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Haven Review: The World To The West

Haven Reviews: The World to the West

A fantastic adventure with four fabulous heroes, whom brings unique skills and personalities to the table. Clonington is a big hunk of muscles an unrivaled force of nature, whom strong-arm his way through boulders and beast alike.

He’s joined by the timid but brave kid whom can dig circles around his enemies while, skating across ice and lobbing dynamite at foul fiends. While the mesmerizing mercenary, dazzles her enemies with a scarf and fancy goggles, forcing them to do her bidding.

At lastly we’ve got the electric red haired teslamancer, whom can dart around the place like a bolt of lightning and much much more. Each hero is needed to complete the game and to unlock the secrets of The world to the West. Believe me it is not an easy feat, with puzzles and dangers around very twist and turn. Unlike Teslagrad, the Unity physics are less pronounced and much more solid. In turn this makes the game a lot more easy going and accessible to virtually anyone. Not to mention that the controls are fully customization, for both the gamepad and the keyboard.

Especially the monsters and colorful people inhabiting the world makes the whole experience so much more engaging. Unlike Teslagrad, which The world to the west is a sequel of, there is a lot of dialogue, that carry the story in interesting directions, with some quirky plot twists on top of it all.

The sound effects are fantastic and fits the game exceedingly well. The same can be said for the fitting music. Unless you’re struggling with that one mecha boss in the cave. That one track is rather rubbish I dare say and drove me nutters. However that is the only negative thing I can comment on, when it comes to the lovely score. Naturally the music in The World to the west can be bought separately as well, which is quite nice indeed. 

The World to the West is also littered with hidden treasure chests which require the characters unique skills to nab and grab those shiny bits. Which can be used to buy various knickknacks , from a seller in a shady pub.

Graphically the game delivers a wonderfully crafted art direction. With a lot of animations for such a stylistic game.All the Steam Achievements are linked to the secret lore scrolls within the game, making it tricky for those that likes to collect them. That being said World to the West is one of the few games that has sensible ones. After all completing a chapter is not that special in the long run. Which is way too common these days. All in all a very nicely presented package, which carries it’s inspiration on its sleeves and does something new and exiting with it. 

The price point is quite satisfactory as well, not to mention it can be bought on the Nintendo switch. I’ve not tried that port so I can’t say anything other than it makes for a lovely on the go title, with the system. Especially when sitting on a plane or a train.

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Haven Editorial: Thoughts on 2014

So now that multiple people can write things on the site, I want to get some of my thoughts off my chest about last year.

So last year it’s no surprise about how strange and weird everything was with big companies and indie companies both releasing incomplete games and having endless comment sections about journalism ethics. And tons of disappointments have been made, tons of the kick started games were finally released and a bunch of games flew under the radar that really didn’t get that much appreciation. So I mostly just want to talk about some of the games that I really liked of last year that deserve to be noticed along with some of the games that I never really heard much of even though I enjoyed my time with. Now keep in mind that everything on this article will be games that I played this year.

Shovel Knight
One of the many games that got my attention was Shovel Knight. This was one of the kickstarter projects that released after a few years in development, and it was a huge success. And many people agree, including me. Now because most people already know about this game I won’t talk much about it, but I honestly think it was one of the best games that I have played last year. And in my opinion, it’s a game that I think everyone should play.

Dark Souls II
Another game that was pretty high on people’s radar’s was Dark Souls 2, and when it came out I played the hell out of this game, I loved it so much… and then after a couple hundred hours of playing, I went back to play the first game… and that’s when I became extremely disappointed in DS2. So for a bit of background, I played around 200 hours of the first game and played completely blind and started with the Wanderer class and eventually did the other classes once I finished the game. And then I did the same with DS2, the only difference is that I saw gameplay up until the Last Giant (first boss fight), and I also started as the Deprived class instead of the Wanderer. But for both games I have done 100% of the content and I would always recommend Dark Souls 1 over Dark Souls 2, but I still think that Dark Souls 2 is an extremely great game, just doesn’t live up to the feeling of the first game, too many things that just don’t make it the better game. For those of you that want a better idea of it, and if you haven’t seen it, Matthewmatosis made an extremely well done critique that I agree 100% on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UScsme8didI
If you’re interested and haven’t seen it, it’s a great thing to watch.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
This was another game that was high on people’s radars and lived up to most of all the hype that it got. I’ve played many many of hundreds of hours of the original Isaac and I have been very excited for this game to come out. And I’ve got to say that it is probably my favorite game of last year, including DS2, and Shovel Knight, I’ve got to say that this was my favorite. The amount of new content and fixes and synergies and just…. Aah, just so much good stuff. For those that don’t know, this is a top-down Rogue-lite wearing the original Zelda inspiration on its sleeve. If you’re fine with Rogue-like/Rogue-lites, this is one of the best.


This game is both known and not known. It is one of the animoo games. Basically it is a parody of other Dating Sim games and this is shown extremely well in it’s writing. Some people might not be to attracted to the writing or the voice acting, but for me they really make the game quite a spectacle. But the game also has this Match-3 game in it that does a nice twist to the normal formula. Not quite on Puzzle Quest level, but it’s certainly a change that is nice.

Mercenary Kings
This game is made my the same guys that made the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World game, and it has similar controls and art style but the type of game is very different. This is a loot game, so if you’re not into loot games, then unfortunately this is not for you. Basically all this game is, is Monster Hunter + Metal Slug. Why? Well the whole game is going to the same couple of maps and do the objective(s) and sometimes you’ll fight a boss. There is loot that you’ll get for finishing mission and get loot from bosses or enemies that you’ll use to create weapons or cosmetic stuff, pretty much exactly like Monster Hunter. And the game play feels very much like the Metal Slug games. So definitely a game to look to play with friends but a good couple of hours of fun.

Lethal League
This is a fantastic game. Imagine Smash Bros + Pong. And that’s pretty much Lethal League. It has a very small cast of characters and limited about of stages, but the game itself is extremely tight and well done that I can’t complain a whole bunch. This is a great game to get a bunch of friends and play an hour or 2 a night or week.

Now, I would have so much more to say on each of of these amazing games, but the ones here will be games that most of everyone knows about or not enough to say on:
Shadow of Mordor
Wolfenstein: The New Order (Highly recommend)
Mount Your Friends
Bayonetta 2 (Highly recommend)
Transistor (Highly recommend)
Hexcells (Highly recommend)
Probably Archery
Super Time Force Ultra

And I also played a bunch of games this year that didn’t come out in 2014, but instead in previous years. And I’ve got to say that I would highly recommend these games and give them the attention they also deserve.
Played this year:
Wolf Among Us
Guild Wars 2 (Highly recommend)
Metro: Last Light
Deadly Premonition
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Highly recommend)
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Shadow Warrior (Highly recommend)
Long Live The Queen

Along with older games and the newer games, I’ve also played a few early access games. Now I don’t recommend buying early access but there are always a few exceptions. Now don’t go and buy them right now unless you 100% want it, but I would say that you should keep a close eye on them.
Early Access:
Prison Architect (Highly recommend)
Invisible Inc.
Darkest Dungeon (Highly recommend)