Tech Editorial: Windows 10 – Free for Pirates?

We were all sad that Windows 9 was cancelled and they began to push for Windows 10.
Soon after Microsoft announced that Windows 7 and 8 would be able to get a free upgrade
to Windows 10 and more news comes in that. Windows 10 upgrades may be available to
anyone with a potentially pirated copy of Windows!

In a phone call with Reuters Terry Myerson told them.

the reason for this was because Microsoft wanted to “re-engage,” with all of the hundreds of millions of Windows users in China.

Although he didn’t clarify if this upgrade will be for everyone in the world I think it would be a amazing move on Microsoft’s part! As I know a handful of people out there with a pirated copy of Windows 7 and 8 who just cannot afford a legit copy. It is true that they will lose a
fair amount of profits from this but. They would also gain a lot of positive feedback from this
and from their fanbase.
Personally I think only good things can come from this.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-