servers and makes sure Daniel and the rest don’t break something.

Njål Hendrik – Cosplayer & Writer

Njål Hendrik – Cosplayer & Writer

Stalk him online! - He's single!

Njål Hendrik

Hailing from Bergen Norway, we have our translator and Street Fighter fan Njål­­—better known to the world by
his online handle: Zaceron! When not helping us stay international, Njål can be found writing, drawing, LARPing,
or gaming and crafting cosplay on his Twitch channel.

Bethany Killian – Writer & Editor

Bethany Killian – Writer & Editor

Seeking Tacos inquire within!

Bethany Killian is one of our writers and also our editor who wants to say this.

I was promised tacos!

When not writing my own pieces, I’m working behind the scenes cleaning up grammar and defending the sanctity of the
Oxford comma—all in an effort to make these guys sound smarter. But let’s be honest here,
keeping Dan humble is a job unto itself. Speaking of which…

Daniel where the hell are my tacos?!

Hopefully, we will be able to get some money from patreon so we can buy Bethany tacos, please help we’re poor and we all really love tacos!

Daniel Clatworthy – Entertainer

Daniel Clatworthy – Entertainer

I used the single joke already...

Daniel Clatworthy

This all started with some friends, a restaurant, and card games we wanted to play that weren’t welcome in our churches.

I’m no one special, never claimed to be. I’m just a man who wants to help people and show the world that through gaming we can get to know each other for who we are as people, regardless of race, creed, orientation, or fandom.

Quoting Iron Man to Maria Hill in Age of Ultron:

“I just pay for everything, and design everything, and make everyone look cooler.”

Just kidding, William pays for our servers he’s fantastic; I just do everything else.