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Haven Review: Mr. Game!

DSC_0011 First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

There are all sorts of video games in the world, so rarely do we feel the urge to jump back to traditional tabletop games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue and of course Battleship. However that hasn’t stopped people from making them. Nowadays you can play Cards Against Humanity, but what good game is there that’s filled with chaos, but not rude and DSC_0012vulgar? Well there was a Kickstarter project a while back for a tabletop game called Mr.Game!

Mr. Game! is a game where you roll dice and move across spaces, much as you do in many tabletop games. However the catch is that one player out of everyone has to be “Mr. Game” (or “Ms. Game”, depending on who gets picked). It’s up to them to sort out the rules and answer any questions that arise. This happens more often than you might think.

The game is utter chaos, but the good party kind that you play with friends who love you one minute and probably want to stab you the next. The game itself is pretty straightforward. Roll the dice, move around the board and try to land on your goal space. Once you land on the goal space you win! However, cards and obstacles are on the board to hinder your movement, and you will have to combat other players to get to your goal space.DSC_0014

Now the game has a few varied modes that I recommend you try. To be completely honest, I haven’t gotten around to the rest yet. But I can assure you I will when I get some friends over. An issue I have with the game is that its visual appearance is very classic, much like the traditional board game Sorry, although it’s not really a bad thing. When you stop and think about it, board games have a type of artistic flare to them; a designer’s prerogative, if you will. I just don’t really like the old-fashioned look, but that’s just my taste and style.

I must say though, the game is one of the best and most well-designed traditional board games I’ve played in a while. MrGameI recommend picking it up if you have extra money laying around and want to have a good time with your friends. I also really love the fact that the rulebook is literally only six pages long, so someone with ADHD like myself can maintain focus long enough to read the rules all the way through. They even use bold print, so it’s kind of like double-spacing on your college essays. You can finish it quicker and make it stand out a bit more.

Overall, if you like board games and are looking for something that’s a bit chaotic…like Cards Against Humanity…look no further. We’ve found the solution!

Enjoy your gaming, Everyone!

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Tabletop Editorial: 4th edition DnD

I’ve started keeping a journal for my 4th edition monk and am planning to start posting the entries here. Feel free to read and give me your thoughts. Thanks guys!

They say that Hell is being surrounded by people worse then you. That’s what this place is. Hell. Between the egotistical moron who’s saved my life on one hand but runs forward without concern from himself, and the gibbering idiot who flips between three different voices I feel like I’m being punished. Punished for what though? Upon first meeting these two I knew that there was something squirrely about them both. The egotistical one (later found out to be named Javrim) decided to move forward without asking. The damn fool tripped over some wire and was immediately filled with arrows. I don’t know what he does for a profession, but he’s clearly not cut out for much more than a meat shield. As for the man with 3 names (Jesse James Giovanni, odder names have never been heard), his ramblings and sheer luck are prone to make me question my own sanity.

As we continued down the corridor, we found several more traps including a snake drop from the ceiling and a pit that included a chest with a map inside. From the ceiling where the snakes were, JJG managed to acquire several pieces of crystal that looked like they may fit together, as well as some random loot. I have no idea where he intends to store it, especially since we all woke up in meager rags.

The map turned out to be a key for a puzzle that was further ahead. The floor was covered in glyphs that were illegible. Of course, the meat shield ran forward at his own reckless pace, eventually being shot and gassed before getting across. I myself was also gassed with a potent toxin. The insane one managed to cure my toxin. I’m still not sure what to think of him, though I trust him while he is useful. The meat shield is as trustworthy as I can throw him for the moment.

imagesFurther down the hall we came across a skull lord blocking the door and the route to what we assume to be our escape. We all three were battered and beaten, but due to my superb sense of timing and my skills, I managed to single-handed save the day by destroying the Skull Lords staff that was summoning pathetic minions of undeath. I collected the staff as a boon for my efforts while the others fought over the bits and ends. Amongst the debris I happened to find a skull headed key, clearly designed for door that the Skull Lord had been guarding. I listened as the other two squabbled over whose idea was the best for opening the door while I stood smugly with the answer between my fingers. Suddenly, the madman threw a dagger (where’d he get that?) into the lock from ten feet away with such a force that the door itself opened. I stoop mouth a gap as I watched a magical doorway open to reveal the path out.

We continued down the new corridor, my mind in shock knowing what I just witnessed could not have happened. The meat shield ran ahead as usual leaving me behind with the madman (I’m not sure if he’s just a gibbering idiot anymore). We heard the screams, though indiscernible over a light continuous roar. As the madman and I approached the mouth of the tunnel, we saw meat shield and a strange elf on some pillars above a pit of lava. The elf was locked down so I naturally took it upon myself to get the key to get him down. Flying to the top (Flew? How did I do that anyways? Something to think about later. I just knew I could do it and didn’t question it). As soon as I unlocked him though he immediately swapped places with me. In my panic at the prospect of being locked and killed by this fool before I could exact my revenge I broke the elf’s knees. The meat shield got the idea in his head to destroy the key this time with the rapidly rising magma. I wonder what I would have done to him if he had been wrong and the destroyed key kept me from leaving. Regardless, Meat Shield was right and everything reset, including the elf. We continued forward and came to a fork in the road. While the madman ran to the left side I followed the meat shield to the right. I figured he’d be best to take hits. We came across the elf again who claimed to be a higher power or something. I don’t know. I lost interest and just wanted to hit him for trying to kill me. Meat shield said some words but before I knew it the blathering fool came back in immediately talking about a dragon and mountains of gold. As soon as I heard Dragon I immediately wanted to slay it. The others disagreed, but what do they know. Dragon Meat is a food not for men but for Kings.

-Sean White-

Tabletop Editorial: The Benefits of Tabletop Gaming.

Alright tabletop gaming you know sitting down with your family for a delightful repast of Monopoly, Scrabble, and other old classics. What is the real benefits of it well besides family time.
Big-Bang-Theory-Clue For some people when you get older you don’t really care about those games as it gets kinda “childish” and you don’t want anything to do with them. I for one make excuses up so I don’t have to play. But honestly when it comes down to it there is a lot of fun involved. Lets say for a moment you aren’t the person who goes out binge drinking but instead want to have a good time with your friends.

Breaking out twister provides some good laughs and some awkward positions for everyone to be in. Now a days there is a lot more variety in the tabletop gaming area with My little Pony themed Monopoly. My only wish is that I lived closer to my friends to play with them. As time progresses you forget just how much fun something as simple as a tabletop board game can be.monopoly-my-little-pony

When I am feeling up to it now a days I break out Battleship and then epically lose to my wife because to her I have become predictable. When it is all said and done tabletop gaming can be a great thing and that is not even bringing into question Yu-Gi-Oh! Magic the Gathering or other highly competitive trading card games.

Tabletop gaming can bring people together you can have a good time with friends and avoid potentially injuring yourself in some horrible way unless you are playing giant Jenga. Final thoughts? Time the time get a good tabletop game maybe Risk! Invite your friends over and have a good time let look and just have fun.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-