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Haven Review: Destiny 2 – A very Unexpected adventure!

Now, for the last few years I have watched the hype of Destiny grow to exponential proportions and I never once had a chance to play the game, despite owning a copy and all the DLC (Long story). But since I had some downtime while sorting through the mess which is my life, I got a lovely review copy of Destiny 2 from our friends over at Activision and finally got to try it out.

I love it, I honestly wish I boarded the hype train with everyone else a while ago. The game shares remarkable similarities to a lot of the game titles I have enjoyed over the years and is simplified much to how I would design a game and yes, I have designed a few games in my time.

Its weapon system is basic, like very basic there are probably at least three to four different types of armors for each rarity for each class. So four green, four blue, four legendary and four exotic. I may be wrong on this but after getting four days worth of grinding in to get my power level up to 280, I have noticed an awful lot of similarities in all the armors.

However, this isn’t a bad thing it just means you got to pick the equipment you want and like and just power it up rather than keep picking up new armors and throwing out the old armors. The game focuses more on the key element of appearance rather than functionality, because almost all armors at least for the Hunter have pretty much the exact same function and it doesn’t really change. So go ahead and make your outfit look good, the other pieces of armors will probably do the same thing anyways.

The same goes for the weapons, not just the armors. The weapons have basically the same functions as the guns in Borderlands, its a gun except they can add the bazillion different guns in front simply because of the power levels for each gun or effects making them all individually unique effect being used in this case of elemental property.

Now, I know this similarity is a bit crass but its still accurate. I love the Sparrows you get, it reminds me so much of Firefall with the vast open area’s you can explore and traverse, Destiny probably came first but Firefall was free and available to me so I could play it and I absolutely loved the ability to do that. It was even more fun for me to do sick tricks in the air with just like the latter and it is incredibly enjoyable.

But I think despite the mechanics, from riding a Sparrow, or customizing your character the things I enjoyed the most was the story of the actual characters. Cadye (voiced by Nathan Fillion also!)  being my favorite to the point where if you put the two of us together in a room. We would never shut up, because of how similar we are. (Friends noticed it also.)

The story in this game alone feels solid, but from what my friend was telling me since I never played Destiny, I kinda switched off during the time traveling robots. So I fear this is something I cannot connect too yet simply because this title is its own title, and I am jumping into the middle of it without playing or knowing ANYTHING about Destiny.

But I think the thing, the one key element I enjoyed about the game, about the entire time playing it was and has definitely got to be the musical composition. I love, the soundtrack. I have never had in any of the previous games I have played had a musical score make me feel so much as I played through the title with my friends, and colleagues fighting Vex, Cabal, and the Fallen.

The game is good, from its vast open area’s loaded with visual porn in ways that just make you stop and admire everything that’s been put into this title. It’s unique characters, its witty dialog, and simple yet enticing game play mechanics. Games like these are a rarity now a days even more so if its a triple A title and they are pushing hard to get it out. Making the game more about the experience rather than cheap shoddy work to make money.

However, the competitive side of the game should be tweaked a bit.
Despite the player power cap being well, capped in such area’s as the Crucible item effects aren’t and if you haven’t been lucky enough or skilled enough to get special items such as the MIDA guns or Foetrackers you can be at a bit of a disadvantage. Although a good well balanced team can fix a lot of these issues and skill can outshine item effects easily.

This is what a game should be, from the adventures with friends, to a story you can enjoy by yourself, the game is really amazing. In conclusion the game is amazing, and I absolutely love it, from its musical score, to is mechanics, and overall game play, with very minor things being barely noticeable, hell its not even pay to win, any money you put it for bright engrams is solely cosmetic or maybe a slightly faster sparrow and even then you can get them by leveling up once you go beyond level twenty the cap level.

I even managed to get a few, But like I was saying the game is good and despite the scenery being a bit linear in places it brings that atmosphere that people want, i’ve found myself just listening to the music in the game and the ripples of the water on the farm because its enjoyable, and it makes me yearn for a chance to experience things like that in real life.

But despite all the positive things I got to say about it, I should point out the loading screens are annoyingly long, and serve only as gloat material to show off your ships, on the PC it crashes quite a bit and I have been stricken with error code buffalo a lot. Not to mention the game will suddenly and without warning just exit to the desktop for no apparent reason. But despite all these issues,

I love it.

-Daniel Clatworthy
(Team Note: Zaceron hates the suicide enemies in the HIVE and Vex, and Invixs thinks the story is very lack luster in comparison to the first game, and we all experienced bugs that made playing the game far more challenging than it should have been.)

Haven Reviews. Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2

     Haven Reviews. Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2

Starting off with a dramatic and quite prophetic dream, the kind that spoils a possible future to prevent. Which ends with our hero murdering some companions and getting impaled on a spear. After this violent nightmare, the hero wakes up hugging the violent bombshell of a slugger. I mean femme fatale, Scratch that. Overly emotional and unstable childhood friend. A complete package, equipped with a very mean and over exaggerated uppercut. Comes complete with it’s own dramatic frame. Because it’s always okay to beat up someone for being mostly innocent. Quite frankly I loathe that type of person. Domestic abuse is not comedy gold. Naturally it starts in Japan, on a Japanese school. A true, tested and generic setting for your average school uniform clad teenager. 

