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Haven Editorial: The World’s Greatest Threat

SuicidebomberNow as I tell my friends, my family, and also the staff here what is the point on having a nice little website when I cannot say whatever the hell I please. So I hope my friends on the various other sites they own realize they can do the same and that being said let me share with you a issue I see in today’s society.

I came from America my bloodline is that of a Australian and a Irishman and the Irish in America have been oppressed, hated, and shamed for being Irish that has become a common place in society not only in America but in the world although now it is no longer the Irish who face the scorn and ridicule its Muslim people and its because of issues such as the “War on Terror” or the fight with ISIS and no I am not talking about the kind Archer is apart of.

The way I see it because people are not like you, because they have different ways of living their life you begin to fear what you don’t know or understand you let that fear take hold of you and let it control you. That fear than turns to hate and that hate mm yes, does lead to the dark side on this case racism.

Everyone has different view points on how they see things but not everyone from Syria is a bad person who wants to run into a school shouting “allah hu akbar!” before blowing up a explosive vest strapped that was strapped to themselves. People judge the actions of a few and let it carry over to the entire race. If one person has done bad things everyone from Syria must be bad people it makes complete sense in a twisted mind.tumblr_lqof5m1TBI1qa4by8o1_500

Since you do not understand the situation they are in you let that fester as fear and you let that become a hate and that hate is what creates your own nightmares. A War on Terror is self-perpetuating you create what you fear and you hate it because you do not know anything about it.

But that is only the beginning of a nightmare; a while ago in a country called Germany a man hated a race so much he tortured them, beat them, defiled them, mutilated them, and to his followers he was revered as a golden icon that shined on the sea. That person was Adolf Hitler he hated the Jews and from that hate he grew to power and with his power he covered the streets in blood until the allied powers put a stop to him, but not before seemingly endless causalities came about it.

Humanity is foolish though and we fail to listen to what history has taught us and because of which a new power by the name of Donald Trump is rising to power based on the same notions of fear and hate that lead Hitler to power although this time it is not the Jewish people that are taking the hate but it is the Muslim people because people fear what they don’t want to understand. trump-saluteThese are people who have stood up for Christians during militia attacks people of different religions standing together against a common threat because despite all the hate we have, despite all the pain we endure.

When we were all born, were any of us made to steal or cause others harm?

All we want is to live our lives the way we choose and to live them in peace; and the only way we can truly do that is if we begin to understand each other more than ever and make a change so we can all live in peace.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Review: Guilty Gear Isuka

ggiFirst up is our disclaimer.  We got this game because we wanted to review it, and as such
all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.guilty-gear-isuka-1

Guilty Gear Isuka is an older fighting game that was originally released in arcades back in
December, 2003. In later years it has worked itself onto other platforms, such as Sony Playstation 2, Xbox and PC .

The game features a unique cast of twenty playable characters; including a cross-dresser, the Chief of the International Police, and everything in between.

Despite its age, the game offers a variety of modes in which to fight. There is of course the classic arcade style, as well as two-vs.-two and two-vs-one combat. The game also offers the ability to modify character pallets, so as to customize your avatar.guilty-gear-isuka-20041110100745497

Unless you’re familiar with arcade fighting systems, the controls for the game will prove quite challenging. As a rookie, I will personally avoid the arcades in Akihabara for quite some time!

With its eclectic cast and challenging game mechanics, Guilty Gear Isuka is not for everyone. But if you’re a fan of the old arcade slap and smack, you might just want to give it a go.

-Daniel Clatworthy-