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Nerd Editorial: Bullied Star Wars Fan Gets Support


Most of us were bullied as kids at some point or another, and it’s heartbreaking to know nothing has really changed (in some ways it’s only gotten worse). Social teaches kids to attack anyone different from the crowd and Layla from Virginia was just a recent target. A huge sci-fi geek, Layla would get picked on at school for liking Star Wars and wearing a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt.

Luckily, a local chapter of the 501st Legion (a Star Wars fan community dedicated to costuming-they can be found at most promotional events for anything related to the franchise) heard about the situation. They presented her with a storm trooper outfit that other girls around the country had gotten to wear after going through similar bullying for liking various geeky or sci-fi stuff. Katie Goldman was the original recipient who was teased over her Star Wars water bottle. It got to where she begged her mother to buy her a pink one so boys would leave her alone. The next girl, Allison, had been harassed for liking Star Wars and Spiderman.

The important thing to note here it that the girls weren’t necessarily getting harassed because they were into traditionally nerdy things-they were getting bullied because they were girls who were into those things. Their classmates insisted that only boys could like those things. While we know that’s ridiculous (especially in the case of Star Wars, a franchise insanely influential on popular culture and filmmaking), it does raise points about how popular media is often categorized into being only for one gender. There is no real reason for this-anyone should be able to enjoy anything they like, and what always happens is that whatever is designated for women is mocked or seen as lower art. Another prevalent phenomenon surrounding women in geek culture is getting accused of being a “Fake Geek Girl”-where it’s implied these women are only pretending to be interested in something for the attention of men. My favorite time this happened to me was when I was wearing a Captain America shirt and some guy smirked at me and said “You don’t even like comics do you?” Five minutes into a conversation about comics, and he confessed to not knowing who my favorite Avenger was-The Scarlet Witch.

But while this is an annoyingly sexist ongoing issue in the geek community, it’s important to focus on positive things. Part of the community banded together to help one of their own in a time of need. Layla was even able to meet Weird Al at a concert the 501st Legion were participating in and is proud to carry her geeky stuff to school again. Bullying is a hard thing to go through, but it can help to know fellow fans are around to support you.

Nerd Editorial: Captain America: Civil War Teams Confirmed


The wait is finally over! Leaked promotional art has confirmed what fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been dying to know: in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film, which superheroes will be on which team? Though we only have a vague plot summary, everyone has been hyped to find out who the teams consist of.

For those who don’t know a bit about the upcoming film, here’s a short summary: after an Avengers mission results in collateral damage, politicians try to set up a system of accountability and council that will determine when to call them. This causes the team to split in half, with one side opposed to working for the government. Iron Man’s side isn’t opposed to the system, while Captain America’s is.

Iron Man’s team includes: War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Vision. Cap’s team consists of Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Ant-man, Falcon, and Bucky. No word on where the Scarlet Witch, who is confirmed to be in the film, will place her loyalties. She may end up being a neutral party, but I’m speculating she’ll be on Cap’s side in the end.

I’m also very curious as to how the conflict will play out in the film as opposed to the comics. In the comics, the government was trying to pass legislation requiring all superheroes to give up their secret identities and register with the government. That’s not really as much of a conflict in the movies because secret identities are basically non-existent. I’m not a fan of the comic story-line because I felt like the pro-registration side ended up being jerks and unsympathetic-a classic example was when Captain Marvel went to Emma Frost to ask about the X-Men’s loyalties (they had tried to stay out of the conflict). It was the dumbest thing ever because a good chunk of X-Men stories have them fighting off the government trying to register mutants-why would they be interested in any form of registration that asks them to compromise their identity since it would easily lead to every other mutant having to do the same thing?

The conflict this time around centers more on when and if the Avengers should be sent out at all. It’s true that alien invasions are only something they could have handled, but the incident with Ultron is literally Tony’s fault and would never have happened if not for him-he indirectly killed many people and caused an astonishing amount of property damage. He should be held accountable, as should everyone to some kind of authority. On the other hand, the government in the Marvel universe has been shown to be corrupt many times and would probably only use the team as a weapon of war instead of protectors. It’s an interesting ethical dilemma that could potentially play out with a lot more nuance and thoughtfulness than the original story did. We’ll have to wait until next May to see how it all plays out.

-Bri Nicks-