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Haven Reviwes: Fortnite Early Acess

 Fortnite is a fun, fast and very addictive game, From green rabbits with guns, to grumpy muscle men cutting their way out of a city eating worm. Epic games knows how to deliver a quality experience. 3rd person action, unique abilities, looting, crafting, a plot, zombies, exploration, base building, a skill three, traps and tower defense. Topped of by the ability to play with 3 other people in glorious cooperation. If you got through all of that you’re probably a tad confused. Fortnite is one of those games that combine many great game play elements into one polished and mostly bug free package. The graphics are colorful, with a cartoon like art direction and over exaggerated features. Which makes for an exceedingly nice combination. The music is fairly a fairly okay fare, with several dynamic tunes, depending on the action. They’re there and they sound okay, but ultimately they are very forgettable. For some reason Fortnite is very found of whooping the butt of various loot pinata llamas. Which talks a lot and is brutally decapitated in a shower of candy and schematics.  The most efficient and best way to unlock new heroes and weapons that can bu build during the missions. Unfortunately this is quite much luck based. Normally I loathe zombies, as they are the most bland, rotten and boring enemy imaginable aside from annoying bats. However this game fixes that by throwing a lot of variation and special enemies that will rip you a new orifice. Plus that they gain various nasty elements later on. That being said, the game does contain a quite bit of grinding. Which will drag out the game a lot, so that is something to keep in mind. It is a time sink, a very addictive time sink. That being said many missions brings a lot of new elements and modifiers to keep things fresh. 

Combined with a randomly generated terrain. As I mentioned earlier tower defense is an important aspect of Fortnite. Most maps have an objective to defend, other wise the relentless horde will destroy it. That’s why manufactured traps and walls can be built all over the place to stop the scourge from getting through too fast. Buildings can be built anywhere as long as one have enough materials. Not to mention the storm shield, which is the main base of operation, that can be built up any way you like. An arena that has to be defended at least 10 times during the story mode. Which is another nice thing about the game, it has a fully voiced story mode with quirky characters and an over enthusiastic robot. In conclusion a good game, with many nice qualities, with quite a bit of grinding. The most negative aspect of the game thus far is that most ability powers are way too weak or short lived.


Njål Sand

Haven Review: OTTTD: Over the Top Tower Defense

OTTTDFirst up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Poor, poor unemployed war veterans without a job. But lucky enough HeroCorp is here to save the earth and make mankind great again by preemptively invading other dimensions and liberating them. As the name implies, this is a tower defense game and it is indeed over the top. Aside from lasers, missiles and bullet-spewing turrets there are also three soldiers to command, each with two abilities that can be leveled up. Each class is unique and a definite requirement for completing the game.

As usual there is a base to defend, where a set wave of enemies spawns and follows a predetermined path while attacking soldiers and turrets along the way. If the HQ is toast, the game is over. Soldiers who die can be cloned through tokens one gets from completing a mission. Aside from that there are various weapons and gear to buy. When things die you get money to upgrade and fix broken towers, and at certain points new soldiers unlock. Among them is a the typical selection of soldiers. The guy with a German accent and a machine gun is an engineer with a shotgun; he fixes things. There is also a Russian sniper and some guy with a rocket launcher…and a lot more, but I won’t spoil the surprise.

“I have to remember this place, before it’s covered in corpses.”

Screenshot 2015-12-01 19.26.55

The name also implies that it’s over the top, so every soldier has insane abilities, quirky unique personalities and looks. While the enemies range from floating eyeballs to sea creatures with helmets, they all blow up in a ludicrous shower. Pretty much every shell casing and corpse will litter the battlefield in the end. Due to it’s stylistic and colorful art direction, it will run fairly well on most systems.

“Good job guys, I’m glad I was there to see it!”

The music is also surprisingly good, but due to a lack of settings and being a bit repetitive, it’s quite forgettable and usually muffled by the sound of lasers.Screenshot 2015-12-01 20.12.00

Keeping in mind it’s tower defense, it takes time to complete. If you lose after 30 min in a long map, it’s all over again. To keep up with the later levels one has to grind a lot. The game itself is a fun time-killer and I enjoyed it quite a lot. All the soldiers sprout stereotypical lines of dialogue left and right; such as the ever-enigmatic growl voiced infiltrator, who keeps saying: “I have to remember this place before it’s littered with corpses.”

Don’t take my word for it…see for yourself!

The store page

Njål Sand



Haven Review: Defense Zone

headerDefense Zone is an introductory look at the genre known as “tower defense”. In tower defense games, you must stop oncoming waves of enemies from reaching a certain point on a map. The enemies must follow a predetermined pathway to reach your home base, or some sort of ex-filtration spot. Your job is to place defensive turrets and other weaponry along the path in order to stop them.

If you are a veteran of tower defense games, you will find Defense Zone a little simplistic. It’s a great opportunity though, to introduce friends, family and whomever else hasn’t played this kind of game, to the genre.

415753On the upside, the game’s graphics are good. There are plenty of maps, each with markedly different terrains, paths and pitfalls. As you successfully prevent enemy forces from reaching their goal, you earn power-ups and other perks that will make you stronger for the slightly more difficult battles ahead.Picture2On the downside, the game-play feels flat and uninteresting, especially in comparison to the giants of the genre; whose names even my grandmother and her bridge partners spout regularly.

Is the game worth it? Perhaps in the DLC developers can add more complexity. In the meantime, I would recommend giving Defense Zone‘s sequels (DZ 2 and the upcoming DZ 3) a look-see.

Our disclaimer we got this game because we wanted to review it, and as such all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

-Chris Roberts-


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