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Haven Reviews: several Good Old Games

Haven reviews: Several Good old games. GOG is a fantastic service that breathe new life into old titles, which may or may not run properly in new operating systems. Most of that has to do with the original game code being crap and a general lack of compatibility. Some games run fantastic even on Windows 10, while some will only run on a specific OS and some does not run at all. This is a short list of several games I bought from GOG.

Blood: One unit whole blood

It’s violent, filled with blood, mutilations and monsters. It’s a old school fast phased first person shooter, with some inventive weapons and some great sprites. The GOG release comes with the original music and the FMW sequences. Which has not aged well at all. The 3d graphics looks worse than my first attempt at modelling. Which is quite jarring, since the in game graphics are quite good, with detailed sprites. Each level has an unique design and theme, heavily inspired by horror movies. A froze Johnny can be found in a hedge maze. While the game supports different resolutions, they may or may not work entirely as intended. At least they’re there. There is only one big issue and that is the music. It can’t be turned muted, turned down or stopped. Especially in the amusement park the music is loud. Not sure if GOG can fix this.

Swat 4

It’s a game about breaching doors, busting criminals and rescue civilians. Where the biggest question is why that guy ignore teargas and where the devil a suspect dropped his gun. The Ai is questionable, but the levels are fun, with random perp placement. It runs, looks okay for the most part and sports a terrible aspect ratio. However it does come with the expansion pack. The game itself runs fine, minus one place where it had stuttering and slowdown. Apparently there are mods to improve the game. Such as the elite forces mod, that takes the realism up several notches and adds more features.

Sim City 4

Build a town, run the town, play mini games to keep earning more money. Then call in a meteorite and nuke it all to hell. Just for fun. While juggling traffic jams and air pollution. It’s fun, addictive and a great educational game, when it comes to city management and all the problems that comes with it. Runs fine, looks fine and it works.

Roller Coaster Tycooon 2

Run and operate a custom built amusement park. Build attractions and kill guests with a badly designed roller coaster. It’s a seriously fun management games, with many fantastic features. However the sprites and the interface is almost impossible to see. Since everything is so small. Usually these old games have too large interfaces if anything.


Lucas art made a game about a sheriff trying to rescue his wife from a big man, with a lot of money. It’s a first person shooter, with some fantastic levels, questionable physics and a insane difficulty. The dynamite has some of the worst physics I’ve ever encountered in a game. It’s also prone to random crashes.

Alien Breed: Tower Assault

Your ship has crashed and the place is over run with alien monstrosities. It has coop, challenging levels and limited ammo. With enemies that spawn in your face a lot of the time. It runs great and has a cheesy as hell intro movie. It’s top down and easy to play, very hard to complete with several paths to take.


A gum shoe detective has an office on the top floor of a seedy bar, set on a very odd planet. it’s a turn based RPG game, with a great story, some really interesting characters. But is littered with so many bugs, that i’d recommend watching a let’s play on Youtube. I have had all of the movie sequences go on repeat, while I was still playing. Looping them when ever I got back to the spot. At one point I also fell through the world.

Planescape: Torment

A man wakes up in a morgue, with no memory, next to a talking skull. It’s one of the few RPG games that brings the town of Sigil to life, with good graphics and for the most part avoidable combat. It’s a terrific story, with a lot of twists and turns around every corner.

Tyrian 2000

Jump from system to system, collect data logs and kill hordes of enemies. It’s a top down scrolling game, where  you control a heavily armed and poorly protected space craft. It’s an okay game, with some dry graphics and intense bosses and a hair raising difficulty.

Archimedean Dynasty

The world has gone down the crapper, along with man kind. Now everyone lives under the sea and commute with submarines. Which pilots a lot like space crafts. As far as sandbox games goes, it’s very open ended, with some catchy tunes and hard enemies. Plus a plethora of bugs. It may or may not run properly. Personally I could not see anything on the screen, followed by random crashes. Hopefully a fan patch or GOG will make it run better.

Njål H Sand

Haven Review: All Guns On Deck (Early Access)

headerFirst up is our disclaimer.  We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.    

