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Haven Editorial: Unreasonable Rage

haven Editorial: Unreasonable Rage

People be people for better or worse. We’re all highly emotional and quite irrational at the best of times. Doing bad choices in the heath of the moment. Which usually lead to some very, very bad outcomes. The kind that ruins peoples lives and most certainly an otherwise fun game. Such as Overwatch, the game that pitches a gun totting team of colorful heroes against an opposing team of equally flashy heroes. Which may or may not have the hand eye coordination to hit a wall at close range, out the ability to control their temper. Causing several game losing tantrums. Throwing out racial slurs, insulting people’s parents, blaming autism and much, much more harsh things. I’m a fairly decent gamer, pale as a sheet and quite tall, that does not stop trolls, angry players and the lot to call me things. Those nasty biting words that makes my blood boil and my hand rise up in righteous fury. Wanting to punch my hand through the web and strangling the crap out of them. As a victim of bullies in the past, I have learned the way that ignoring them is the best solution, unless you are a kid, then punching them works better. After all it is powerplay in the playground. When grown up, the price for a punch is just too steep.

It’s an unfortunate part of the Human condition. In my experience people tend to be too cocky, dangerously competitive and extremely offensive, when there is a price to be claimed.

Unfortunately a lot of us grew up only playing games with other guys. Where both girls and parents thought of it as nothing more than a children’s toy. Which causes a lot of boys to become very biased towards female players, since we’re used to think that girls can’t or won’t do that. At least that’s how I experienced it when growing up. Then again few if any girls I went to school with even touched or talked about games. Which is quite possibly the reason a lot of male gamers think that girls does not have the skills to play as good as then and therefore think gender is a reason to lash out at poor plays. When someone is annoyed or angry they will grab at any insult the can grab. It’s much the same when a bully is picking on someone, they just need an opening.

It is however very unfortunate and very sad that it is such an ingrained response to think that gender and race is a good reason for any sort of insult. In the end we are all humans. Be it butt hurt little foot fungus or not.
Hell, have you ever seen how mad supporters get at the judge on the outer side of the screen? The manager and the ream trainer is just as bad, and they’re standing on the sidelines, screaming their lungs out. Being aggressive, assertive and angry is not a new thing at all, in fact it is as old as mankind itself as far as I can tell.

keep in mind this is a subjective opinion, based on my life experiences. It does not hold true for everyone. Besides I’ve had my butt kicked several times by a skilled girls while playing soccer. It was a fun challenge. That being said I do not support trolls, bullies and people screaming rage filled profanities rarely loath people who needs to blame someone for their mistakes.

In conclusion these people will probably never change, nor do they posses the will to learn, but unfortunately they need someone to take their blame. People need to think before they act. Also remember that all competitive games have a report function and a way to mute someone, or everyone. I also found that pushups or similar training exorcise will alleviate some of the rage felt after  horrible people insults you.

Njål Sand

Haven Editorial: Questionable Online Game Conduct

The questionable code of conduct in online games

Who is the biggest fool?

When people are very hooked and focused on a certain sport or activity, they tend not to tolerate failure. Yet they often fail to include themselves in the equation. After all, these people are a part of the team. Essentially everyone can be mean spirited rude, competitive pricks who only look out for themselves. Naturally this holds true for me, as well (to some degree). However I usually notice my mistakes, acknowledge them and try to rectify the situation. Alas, basic human modus operandi is to blame someone else first. By insulting their parents, skills, sexuality and a whole slew of other slurs and creative words. In the end, the result is the same, someone is to blame and a scape goat is needed.

Since most people are only out for themselves, by nature we’re quite egotistical. It’s a crude and primitive defense mechanism. I notice this a lot amongst sports supporters and fellow League of Legends players (or any other MOBA, for that matter). Almost all players want to win. However most don’t know what it takes. They take too many risks, such as going off on their own without help. They then die brutally, usually from a knife in the back or a well placed laser. It depends entirely on the identity of the opportunistic killer. This brings me to a point.

Despite all the inherent negativity and self-defeating thoughts, there is a certain code of conduct. Most people don’t like it when players use terms  such as “noob”, simply because they’re new at something and lack certain skills. Then there is the classic “EZ”, which basically means the player in question found their victory too easy, and is now rubbing it into the opponent’s face. Amongst the more common ones there is REPORT, which explains it self. The funny thing about this though, it’s usually the worst player on the team who shouts it. These people are more often than not, ignored. Usually I report them instead if they do it too often. Since people want body counts, and kills seems to be the only thing on their mind, most players will complain and make crude jokes. In general these are the most common examples of things not to do when playing with others.

