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Haven Review: Ara Fell

  maxresdefault  I am a lover of RPG’s some are good, some are bad and some are decent but presents a fair amount of issues. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love the deeply laid stories found in role-playing games but that is only half the pleasure of one.

Ara Fell lives up to its title. Where someone falls down a hole. Now moving right along let’s get into the dynamics of this game. They give you an option of a story mode only which you can one shot all the enemies you encounter in the games story. Something like this is, needed I think. As a lot of the stories for role-playing games is what interests people in playing them.988xt7y

However as a traditionalist I have decided not to use this route and kept playing. Next up it gave me an option to disable tutorials which I disabled but it was all a lie, a lie I tell you, lies!!!

I then spent the prologue getting mandatory tutorials so I could move on and it drove me absolutely insane, as did the issue with cut-scenes.  Some cut-scenes were skip-able and others were mandatory and it never explained to you which ones are which.

Some wait for you to hit next so you can continue on with the story while others just kept fast forwarding through the text not even giving you a chance to really read what is going on there so for a person like me with dyslexia it was near impossible to figure out what is going on.ara_fell_review_image_04

The game plays as a attempt to be funny during some scenes and, I feel it tries to get me to like the characters a bit more than I should have. Nothing really stood out to me accept the beautiful design of the game which is reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy titles in terms of style.

Now for the music, when the game actually game me music to listen too I thought it was kinda nice. Although albeit a bit buggy at times which killed most of the audio I would generally hear from it. But the main issue I have with the game is how it tries very hard to make it self-stand out from all its RPG predecessors in terms of mechanics with a very in-depth crafting system and ATB battle system with unique skills and combat flow.ss_296f70972f1e26470d286991c11eed2d19ef670b-600x338 I know it may sound like an unfair comparison but Square-Enix wrote the book on what a RPG battle system should be for classic themed RPG’s. A [Active Time Battle] system can indeed work but  if not clogged down with various other abilities, effects and everything else.

The more basic battle system is the best battle system, if its made overly complicated, people will have a hard time enjoying it. Same with a crafting system in-depth in a simple RPG. It’s not needed, keeping it simple is one of the best things of classic RPG’s. In a 3D environment you should expect to see more complex things but in a 2D environment its best to stay away from these things.arafell-3

However despite my quarrels with the mechanics of the game, the game remains very close to its true roots in terms of RPG’s. After a while the characters start to warm up to me, and the tone of the game with its light-hearted atmosphere remains enjoyable.

In the end its worth checking out, if you want something different from the rest.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.


Haven Review: Tree of Savior

Our world is in peril and the goddesses are missing. But one night I had a dream; a revelation. It told me that it’s my job to cleanse the world of evil and save the holy ones. Now I just have to smash 20160515161236_1several hundred oversized onions to get some experience under my belt!

Tree of Savior is a free to play, Korean online game with a lot of charm, a ton of enemies and many, many classes. Since I’m talking about an online game, grinding and monotonous quests are a dime-a-dozen. As the mystery of the missing goddesses unravels, the story gets much more involved.

At the time of this review there’s a lot of lag, and the usual collection of underpaid workers wants your dollar for in-game items and gear. The NPCs and important people in town have this rather odd brown tint to them, which looks really boring, uninspired and downright creepy.

Here be a boss, beat it to a pulp with friends!

But make no mistake Tree of Savior is addictive as all hell and the more people in the party, the more experience you gain. The serious amount of awesome bosses and sheer number of daily instances does make it more interesting than most other games in the genre. In many ways the game reminds me of Seiken Densetsu and the other games in the Legend of Mana series.
Since places are quite small and self-contained, there are always people around the various farming spots, hogging the place for themselves. Luckily, this is

Just like any other market place on or off line.

rectified by switching between channels. Thankfully, the loading time is fast.  Leveling is mostly a speedy affair…mostly. Some levels do have a serious gap in them, which makes little or no sense, as the level cap is quite high. The cash store hardly contains any pay-to-win items, such as extra movement speed and more characters slots. This brings me to one of the biggest problems I have with the game; you only have 4 slots. Pets take one slot, and with all these classes there are at least 12 variations on each archetype.  Tree of Savior encourages team play and being in a party,

Those red flowers are all enemy mobs, chain them up and grind them down!

since the experience boost is much increased when helping others. This in turn makes grinding a whole lot easier (not that people have caught on to it yet!) The number of high-level characters you’ve got also further increases the passive experience gain. Combat is based around using skills with a set cooldown. While this is run-of-the-mill these days, bosses and such have clearly defined “area of effect” (AoE) attacks that are dodgeable, unless the boss locks up and never stops.