MapSmallAll Guns On Deck is a naval combat real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Decaying Logic and published by KISS Ltd. At its core, the object is to sail your battleships around a series of maps, clearing out all the hot zones (shown as red dots), thus turning them peaceful (shown as blue). The numeral printed on the hot zones denotes the number of enemy waves encountered in each. When things get hairy, you can always return home to your naval base. This will automatically repair damage and lets you shop for new items and troops for the missions to come.

Alright, you’ve launched the game, read the tutorial and created an initial character. Time to hit the seas! Well…almost. The first thing you’ll need to do is explore the home naval base. Notable sites are the Construction Yard, the Barracks and the Chip Store.

The Construction Yard: This is where you select a ship for the current mission and configure its load-out. To do this, simply drag little chips (they look more like sim-cards, to me) into socketed slots around the screen. As you drop chips into place, you’ll hear a satisfying “Ker-Chunk”. There is no “save” or “apply” button; the ker-chunk is all you get. You can always change your mind and replace chips at will. Also, you’re not obligated to fill all sockets. Chips can get expensive, so leaving some sockets empty is a good way to save valuable doubloons!EmptySockets3The Barracks: This is where you recruit troops to accompany you on the current mission. Troops are relatively inexpensive, and you won’t want to skimp on these guys. An interesting feature of the game is that you can hire specialists who are more efficient at certain tasks then generic “sailors”. In a pinch however, all all troop types can perform all tasks, albeit slower than specialists.
CastOfCharactersThe Chip Store: Here you deal with Albert, the quartermaster. He’s always ready to sell new ships, guns and other reinforcements, as long as you have the doubloons to pay for them. As before, simply drag a chip representing a desired item into the purchase socket and click “BUY”. Once owned, you’ll find your chips in various inventory screens, which operate differently depending on which interface you have open!



Now you’re ready to set sail. The initial map appears as shown below. There’s a lot going on here, but thankfully it’s all static (for now), and you can take your time with the configuration. The center portion shows nearby geography around your ship. Remember, blue dots are safe spots, while red ones are hot zones that will initiate battle should you move there. The right-hand pane shows your current ship load-out and damage report. The large green hit point (HP) meter is replenished automatically whenever you return to home base. The most interesting area of the screen, though is the left-hand side. There are color-coded “chip trays” along the top, which contain chips that you can immediately drag to the sockets at the bottom of the screen. While very much appreciated, the chip-and-socket systems are not always intuitive and can get confusing…even after you’ve played through several missions. In any case, always check your chip trays before entering combat!

Map1aAs your first mission begins, you’ll receive orders to head North…of course, where all the hot zones are. Be mindful of the number of enemy waves in each zone, which is represented by a red numeral. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew…until you have a sufficient crew!” The troops under your command are stationed below decks, as shown in the following picture. Each of the six partitioned rooms has a purpose during battle. One room lets sailors fire the ship’s guns. Another initiates hull repairs. Still another allows you to assign special tasks to sailors who qualify. Moving your people from one room to another during heated combat represents the tactical part of the game, and is quite fun. Currently the AI gunners are not particularly accurate. Fortunately, you have the option to take control of the cursor and aim where you please. I’m sure the final release will see sailor accuracy improve.
CrewPostsSo what exactly are you shooting at? The following picture shows the scene “above decks”. Enemy aircraft are dropping bombs on you! Make sure to have enough sailors assigned to hull repairs during heavy pelting, and don’t be shy about taking over the cursor and doing your own aiming. I promise you won’t offend your troops! To clear a hot zone, shoot down all of the planes in all of the waves. You’ll earn some coin with which to outfit your ship in preparation for the next battle. It’s great to return to base and see which new items are now affordable!
Surface2Eventually you’ll amass an impressive fleet with lots of troops and reinforcements. As you uncover new map areas, the enemies get tougher…and stranger (no spoilers).

So is All Guns On Deck worth it? Yes indeed. If you’re looking for an addictive “beer & pretzels” RTS title featuring both strategy and tactics, this is the game for you.

A few observations: The number of screens in the game is minimal, so it could very well lend itself to various mobile platforms. This title would be a blast to “take with”. A challenge mode would also be nice: While one player is battling in a hot zone, the other is back at base purchasing all the best chips. To counter potential unfairness, a trading option would allow players to barter and haggle for desired chips; sweetening the pot with a few extra doubloons!

Until then, keep a weather eye out for the full release of All Guns On Deck.

Overall score in early access: 70/100
Score-Chris Roberts-