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Haven Editorial: Unreasonable Rage

haven Editorial: Unreasonable Rage

People be people for better or worse. We’re all highly emotional and quite irrational at the best of times. Doing bad choices in the heath of the moment. Which usually lead to some very, very bad outcomes. The kind that ruins peoples lives and most certainly an otherwise fun game. Such as Overwatch, the game that pitches a gun totting team of colorful heroes against an opposing team of equally flashy heroes. Which may or may not have the hand eye coordination to hit a wall at close range, out the ability to control their temper. Causing several game losing tantrums. Throwing out racial slurs, insulting people’s parents, blaming autism and much, much more harsh things. I’m a fairly decent gamer, pale as a sheet and quite tall, that does not stop trolls, angry players and the lot to call me things. Those nasty biting words that makes my blood boil and my hand rise up in righteous fury. Wanting to punch my hand through the web and strangling the crap out of them. As a victim of bullies in the past, I have learned the way that ignoring them is the best solution, unless you are a kid, then punching them works better. After all it is powerplay in the playground. When grown up, the price for a punch is just too steep.

It’s an unfortunate part of the Human condition. In my experience people tend to be too cocky, dangerously competitive and extremely offensive, when there is a price to be claimed.

Unfortunately a lot of us grew up only playing games with other guys. Where both girls and parents thought of it as nothing more than a children’s toy. Which causes a lot of boys to become very biased towards female players, since we’re used to think that girls can’t or won’t do that. At least that’s how I experienced it when growing up. Then again few if any girls I went to school with even touched or talked about games. Which is quite possibly the reason a lot of male gamers think that girls does not have the skills to play as good as then and therefore think gender is a reason to lash out at poor plays. When someone is annoyed or angry they will grab at any insult the can grab. It’s much the same when a bully is picking on someone, they just need an opening.

It is however very unfortunate and very sad that it is such an ingrained response to think that gender and race is a good reason for any sort of insult. In the end we are all humans. Be it butt hurt little foot fungus or not.
Hell, have you ever seen how mad supporters get at the judge on the outer side of the screen? The manager and the ream trainer is just as bad, and they’re standing on the sidelines, screaming their lungs out. Being aggressive, assertive and angry is not a new thing at all, in fact it is as old as mankind itself as far as I can tell.

keep in mind this is a subjective opinion, based on my life experiences. It does not hold true for everyone. Besides I’ve had my butt kicked several times by a skilled girls while playing soccer. It was a fun challenge. That being said I do not support trolls, bullies and people screaming rage filled profanities rarely loath people who needs to blame someone for their mistakes.

In conclusion these people will probably never change, nor do they posses the will to learn, but unfortunately they need someone to take their blame. People need to think before they act. Also remember that all competitive games have a report function and a way to mute someone, or everyone. I also found that pushups or similar training exorcise will alleviate some of the rage felt after  horrible people insults you.

Njål Sand

Haven Review: Cyborg Rage

CyborgTitleFirst up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

“Bullethell” shooters have been raining down on us for decades. While they all have common tendencies (space themed, side/forward-scrolling, etc.) there’s always an element of uniqueness. Today we’re reviewing Cyborg Rage, developed by Ragiva Games and published by Black Shell Media.

What makes Cyborg Rage different from many bullethells is its difficulty level: it’s not! I’ve reviewed this genre before, and the one complaint I typically have is that the games are simply too hard for all but the most seasoned twitch/controller users. But this game is actually fair; even with a standard PC mouse. In fact it’s the only device you’ll need to get started with the single-player story line, or to partner up in multiplayer mode.

