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Haven Editorial: Cosplay is good

Cosplay is to me a wholesome activity, that promotes creativity and fun. For people of all ages. Children love to play dress up, Halloween promotes it and we have a similar tradition in Norway, only with singing for candy on new years eve. Not to mention that people love to host costume parties and masquerade balls. There is also a lot more kinky ways to use a tantalizing costume. Cosplay is short for costume fun and that’s the main point.

However there are also several unintended benefits in the recent and increased popularity. A lot of old crafts was about to die out, due to mass production and few career prospects. It used to be a common profession to sew custom clothes, such as fancy, frilly party dresses and such. There is only so many tailors and seamstress the community can keep aloft, when anyone can buy a suit at a mall. Mass producing cosplay is virtually impossible. Since there are millions of characters to pick from and they all have something unique about them. Which is quite awesome indeed. There is an old saying that goes «If you want something done right, do it yourself». Creating a costume is hard work and a real mental challenge, that forces the one making it to think about the best approach. Both when it comes to picking materials and when it comes to assembly.

Let’s face it. Everything is possible on a 3d model, or in an animated show. Because it is not real. Creating cosplay is all about making it real. Which requires a sound mind and some insanity. Since it is a common fact that big shoulder plates will never stay in place and that female clothing is not designed to stay on. Personal I use the term practical problem solving. Challenges is a part of life, but creative crafting is a way to overcome that. Most costumes includes many intricate sewing patterns, fancy fabric and a lot of armour pieces. Due to the decline of old professions a lot of the knowledge needed has to searched for online, due to a lack of good mentor figures. Sure a lot of it can be searched for online, but for the most of us we learn by trying. On a side note, its a very common thing for people being too hung up on collecting reference materials, you know downloading a ton of character pictures onto a hard drive. Then to never interact with the pictures again. Anyhow, crafting armour, making weapons and intricate , all requires crafting. Which also teaches people to use tools and think for themselves. This in turn makes a person more independent. Apparently a lot of people does not know how to do minor maintenance at home, or own a hammer.

Another positive effect cosplay has on people, is the ability to make friends and boost self confidence. It is quite a challenge to walk around in a costume, where everyone will look and admire you. Meeting new people is also easier when one have something in common. It breaks the ice. Plus all the professional venues has a zero drug and no alcohol policy. let’s face it, many people have a very difficult time being around other people or initiate a conversation, it’s a surprisingly good ice breaker. Cosplay is also starting to become a viable way to sustain oneself. Such as winning price money. Live streaming the prop making progress. Which is what I do. There is also a market in selling products to people who lack the patience or the skill to do it themselves. On top of that there is a huge market itself in selling materials to create a costume from. Most of the more exotic martial I use is only sold online and shipped from abroad.

Personally I love crafting costume props and make them work. Which is why I stream the creative process several times during each week.

Njål Sand

Haven Review: Geek Fuel Monthly Box

So I finally got to try a subscription box from Geek Fuel, and jumping right into it I must say it was nicely packed. I don’t have photos because I got selfish and decided to just tear into the box like an angry child with wrapping paper.

One of the things I noticed about the box is the cost, which I found a bit low. But when I opened it I wasn’t disappointed by what I found. Inside we had a lovely Steam game, a Batman vs. Superman T-shirt (XL, my size too!), A Legend of Zelda: Link poster that’s exclusive to Geek Fuel and a Funko vinyl doll which made me want to shout “Wonder Woman!” like in the old TV shows. But you probably haven’t seen those.015-525x350

I also got the Amazing Fantastic Incredible, memoirs of Stan Lee, which surprisingly enough is spot on for this box. They also included the Geek Fuel magazine which emphasizes things they like to talk about, including console gaming. Truth be told, I didn’t really pay that much mind; I got an entire box full of wonderful geeky things which will keep me busy for quite a few hours. By quite a few hours, I mean I’m just going to be reading the Stan Lee memoirs for a really long time. The book is hard cover with a nice paper-back design that’s very well done.¨

If you want to watch the opening of the Geek Fuel box, the link will be in the description below. But now is the part where I say “Hey if you want, you too can order a box and they have various subscription fees for what you want.” You can buy a box for $17.90 (USD), but that’s only for a month. If you decide to order for a year, you can get it for $14.90. I don’t know why they’re priced like that; I find it pretty stupid.DSC_0015

So you can get more things for less if you purchase an entire year’s worth…assuming you have the money and want to order a nice box of geeky things. I absolutely love my box, but honestly when we were ordering it we had a few issues. These initially prevented us from getting it until a polite staff member patiently helped us out.

Not many companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with are kind enough to actually take the time to deal with people in a polite way. So for me that was a bonus. It shows me that they actually go out of their way to help people who are interested in their product without shrugging them off. This was a definite selling point.

But anyway, if you’re interested in picking up a subscription box from Geek Fuel you can visit their website here. Or if you’d be so kind, you can click this link here and use our referral so we can get more boxes! What can I say? I really do love geeky things!

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Nerd Editorial: Fan creates Batman Vs. Superman animated Trailer

A recent image has been circulating the internet, a picture showing a scene from the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film recreated to look like something out of Batman: The Animated Series, Drawn by Bruce Timm.


This, However isn’t anything out of the show, rather it’s drawn by an amazing fan of both the new DC movies coming out as well as Artist and Animator Bruce Timm. James Strecker, has been working on a series of Artworks turning scenes from Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad into works stylized after Bruce Timm.

Timm, the lead artist for Batman: TAS, has given many of us a particular mental image of Batman, and his associated characters with his unique art style. Especially for fans, including myself, who grew up during the show’s running. This unique art style has inspired many artists to pick up the pen and follow in Timm’s path. Strecker is one such artist who has gone on to create some truly awesome pieces of art.

Now that two new DC movies featuring batman, and his gallery of rogues, Strecker has decided it’s time to turn memorable scenes from the trailers for those movies into Bruce Timm Inspired Drawings.


Here is a fantastic look at the three main heroes featured in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as if they were drawn by Timm Himself. Featured are Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. The drawing does a great job of combining the new look of the heroes with the style and detail reminiscent to Timm’s heroes.


In Streckers Recreation of the Suicide Squad group photo, instead of adding any influence from the movie he takes Timm’s characters and brings them together to show what it would have looked like if Bruce Timm were to have done an animated Suicide Squad. Featured here are Slipknot, captain boomerang, enchantress, Katana, Rick Flagg, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, And El Diablo. Although El Diablo was never featured in the DC animated Universe, and Killer Croc doesn’t quite look like his TAS self they both blend in nicely with the classic looks of the other rogues. Too bad Captain Boomerang wont look quite this awesome in the actual movie.

The trailer isn’t a recreation of the current BVS trailer, but rather something of Strecker’s own design. Using footage from the DCAU cartoons as well as some of his own work and Audio Design, he creates a great trailer, that is almost on par with the live action one. Everything flows seamlessly together to create the mood and anticipation brought out by the actual trailer. Had I seen this out of context, I would have assumed it to be for some new Animated film to go along with the hype of the Live Action one, and I would have been way excited for it. Although that’s not the case, this is still a great little piece of art that definitely adds some excitement to the upcoming release.

James your Art and passion for Bruce Timm’s style are truly amazing. I can’t wait to see more of your awesome work in the future.

-Jordan Kamm-

all images and video posted are the work of James Strecker

If you are interested in more of Strecker’s work Please follow the links below: