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Tech Review: Facerig

review-facerigFacerig is a very unusual program where you can actually have a lot of fun. So much fun in fact, That I have literally spent a few hours alone on it, just talking to myself and learning the software so I can make some funny videos later.

However, I’ve found a few notable problems with the software and after a quick Google search I’ve learned that they are either still working on fixing them, or that the developers have stopped caring about fixing them.20131215151557-FaceRig_alpha-stage_03_-_Copy

When I first tried recording with the software, I was met with a loud hissing and static noise that made it impossible to hear my own voice. The problem was that the software doesn’t auto-detect your microphone/headset, rather it sets its own default (even if it’s disabled). This was odd, but regardless I set it to my headset and moved on. But even after doing that, recording with FRAPS was also pointless because it still detected the audio input according to the earlier settings.

But after trying LoiLo I was finally able to clear up the audio for recording and it was pretty great. I really enjoyed it overall, however after restarting the program I found out that the software does not save all of your settings and you must manually reset your microphone and headset each and every time you want to use the software.FaceRig Games

Now this is what I meant by the developers not fixing the issue yet after a quick Google search I learned that this has been a persistent problem for the software and even after a year you think they would fix it but they haven’t so far.

But let us move on to the actual software, it does have a lot of variation and once you do get your webcam working and microphone working for lipsync the animations you can do are incredible, however this all goes without saying that you got to make sure its all probably being detected by the software each and every time you use it.

Their exporting feature also for video and audio is a little disappointing which is the reason why I am relying heavily on using Loilo or FRAPS for the software to get better results, they even have a green screen feature for the software which is amazing for editing the images into other videos but if you are using AVS or other software it won’t be as good as you would hope.maxresdefault

All in all by its own right the software is remarkably fun and I have literally killed a bunch of time on it and the bugs I have encountered although widely known has not stopped people such as myself and others from using it.

I recommend you pick up the software and give it a try sometime it’s really amazing.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Review: The Deepest Sleep

I can't show more, since that would spoil the game.
I can’t show more, since that would spoil the game.

An amnesiac person wakes up in a dark dank room, stuck in a bed as a dark thing with glowing eyes attacks. This is a short, self-contained point-and-click game that oozes with an oppressive aura, a horrid noise filter and much atmosphere. The noise filter does not get any better when it starts to swarm on the screen, followed by an ear piercing ambiance. By walking though the place, you’ll find items and cryptic clues that might help. There are some weird creatures about, and the shoddy flashlight does not help much. With the aid of limited sound effects and a moody score, the game puts you on edge and keeps you there. The controls are very simple. Every room is a scene and then the pointer is moved around until something clickable gets highlighted. This either adds it to the inventory, so that it can be used in another room, or activates some machinery. The puzzles are not overly hard or intrusive, and for the most part are perfectly sensible (despite the premise of using “object one” on “object two” to see if it works). Unfortunately, it is a bit annoying when trying to figure out if you can click on something, since the only indication is a change of cursor color.

Aside from this, the hanged clown does not fit well with the art direction. What puzzles me a bit is that Part 1 is featured in full-screen, yet in Part 2 the Armored Games site claims it does not support such a feature. As the consuming darkness envelops you, be prepared to die a lot. Luckily there are checkpoints; otherwise it would be a rather harrowing experience. It’s short, simple and very rewarding. I just had to know the resolution to the story. Personally, I found it quite enjoyable; The Deepest Sleep delivers.

There is only so much I can say, since I don’t want to spoil the fun. It’s the kind of narrative that requires a low-light environment and a good audio setup for maximum impact.

If you like to be scared, feel oppressed and stumble around in the darkness with creepy things about, whilst looking for a short game to kill some time, then it’s certainly worth a try. Since it’s playable in a web browser at the site below, there is no reason not to try it out.

For those that want more, Scripwelder has more games in store.

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.


Njål Sand


Otaku Review: One Punch Man

One-Punch-ManOne Punch Man

Let it be known, I’m not an otaku, but I still enjoy the hell out of this show. In a world much like our own, monsters fight men over and over again. This has become a disturbingly common thing, so a man decided to fund a hero organization that employs anyone willing to fight. Naturally there is a system to determine how dangerous a threat is, and heroes are put into grades ascending from “E” to “A”…with “S” at the very top. Japan loves this grading system it seems. Each city is just referred to by a letter.

The protagonist is a simple and bald man, who became insanely strong. Anything he fights he can beat with one punch. Essentially he is an unbeatable superman. If this had been any other show he would be considered a Gary Stu.

Ladies and gentlemen, our shounen hero.


Luckily he is a flawed man with too much power in his hand, yet he struggles to kill a small mosquito; go figure.

Since Saitama is just too good at beating enemies, the author brought in a cyborg called Genos, who has a lot more flair in combat. Naturally he is also a bit inexperienced so he takes a lot of damage. He’s pretty much the stoic and overly serious hero type, that often goes into anti-hero territory. Mind you, he is a very awesomely designed mechanical man.

Dpiccolo-whyue to the highly detailed art direction, most of the monsters look creepy as hell and clearly inspired by other series, such as Dragonball. The premise is simple. Monsters of the week attack, hero fights monsters and hero becomes stronger and looks epic while doing it. Keep in mind though, the show plays the tropes straight, subverts them and then punches them to death and plays them straight again.

Every now and then the chapters focus on the other heroes and by Jove there are a lot. The whole generic freak troupe and more is all over the place. Need a ninja? There is one. How about a guy with a tube haircut and a baseball bat? There is one of those as well, and more.



One of the most noticeable aspects of the series is how beautiful and detailed it is drawn; especially the manga. It’s on a level of its own. Apparently it started as a one shot story online. But then Shounen Jump caught wind of it. There is only one big problem, it’s a very new show, so there is a lot of waiting time between the episodes. Same goes for the manga chapters. Which means that there is always more to look out for every month.

 Njål Sand