Credits where credits due. The characters looks quite good and has a decent range of emotions. With the expected range of colors, personalities and romantic options. The environment is quite imaginative, with some really stunning locations. Naturally the game comes fully voiced, with great many music scores to set the mood. An impressive amount of effort has been made to actually add some animations and life to the characters, depending on how much action goes on. There is still a lot of tell don’t show and some padding. 

Combat looks quite good indeed. However the resolutions leaves a lot too be desired. It’s very small. The turn based battles take place in a 3d landscape.  The environment here leaves a lot to be desired. Low resolution textures and a lot of clipping. Combat is deceptively simple it seems like. Before combat a team is composed. Based on elemental strength and weakness. Each one is assigned a role as well. Some are good at supporting, while others are good at attacking. Like the main protagonist. All the characters comes loaded with skills. After you engage a fight in Seinarukana, the combat plays out automatically, at least for the early game lot fights. Later it becomes a tad more tactical. Where roles and formations can be switched around. Every now and then there are branching paths, where a series of battles occur in a row. The camera never stops spinning though adn the combat map interface sucks. 

I truly love the ability to, play the game with only using the keyboard. Games that does this is a true treat. I can rapidly skip though the text as well, by holding down Ctrl.  Since there are a lot of endings and choices throughout the story to rigger various events and endings. This comes quite handy. Because the game is around 50 hours long at least, give or take a few. It also depends on the player actual reading speed or if you prefer to listen instead.



Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.

Njål Sand

Haven Editorial: Destiny DLC: House of Wolves

The newest DLC for Destiny, the most loved/hated game from Bungie, was finally released this past Tuesday after months of waiting. It’s called House of Wolves. This is great news for the developer and players alike, as it now offers a higher “light level” allowing players to reach Level 34. It also features an arena known as the Prison of Elders, and a new PvP mode called the Trials of Osiris. This is all on top of the extra story missions provided.


Let’s talk about the story first. The House of Wolves is a group of Fallen who belong to the Queen of the Reef. When their former leader, Skolas, breaks free from the Prison of Elders, the Wolves betray the Queen and seek to wreak havoc on the known solar system. Hunting from Earth to the Moon to Venus, our Guardians of Light pursue Skolas in an attempt to capture him again for the Queen. After a run through the Vault of Glass, our heroes find themselves in a showdown versus the Fallen Kell once and for all.

But now let’s get to the real reason you purchased this DLC: The Prison of Elders!!!

The Prison of Elders is Bungie‘s attempt at a Horde/Arena mode. There are 4 random levels of various enemies (Fallen, Vex, Hive, and Cabal) and 4 difficulties to choose from (Lvl’s 28, 32, 34, 35). These missions, while all different in bosses and order, also rotate on a weekly basis to make sure that all players get to experience the entire gamut, and to keep the Prison “fresh”.

Once you complete your run through the Prison of Elders, the Warden offers you a reward. This is where the grind pays off. There are two little chests on either side of a larger treasure chest. The little chests are filled with some decent loot, but nowhere near what you want for all of your hard effort. To open the big chest though, you need a legendary key. You acquire these keys by going to the world in free-play (known as patrol) and hunting down Rogue elements from the House of Wolves. Once you kill them, you find a chest that they’ve left behind, somewhere in your immediate vicinity. If you’re lucky, you’ll be be graced with a Treasure Key, a single-use item for the large chest. Speaking again of the large chest, it’s usually full of legendary gear, exotic weapons, and other rare items. Simply put, this chest is usually worth the effort.

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Finally, The Trials of Osiris. Though it has not actually happened at the time of this writing, the first Trials of Osiris event is scheduled to occur on May 22, 2015. The Trials are essentially an upgrade to the PvP system already in place. Those who play Destiny are already familiar with the Iron Banner Tournament that runs for one week each month, where players actually make use of their armor and weapons’ real value. Trials of Osiris is an elimination style tournament that occurs every weekend with the promise of loot and shiny gear (SHINY!!!), that sports an Egyptian theme. A player and two friends are sent into an encounter. They’ll need 9 team wins to gain access to Gold Tier loot. If they lose three times though, they have to start over (I’m not sure if they can participate again on the same weekend, at the time of this writing). This is an overall interesting addition to player combat in Destiny, as PvP is always one of those systems that gamers either love or hate. Loot may be collected from Brother Vance in the Reef.


My overall consensus is that House of Wolves is worth the DLC price for those that are playing Destiny already. If you are a new player, this is content that will take you a little bit of time to get to. You’ll need to be approximately Level 28 to fully appreciate it, but between the built-in game content and the first DLC (The Dark Below), it shouldn’t take very long. The best part about House of Wolves is that a new material called Etheric Light is introduced. This allows you to upgrade your previously obsolete gear to playable levels. This means that new players who may or may not have gotten The Dark Below can still expect to come into Destiny and play with the veterans.