Another very common problem is poor Internet connectivity. Players afflicted with low net speeds have trouble entering the match in the first place. They then complain about lag and the annoying sods who rage quit. Essentially they became so mad and fed up that they leave the game, which can cause their team to lose outright. This is generally considered bad conduct as well, not to mention beyond annoying.

I’ve composed a list of common stupidities found in your typical League of Legends match:

* A player has disconnected from the game.
* I have lag/ ping. Usually over 9000.
* People whom run in straight lines, then get brutally eviscerated. (These dies a lot then do it again).
* Elitist bastards whom think they know best.(They usually die a lot).
* A very pessimistic person that wants to surrender at 20.
* Someone shouting report player. Usually someone bad and rude. (Oneself not included.).
* The rude butthurt bastard whom flames other players non stop.
* Insisting on playing Teemo in ranked. (Pro tip, he sucks donkey balls and a light breeze will topple him over).
* Finnish it quickly, I have to go (This one have not realized that a match can take up 50 minutes).
* First time [insert champion name]. (Don’t play untested champions in ranked, you will die a lot).
* People whom refuse to speak in English or can’t. (Most players on EUW knows English).
* Those that ignore common sense and do their own thing, regardless of outcome.
* A wood Xin Zhao player that jumps at anything that moves, then die a lot (at least 15 times).
* Never buys wards. (those shiny things that lights up dark places).
* A troll. (They just play to mess with people)
* The smurf. (Someone made a new account to kill bad players a lot, by being much better).
* Playing on a toaster. (A slow and old computer that takes more than 5 mutest to load a match).
* Players whom like to chase wounded people across the map. (They also die a lot).
* Last hitting, what is that? (The art of getting the last hit on an enemy, which gives gold).
* Only kill gives gold. (Killing enough minions will give you the advantage).

Generally speaking, the above are examples of bad conduct. So put aside your biases and never blame someone without evidence. This holds true for anything in life. Try to see both sides of a case and accept that you could be wrong before taking action. As I mentioned before, it’s inappropriate to complain about dying after wandering off, away from all possible assistance. Also, don’t play with a bad connection and remember, you are a valued part of the team.


Njål H Sand

Tabletop Editorial: Cards “For” Humanity?


Cards Against Humanity (CAH) has quickly gone from a little-known indie game to a worldwide phenomenon in a few short years. It’s a vulgar card game, meant to combine horrible things with horrible ideas. The company behind the game has done little to hide their image as the rudest game developers around. They’ve even gone as far and to stage several public stunts to enhance this image. For Black Friday, 2014 CAH sold on their site the $6.00 Bullshit Expansion. Inside the box however was not more cards to add to your game, but something far stinkier: literal bullshit, like from a bull’s butt. In the mail 30,000 people got a small box containing a good portion of poop. There wasn’t anything else. No secret cards, no message, no nothing…except poop. In 2015 CAH came back with another Black Friday “sale.” This time the asking price was $5.00 (a discount!), but instead of getting anything nearly as exciting as poo, people got jack all. The site clearly stated that your $5.00 wouldn’t get you anything. You were just giving it to the company. They made over $71,000 doing this. What assholes. However, they are lovable assholes. Cards Against Humanity has been known to sponsor some great charity work. They’ve donated to organizations like Worldbuilders, Donorschoose.org, and the Chicago Design Museum.

The people at Cards Against Humanity are ironically pretty active humanitarians. And the money they got from selling shit? It all went to Heifer International, an organization that brings cows and other livestock to villages around the world that are in need. The money they got for absolutely nothing? Well, they kept all that. No one is perfect, but doing something like setting up a $500,000 scholarship for women looking to get into science deserves a little windfall…especially after what they’ve continued to do.

Most recently, the CAH folks wanted to do something nice for the factory workers in China who print and assemble their product. The workers have had to deal with the substantial growth just as much as the rest of the company. Cards Against Humanity wanted to give them something that they all desperately needed: a paid vacation. In China, paid vacations are pretty rare, and there really wasn’t a formal way of doing it. So CAH did the next best thing; they paid for the factory to run at 100% capacity for a week, while producing nothing. During this time, everyone in the factory received full pay but were able to see their families and spend a little time for themselves over the holidays. Cards Against Humanity loves to look edgy and rude, just like their game. But deep down they’re all wonderful people.

-Jordan Kamm-