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Tech Editorial: SteelSeries Rival 700

SteelSeries has done it again; they’ve created yet another mouse. This new Rival 700 boasts a walloping 16,000 DPI tracking, as well as a unique feature among gaming mice. It has a small visual display of sorts where you’d normally place your thumb. Now just think about this for a second…indeed…a display covered up by your thumb!6Ig0fYa1BZVa.878x0.Z-Z96KYq

Now don’t get me wrong, SteelSeries does make great products for computer gaming and I absolutely love their keyboards and mice, overall.

But as car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson says, “It’s stupid“. I’m looking forward to doing a technical review later this month on the mouse, outlining its pros and cons. But in the sense of professional gaming, the fact that it has a small display where the thumb goes is outright idiotic.


I’d like to quote Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO, if I may.

“We’re thrilled to deliver the world’s first smart gaming mouse,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “By listening to gamers and eSports athletes, we’ve perfected professional gaming mice for more than a decade. The Rival 700 takes that expertise and meets gamers’ needs today, and grows to help them win in the future.”

That means that someone in the design department came up with this and thought it was a good idea. Let’s take a moment to consider this. You are a professional gamer. You are playing in a massive competition, going for a grand prize. But your health is low, so do you look at the screen? Of course not; you lift your thumb from the mouse and take a peek! Your health suddenly drops to zero because…

You took your #%#@% hand off the mouse instead of moving out of danger!

But being serious here, the actual specifications for the Rival 700 are pretty good. I stated earlier though, when we take a look at it in the future we’ll write and tell you if it’s worth the price. Although as always, they could have saved money if they hadn’t put that gimmick on it in the first place. This would mean the product would be cheaper for the end-market user. But that’s just my opinion.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Editorial: Nintendo CEO: Satoru Iwata passes away.

It is the end of a era as Satoru Iwata CEO of Nintendo of Japan has passed away.
He was loved by many and helped create the image Nintendo has today and helped bring
entertainment and joy to millions.
1338171161955333780On his business card he never thought of himself as a game designer, or game developer but a gamer like many of us. Those who have met him will always talk about how much of a amazing person he was and how he always would make a room light up.

I am one of the people that will miss him and his works in the game industry because for many of us. The games he helped make at Nintendo were apart of our childhood and because of that he will be forever missed.

It is sad that he passed away at the age of 55, and if you remember last years E3 Iwata was forced to cancel his trip due to due to poor health. In which he had to under go surgery to get a bile duct growth removed.

Although on Twitter a few months after he said he is “progressing well.” it seems that
things changed. Iwata joined the Nintendo HAL Laboratories team back in 1980 where he worked on games like Balloon Fight and Earth Bound and was appointed president in the year 2000 of the company. He was also responsible for some of Nintendo’s strongest selling systems such as the Wii, and the DS as well as some of the weaker consoles (WiiU and GameCube.)

An in recent years was achieving a lot of recognition for his appearances on Nintendo Direct.
Even if you are a PC gamer it is safe to say you have played some of his games at one point.
RIP Mr.Iwata you are going to be missed.

-Daniel Clatworthy-