Haven Review: The secret monster society

The Secret Monster Society

And adventure now on steam 

A foggy old man reads from a big book as our hero, a red fuzzy thing wakes, as meteors strikes nearby. As he gets out of the bed, the journey unfolds. Our protagonist is the old school kind. A kid that can’t help but pick up random objects, in order to make new ones.

mo2These archaic combinations are used to solve various puzzles. Such as the first one in the story, where a broken key has to be imprinted in soap, to make a mold. Then fill the hole with clay and find a source of water, in order to produce a whole key. The key opens a chest and within the chest are food for the toilet monster, which also works as public transportation. Once he arrives at school he have to interact with his fellow students, teachers and random strangers. Eventually you will dive into the mind of humans as well.


If this kind of gameplay does not excite you as a gamer, then this is not the game you should buy. To me The secret monster society, feels like it’s geared towards children, which makes it for an excellent game for parents to play along with their kids. Puzzles are not very hard and convoluted. Something that was very common problem back in the day. Though I really wish there was less dialogue every time an item combination fails. everything is narrated by fairly decent selection of voices. Every now and then there are minigames to be found such as Germ Warfare.  mo1It’s quite tricky and takes way too much time to boot up. The loading times in The secret monster society  can clearly be optimized a lot better. Graphically the game is colorful and full of things with eyes. All of the characters have a personality and look very distinct, even if a bit on the simple side. With their big expressive eyes and decently animated vector graphics.The environments are quite well drawn indeed.  All in all it looks good and it gets the job done. Each place has it’s own simple music score, which on ts own is not bad. However if I spend too much time in the room, I’ll probably go nuts. One big issue I have is sound sometimes cutting off when wearing the item seeing glasses and crashing when quitting.mo4
It’s interesting to see a developer giving this true and tested genre a spin. Someone suddenly decided that pint and click adventures was a dying breed as 3d became more and more common. Is it the game for me, not really. I don’t have the patience to sit through a lot of talking, especially when the hero has to point out that combining matches and a newspaper does not work, every single time. All in all, good, but can clearly be even better.monster-academy

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

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