Haven Editorial: Valve VR

A lot of rumor has been going around lately that Valve is stepping into the
world of Virtual reality. We’ll the rumors are confirmed to be true and that
raises the question of. What will become of the PC master race?

Gabe Newell has dominated the PC market even with newer competitors coming into
the picture such as Origin from EA, and GoG. But will Valve continue to be the trend
setter or have they finally manage to sink the ship?
WT6TI9ZnOGHu.878x0.Z-Z96KYqSometimes being a futurist can be a bad thing such as Sega for example.
A company ahead of its time in everything from the Sega Genesis, the Sega Dreamcast
they were always on top with innovations and now they are only working on Apps for phones
and tablets.

What will become of Valve do you think their innovations will lead to better PC gaming
or have they reached the point when its time to bail out?

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-Daniel Clatworthy-