Each class can pick

between male or female. As the class reached a certain level, I got to choose from two paths. Along with the levels I got skill points to increase my skills and stat points

The Koreans have a thing for gorgeous artwork

. You can put these points anywhere you please, so be sure to have a clear build path in mind. I would not recommend the homepage. It is slow; SLOW, I tell you. The wonderful and charming graphics and the isometric camera makes Tree of Savior a pleasant looking experience. However, the music feels a bit off and odd at places. It’s composed of rave-like songs…not that this is a bad thing…just unusual. Personally I like it, and in the end that’s the important thing. It’s the kind of game I’d be very careful to whom I introduce, due to its addictive nature. There is also a video recording function built into the game, which triggers on hitting F12, the Steam screenshot key.



20160515164739_1Keep in mind, if you hate hearing people shout about gold for sale, cramped areas with people waiting for the farm to respawn, random kill steals, a lot of lag or suffer from MMO withdrawal, stay the hell away. There is one thing every online game succeeds at, and that is capturing the spirit of a middle-eastern bazaar, where everyone is peddling wares and screaming loudly at each other.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

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Njål H Sand

Haven Review: Tidal Affair: Before the Storm


Tidal Affair: Before the Storm is an isometric stealth game. You sneak around an island, fighting various rebel groups. Your character is equipped with a parasol that can preform back stabs and a special skill called “puppeting”. Puppeting is one of the primary ways of dealing with enemies. You can back-stab, but that is harder to do, and mostly useful in situations where you’re left to take out one last guy who’s unaware of you. The parasol can do a basic attack, but the damage is low and should only be used in dire situations. Puppetting lets you mind-control an enemy for a short amount of time. You can walk around a small circle about your character, and use whatever weapons the enemy has. The most useful thing is to start shooting other enemies to easily clear out many guys at once. Be careful, since the mind control only last a few moments. Once the control breaks, the person will immediately know where you are and start coming after you. It’s very hard to lose them from this state, but it can be done.


You have several options to deal with the guy who you currently have controlled. You can make him shoot himself; an option that’s always available. However if they die while under your control, you take a good amount of damage. This is an interesting way to make sure you don’t abuse this power. You can’t just mind-control and kill everyone this way; else you’re sure to die. Another option is to run them off a cliff. There won’t always be cliffs around, but this is your best bet when there are. If you let go of the control before they hit the ground, you suffer no damage yourself! There are also a variety of “patches” you can get for your parasol. Each of these let you do something interesting while puppeting. One of these patches is to execute a controlled person without taking damage. Other patches let you move your controlled person past the normal limit, switch places with the target and siphon health from them. There’s a fair number of patches in a level, so you’ll always have something to do.2016-02-06_00003

Being caught is pretty rough, but not necessarily a game over. All the people in your general vicinity are alerted to your presence, as well as a few new heavily armed guards. This can quickly get overwhelming, and even with puppeting it can leave you with pretty low health. Careful planning and quick decision making can get you through a level sight unseen, in addition to a few precision backstabs. Another part of the game (aside from the stealth) is a series of puzzle levels. These include traps and obstacles to overcome. Here is where the game starts to diminish a bit. These, rather than in the intense stealth play, are just tedious and frustrating. In some instances you’ll have to restart huge sections of annoying traps due to careless mistakes. Luckily these sections don’t detract too much from the pleasure of the game; before long you’ll be back to stealth.2016-02-06_00015

The part of the game that is clearly the most lacking is the graphics. The art is supposed to resemble the brush strokes of a painting, but really all it looks like is a half-finished drawing done with Adobe Flash. The animation is also very low quality. Most movement consists of one character or piece of the picture sliding over a background image. In the cut-scenes this is really noticeable and awkward. It winds up breaking the player’s sense of immersion. In the actual game, the draw distance is far away enough that it blurs together and looks alright. But there is always this sense of the graphics being unfinished. All in all, Tidal Affair: Before the Storm is clever and competent, and I’m looking forward to seeing the advancements made in future Tidal Affair games.


Disclaimer: We received this game because we wanted to review it, and as such all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

-Jordan Kamm-