Nerd Editorial: Were now living in the future.

Those of you out there who are big fans of the Back to the Future series would know that
on October 21, 2015 Marty arrived in the future. So we are now Living Back to the future, Now that it has come and gone we look back on the things that the movie predicted.

Yes there are Hover-boards now, some work on water others only work on areas with metal in them so honestly despite what we wanted so badly we don’t have a universal version that is also commercially available. But at least we made strides in trying to create them, which is something I guess.

There are also food-hydrators, but just like the hover-boards they aren’t commercially available. So we can’t put in a Pizza Hut pizza, say “Setting 3” and have a family dinner ready in just a few seconds.

Although it doesn’t really need saying, we got no flying cars with crazy taxis trying to kill us as we soar. However we do have automatic lace-tying sneakers from Nike, although they have changed the release date to 2016.

Now with all the innovations we have made, from glasses that can call people to hover-boards, we must credit these strides to sci-fi itself. A lot of people say that art is a career that will leave you without a future, but let’s think of it for a moment. Writing is an art and from that we have created wonderful stories like Back to the Future, and from those movies we were inspired to create a board that literally hovers in mid-air.

Now for all those out there who put you down and say you have no future in art, I want you to remember this. Remember that it’s the creativity of your mind that can push the boundaries of the future.

Don’t let anyone discourage you; keep pushing forward and keep drawing, writing and being yourself. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Let us live in a future that we create with our own two hands and our minds…where we can invent crazy technologies that people will love and want and most of all that you will enjoy as well.

With that all said, I would like to leave you with this very special message from Doctor Emmett Brown.

-Daniel Clatworthy-