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Haven Editorial: Hello Neigbour

Hello Neighbor is showing some real progress and is all ready a quite fantastic game, if a bit unfinished, being a beta and all. That does not retract from the fun factor. From what little evidence I can gather it takes place in Russia, or at least somewhere like that. Only a lot more twisted, with jagged angles. Though that is purely an aesthetic design choice. Which works in the games favor, all to often indie games fall into the trap of attempting to make the game look real, dark and gritty. Almost all of them fail. There is only so many games with badly cobbled together 3d assets and survival elements I can take. Ranting aside. Hello Neighbor is a very fun game about hide and seek of a fashion. The person across the road has built himself a massive mansion, one that breaks several zoning laws and gravity as well.

I was rudely awoken room my slumber by an ear shattering scream from across the street. Where I could spot the broad shouldered neighbor grunting in exertion as he fell onto the floor. Eventually the sound stopped. Naturally my sense of wonder and justice got the better of mw. Which is why I have decided to sneak into his house without being caught.

Hello Neighbor is fun and at times quite adrenaline pumping. Where one of the main selling points is how the man keep adapting his defenses according to player transgression. Sneak in the front door and he will place a bear trap there next time. Place objects in the way and he will just brush them aside or jump over them. Which sometimes work and other times causes things to crash. Its a beta after all. Eventually all of those pesky bugs will be ironed out. I have faith in the developers skill to pull this of. Especially since they quite recently patched the game. Now there are several other minor complaints I do have about the game though. That is the lack of settings, such a borderless windowed and that the controls can be a bit crap. Hold down E to pick up an item, press the right mouse key to drop item, some items can be used with the left mouse button. In all honesty I would suggest having to press E once to interact. Since one of the first challenges I had after grabbing the crowbar from the trunk of my car, was to figure out how remove the planks blocking the door. Apparently I had to aim at the nails, then click in order to remove them. Luckily they did include a tutorial, which also work as the intro.


Haven Review: Tidal Affair: Before the Storm


Tidal Affair: Before the Storm is an isometric stealth game. You sneak around an island, fighting various rebel groups. Your character is equipped with a parasol that can preform back stabs and a special skill called “puppeting”. Puppeting is one of the primary ways of dealing with enemies. You can back-stab, but that is harder to do, and mostly useful in situations where you’re left to take out one last guy who’s unaware of you. The parasol can do a basic attack, but the damage is low and should only be used in dire situations. Puppetting lets you mind-control an enemy for a short amount of time. You can walk around a small circle about your character, and use whatever weapons the enemy has. The most useful thing is to start shooting other enemies to easily clear out many guys at once. Be careful, since the mind control only last a few moments. Once the control breaks, the person will immediately know where you are and start coming after you. It’s very hard to lose them from this state, but it can be done.


You have several options to deal with the guy who you currently have controlled. You can make him shoot himself; an option that’s always available. However if they die while under your control, you take a good amount of damage. This is an interesting way to make sure you don’t abuse this power. You can’t just mind-control and kill everyone this way; else you’re sure to die. Another option is to run them off a cliff. There won’t always be cliffs around, but this is your best bet when there are. If you let go of the control before they hit the ground, you suffer no damage yourself! There are also a variety of “patches” you can get for your parasol. Each of these let you do something interesting while puppeting. One of these patches is to execute a controlled person without taking damage. Other patches let you move your controlled person past the normal limit, switch places with the target and siphon health from them. There’s a fair number of patches in a level, so you’ll always have something to do.2016-02-06_00003

Being caught is pretty rough, but not necessarily a game over. All the people in your general vicinity are alerted to your presence, as well as a few new heavily armed guards. This can quickly get overwhelming, and even with puppeting it can leave you with pretty low health. Careful planning and quick decision making can get you through a level sight unseen, in addition to a few precision backstabs. Another part of the game (aside from the stealth) is a series of puzzle levels. These include traps and obstacles to overcome. Here is where the game starts to diminish a bit. These, rather than in the intense stealth play, are just tedious and frustrating. In some instances you’ll have to restart huge sections of annoying traps due to careless mistakes. Luckily these sections don’t detract too much from the pleasure of the game; before long you’ll be back to stealth.2016-02-06_00015

