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Haven Review: The World To The West

Haven Reviews: The World to the West

A fantastic adventure with four fabulous heroes, whom brings unique skills and personalities to the table. Clonington is a big hunk of muscles an unrivaled force of nature, whom strong-arm his way through boulders and beast alike.

He’s joined by the timid but brave kid whom can dig circles around his enemies while, skating across ice and lobbing dynamite at foul fiends. While the mesmerizing mercenary, dazzles her enemies with a scarf and fancy goggles, forcing them to do her bidding.

At lastly we’ve got the electric red haired teslamancer, whom can dart around the place like a bolt of lightning and much much more. Each hero is needed to complete the game and to unlock the secrets of The world to the West. Believe me it is not an easy feat, with puzzles and dangers around very twist and turn. Unlike Teslagrad, the Unity physics are less pronounced and much more solid. In turn this makes the game a lot more easy going and accessible to virtually anyone. Not to mention that the controls are fully customization, for both the gamepad and the keyboard.

Especially the monsters and colorful people inhabiting the world makes the whole experience so much more engaging. Unlike Teslagrad, which The world to the west is a sequel of, there is a lot of dialogue, that carry the story in interesting directions, with some quirky plot twists on top of it all.

The sound effects are fantastic and fits the game exceedingly well. The same can be said for the fitting music. Unless you’re struggling with that one mecha boss in the cave. That one track is rather rubbish I dare say and drove me nutters. However that is the only negative thing I can comment on, when it comes to the lovely score. Naturally the music in The World to the west can be bought separately as well, which is quite nice indeed. 

The World to the West is also littered with hidden treasure chests which require the characters unique skills to nab and grab those shiny bits. Which can be used to buy various knickknacks , from a seller in a shady pub.

Graphically the game delivers a wonderfully crafted art direction. With a lot of animations for such a stylistic game.All the Steam Achievements are linked to the secret lore scrolls within the game, making it tricky for those that likes to collect them. That being said World to the West is one of the few games that has sensible ones. After all completing a chapter is not that special in the long run. Which is way too common these days. All in all a very nicely presented package, which carries it’s inspiration on its sleeves and does something new and exiting with it. 

The price point is quite satisfactory as well, not to mention it can be bought on the Nintendo switch. I’ve not tried that port so I can’t say anything other than it makes for a lovely on the go title, with the system. Especially when sitting on a plane or a train.

Njål Sand

Haven Reviews: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty


Mudokons are the New ‘n’ Tasty meal on the latest menu from Rupture Farms. Introducing Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, where you play as an unfortunate Mudokon trying to escape food processing with as many fellow Mudokons as inhumanly possible.


After its introduction, this series’ newest installment begins with a better looking and faster loading experience that its predecessor.

Abe is the main character; a green fellow with big eyes who can overtake his predators with a special chant, or kill them with cleverly timed environmental hazards. Additionally, he can fart, throw objects, roll, jump and have his fellow Mudokons follow pre-allocated commands.

Save your people while avoiding the Sligs!

The goal is to save all the factory workers and to enjoy Oddworld and it’s wacky inhabitants. There is a reason behind the franchise name, after all. The game’s setting is unique and there are plenty of mechanic twists to keep it fresh!

How the original was on Playsation.
How the original was on Playsation.

There are three difficulty levels, and the game can be played with either a controller or keyboard. There is also a coop mode where other players can take over when Abe bites the dust.

Players will die a lot! It’s difficult, but far from impossible; there were few places where I was stuck for long. Re-playability comes from finding all the hidden Mudokons, and there is a good and a not-so-good ending. While the musical score is left wanting, there is lovely ambiance and humorous in-game banter. I found Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee quite awesome and fun, since I never got to play it properly back in the PlayStation era. It’s inexpensive and readily available on Steam. I would also recommend the other Oddworld games as well.


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Our disclaimer we got this game because we wanted to review it, and as such all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

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