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Haven Editorial: Reborn Boss Besting: Shelly

The Pokemon Reborn bug queen!

The art of besting Shelly in Pokemon Reborn. A while ago I decided to look up some Pokemon fangames and I came across several full fledged titles.

I had to fight the trainer known as Shelly, she is a pink haired gym leader, whom likes to spam bugs in dual battles. If this was one of the official games, I would have crushed her monsters hard. But alas it was not easy at all. I brought a burning slug to the fray, it got stuck in a pile of rocks. Despite me putting the forest on fire. In theory I was hoping that the flames would consume the enemy in a inferno. But they survived and retaliated. Then I brought a bird, a mighty Unfezant, whom mighty plumage brought the mightiest of bugs to their knees. Until it took a Dazzling gleam to the face and was no more. The flying pink psychic elephant fetus took down some, but eventually fell as well. Despite many, many tries I just could not beat Shelly in a fair fight.

There are a couple of thins you should know by now. Pokemon Reborn is hardcore difficulty wise. Which means that if you exceed the level cap set by the current gymbadge, Most Pokemon will ignore your orders completely. In the case of Shellys gym, the cap is 35, and her is somewhere below that. This limit exist in all the games, it’s just much, much higher. In Reborn each badge after the second one only increase the level cap by five. But that is not main issue though. In most games I hardly ever see critical strikes occur at all. However in this game they are very much a real thing. Naturally this mean that some luck is involved.

The second problem is the very limited selection of practical Pokemon with elemental affinity. Especially rock, ground and fire are very hard to come by early. So far I’ve found two types and I use both. Eventually I came up with a brilliant idea, to crush her bugs with living stone. In this case a Sudowoodo. That three looking stone fellow, whom hate water. I trained day and night to make him into a champion. It was not to be, he got killed before I could even launch a single pebble at the enemy Pokemon. In the end I had to rely on a burning fire slug and an oversized Dove. I set fire to the forest with a plume of lava, followed by a Wing attack and they fell like flies. Until the thrice cursed Anorith entered the field and managedto pull off a rock slide. The bane of all flying and burning creatures in the Pokemon world. Lucky for me Shelly somehow missed.

Which means that luck was the only reason I won the damned bug battle.

Njål Sand

Haven Reviews: Everspace

Haven Reviews: Everspace

    Space the final frontier, a wast black ocean of star and debris. Seemingly infinite and mercilessly cruel to the unprepared traveler. But don’t panic, just bring a towel and a trusty yet sarcastic AI.20161016063416_1

Board the undreamed and poorly out fitted spaceship and head into cosmos. More often than not, space is rather drab with virtually no color aside from stars and explosions. Everspace is luckily not one of those games. Within the game there is a lot of color, from gas clouds, to debris and the huge selection of floating space rock. If only there was a way to diffuse the glow of lasers and such. Graphically the game is quite gorgeous and well designed.20161015164702_1

Combat in Everspace is six degress of freedom with no extra inertia, when I stop hitting forward I stop. SO do not go in and expect much in the way of friction and hardcore space physics. There are other games on the market that does that.


I’m still a bit annoyed that I died right after the tutorial by boosting into an asteroid though.  Space in Everspace is randomly generated and the same goes for loot, enemies and various objectives. The goal is to jump from one system, to the next, until I reach the end. However that end will come at the cost of dying a lot. Using my hard earned cash to upgrade the flying bolt bucket and watch it get blown up by angry lizard people. Then proceed do it all over again. Since you will die a lot within the universe Everspace, the game spits out a new clone of your current ship. Which means that slowly but surely you’ll reach the end. However there is a sliver lining, every so often enemies and crates drops blueprints, and those are permanent. Which is quite fantastic, since they allow me to make supplies and upgrades on the fly with the loot I have in the inventory. Resources are also used to repair the hull and damaged ship systems. That being said, the pseudo number generator can be a bastard and drop you in the middle of a murder of various enemies.


The only real issue I had was that I had to prevent the game from accessing core three, otherwise it would randomly stop for several seconds.


Music is surprisingly nice and very catchy, with a decent section and variety. It’s also very dynamic and usually change according to the action going on. The in-game voices are surprisingly nice, I really love the snark mostly helpful AI indeed. The pesky bugger and the pilot has a nice comedic duo going on. Giving the game life and slowly dropping exposition. As the story is told in short snippets and the journey progresses. Due to the random nature and the time the game will eat away, it is not recommended for everyone. However I’m personally quite hooked on Everspace indeed.


Keep in mind, this is still in early access, thing can only go uphill from here.

Disclaimer: We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.

Njål H Sand

Haven Review: Super Mario Bros: Crossover

Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Simon, Rockman, Forte, Bill, Ryu, Sophia.

Super Mario Bros: Crossover

An alternate Megaman skin

Everyone has heard of Super Mario, that red plump plumber who stomps on different animals in his quest to save a princess that might be in another castle. It is a true and tested formula that’s still quite popular. This might sound like the idea from a weird fan-fiction, or just Nintendo doing their stuff again. But this crossover is no half-baked fever fantasy from an enraged fanboy. It’s an actual game. Take the first Super Mario game, add a slew of other characters from the same age and system, then import their respective powerups and physics. The only real changed is that some characters now have a double jump to traverse the world of Super Mario Bros.

A different skin and a different dead hero”

Yes, you heard me right. In this very game, Bill (from Contra), Link, Megaman and more can run around making a mess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Very few things can stand up to the spreadshot as it tears Bowser…and every hidden powerup block…a new one. The guys behind this game have done a fantastic and very impressive job of importing and implementing all of the most important elements into Super Mario Bros. Aside from several characters, there are also different themes, skins, music and a lot of cheats. Interestingly, the lost levels are included in this game, as well. Too bad that it’s a flash game; it really makes it a bit troublesome. Luckily, controls can be changed and there is a fullscreen mode. Using the arrow keys has never been a pleasant or practical experience, in my view. They’re just too far down on the keyboard to be comfortable. Fortunately, such things can be rectified with software and a gamepad!

Samus in the house!
Spread shot destroys everything!

After playing it for a while it occurred to me that the iconic sound effect of picking up coins is really terrible and too high pitched, just as with the Nintendo console. Since each character comes from a different game, their respective music and graphics were brought over, as well. Apparently NES graphics were not good enough, so they also took the ones from SNES, as well. This gave me the option to pick a tile set to go with, or just make a garbled mix of random tiles. The choice is there and that’s all that matters. There’s only one very big problem with this game: it can never be legally sold online since certain people and companies own the various trademarks. Since it’s free in a browser, anyone can play it and everyone who likes Mario can enjoy it.

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.


Njål H Sand