Cyborg2Upon launching the single-player campaign, the first thing you’ll notice is that your ship is accompanied by an AI wingman. Sometimes it follows you around the screen, and at other times it floats to its own drum. Either way, it’s dedicated to helping defeat enemies and advancing you to the next level.
CyborgRed1The most important feature in the game however, is not the endless onslaught of baddies or the big boss who appears at the end of levels. Rather it’s the orange percentage meter at the top-center of the screen. This meter is separated into three values. As you use your ship’s abilities, one or more of these values will drain to zero, climbing back up to 100 over time. Each of the three values, positioned to the left, center and right, respectively, corresponds to like buttons on your mouse (e.g.: pressing your middle mouse button will cause the middle value to drain to zero). Each button makes something different happen, depending on how far along you are in the game.
Cyborg4Before we discuss the button effects, let’s start with the pointing device itself. The game currently has no controller support; it’s mouse only. Just slide your cursor to move the ship to a desired location on screen. When enemies are near, your ship (as well as that of your wingman) automatically engages in continuous pulse fire. Don’t worry, you can’t run out of ammo. Now this is where the mouse buttons come in:
CyborgShield1Left Button: causes extra pulse fire to exude from your ship for three seconds. This is useful against a large group of foes or a particularly nasty boss. Later, this effect upgrades to a parabolic shock wave.
Right Button: causes your ship’s shields to instantly heal to maximum. Later, this effect upgrades to a force field that temporarily freezes enemies in place.
Middle Button: fires a missile that knocks out enemy shields. Later, this effect upgrades to an energy wave that heals the shields of both you and your wingman.

The above description of ability upgrades is true for the first few levels of the game. As you progress further, even more interesting abilities will map themselves to your mouse buttons! For this reason, I really enjoy this title. The story is intriguing, the voice acting is good and never knowing what new abilities await keeps me coming back. I hope that future add-ons will continue to provide creative new ways to knock out the enemy forces.

So is Cyborg Rage worthwhile? Yes it is. Priced on Steam at $5 (USD), the title is a good value. My only suggestion is to add controller support, as most bullethells come with the expectation of such support.

CyborgScale-Chris Roberts-

Haven Review: Street Fighter V

indexFirst up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Alright so the last time I played Street Fighter I was a kid. A local pizzeria that had the arcade machines set up and I loved it, although I did have a rough time trying to jump.

Now it’s been a few years and they’ve launched the PC edition of Street Fighter V; it’s what I’m playing today! I know I’m treading on sacred ground here because I realize there’s a huge fan base and tournaments on a global scale. Parodies abound on how great the competitions are in anime.street-fighter-v-screen-01-ps4-us-15jun15

So here I’m playing and all I read about from PC Gamer, Game Informer and other companies is how buggy the game is on PC. Truth be told, even a few other company press representatives told me they were having issues as well. The only issue I had was that I couldn’t accept the terms and conditions until I went into low-spec mode, and once I did that I was able to play it just fine…even outside of low-spec mode.

I was having a really great time playing it but soon learned that there is a “trainer” going around to cheat against other players, as well as online. I found this trainer and took it for a test drive. For the sake of argument and before anyone accuses me of cheating, I only used it offline and to check out various “unlocks”. These include extra colors for characters. I remain thoroughly unimpressed. 07_chunli_throwI kept playing and kept hearing about more issues, one of which I can relate to: players rage-quitting just to keep their win streaks online; a common issue in competitive games. Although it rarely gets fixed, Capcom has been saying they will be rectifying this issue as soon as they can.

Despite what the other press outlets have said, I actually have been enjoying myself; mainly playing through survival and ignoring the story mode. They have it setup in a way where you can get challenges from other players even when you’re playing against the AI. It essentially just pauses the entire mode to accept challenges from others. Win or lose, the game returns you to where you were before the challenge began. I found this enjoyable, but on the same note it became annoying after a while. I kept trying to fight, and just as I was about to win a round it took me to the player challenge (which I would fight, lose and have to re-do the entire round of survival). Luckily I also soon learned you can turn the challenge feature off at any time. So that made life a bit easier for me.11-Chunli-Fireball.0

Another great feature is that the challengers aren’t limited to the PC. Since the format of the game is a fighting, they opened it up to all platforms. I can now battle against those pesky PlayStation 4 players!

Summarizing my final thoughts on the game, I find it a tiny bit frustrating that when I play single player survival, the animations for characters move really slowly. I find it tedious that when I switch over to a human challenger the action moves at a increased speed. This may be an issue with my settings, but I am not sure. I just noticed it when I set everything to run higher than “medium”.

That being said, the stage designs are great, the music is amazing and the character designs are beautiful. I really wish Capcom kept the same animations they had originally, but luckily modders have already started working on fixing that for the PC. I hope I haven’t angered the fan base.

Keep on fighting everyone!
-Daniel Clatworthy-