The part of the game that is clearly the most lacking is the graphics. The art is supposed to resemble the brush strokes of a painting, but really all it looks like is a half-finished drawing done with Adobe Flash. The animation is also very low quality. Most movement consists of one character or piece of the picture sliding over a background image. In the cut-scenes this is really noticeable and awkward. It winds up breaking the player’s sense of immersion. In the actual game, the draw distance is far away enough that it blurs together and looks alright. But there is always this sense of the graphics being unfinished. All in all, Tidal Affair: Before the Storm is clever and competent, and I’m looking forward to seeing the advancements made in future Tidal Affair games.


Disclaimer: We received this game because we wanted to review it, and as such all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

-Jordan Kamm-

Haven Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

First up is our disclaimer.  We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.KWell as you are reading this, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has probably been out for a few weeks. The reason why I’ve waited to write this is so I can be sure of facts presented in my review. 2015-09-27_00003This is the last Metal Gear Solid game we will ever see from Hideo Kojima or at all, seeing as how Konami is getting out of the triple-A game business and focusing solely on the gambling industry. The story takes place soon after Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and has a pre-story called Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. You follow the hero, Venom Snake as he awakes from a nine year coma, only to find everyone still wanting him dead. As you’re helped to escape your hospital room, you meet up with old allies and enemies to form your new Mother Base and military power called “Diamond Dogs”.2015-09-02_00005

Soon after, you set out on a mission to seek revenge for the comrades you’ve lost. The story is mission-based, much like Peace Walker, and you must complete missions to get closer to your goal of seeking revenge on Skull Face. If you want the full story however, you need to complete all secondary objectives, since much of the story isn’t told directly to you. You also have to collect and listen to various tapes to help uncover the entire story. This process is pretty tedious, as some secondary objectives are fairly hard to complete if you don’t know what you’re doing.2015-09-06_00001

I’ve noticed quite a lot of issues throughout the game, such as how easy it is to cheat and that Konami seems to care very little for its “Forward Operating Base” (FOB) online playing mode. Instead of monitoring sessions for misbehavior, they ask that players email them with the user name of the offender in question. However if you are playing on the PC platform this gets a lot harder, since it’s tied to Steam. Also, players can freely change their user name, which makes it even harder to stop. It can even get to the point where a player can develop a nuclear weapon to use online, and thanks to cheats players can have a virtually unlimited number of nukes. This would make the lustrous hidden scene almost impossible to view, since every player in the entire world would have to disarm all their nuclear weapons.2015-09-04_00001

Apart from the issues with the online mode, there’s a lot of fun to be had; many have stated that it’s a very forgiving stealth game. It also often pokes fun at previous Metal Gear Solid games in various ways. You can hide in a latrine, for instance and play the sound effects of a soldier having stomach issues to make others leave the area.

Throughout play, there are various things you can do to blend in or even outwit the enemy. You can stick an image of an opposing soldier onto a cardboard box and walk alongside them; your adversaries completely oblivious to your amazing stealth tactics. Even if you do get caught, you can easily hide and soldiers will stop looking for you after a while, making it easier to continue.2015-09-06_00002

Another change to the series is that they stopped using the ration system, which in all honesty I really liked. Health regenerates automatically now, making it easier for newcomers to get into the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Truth be told I really enjoyed playing through this Metal Gear Solid game, despite a few bugs and Konami rushing the production near the end (not to mention leaving out a crucial mission important to the series’ depth and story). Overall, the good outweighs the bad. However it’s tragic that the story will never be complete, and that Konami seems uninterested in fixing the aforementioned online issues.Is it worth picking up when you get a chance? I totally think so, and I look forward to breaking into your base, stealing your shit, and blowing up everything else.

-Daniel Clatworthy- MGSV