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Haven Review: Seasons After Fall

Seasons After fall, in the most simplistic of ways it is a beautifully orchestrated game, from the majesty of its art-work to the very core elements of its game-play. There was another game I reviewed a while back called Ori and the Blind Forest and this game is most definitely on the same level of greatness as something produced by Microsoft Studios.

You play a seed, or you are often referred to as a Seed not really sure in this aspect because at a junction the story presents a narrative that argues this point. But anyways, once you arrive you are told to visit four different Sanctuary’s and meet each Guardian as you progress through each stage. The game involves basic puzzle solving, combined with stunning artwork, soothing melodies, platform gaming and lastly simply perfect narrative.

It is a fairly simple game and I finished it with a hundred percent completion in nearly eight hours being generous with time as well. But just because its simple doesn’t mean it is any less enjoyable, the game orchestrates itself in a manner that is both enticing and provocative to keep the players entertained. If you are a young gamer and you don’t want to expose them to more violent games, or any game that in general has violence in it. Than this would be the ideal game for you and your kids.

As the game has no enemies to combat and it relies heavily on its story telling capabilities and stunning artwork. However I will say this, for younger people the puzzles will in general keep the children occupied as they try to solve them. I found a few someone challenging myself which is why it took me eight hours to complete the game instead of finishing it quicker.

But I do have to note at times the controller felt very ridged and not my controller by the actual character controls itself. If you do not maintain momentum as you play through the game the character becomes a bit more listless and sluggish making solving puzzles that require jumping a bit harder.

I also encountered a bug in the game during its second phase, I guess you could call it that triggered my vibration settings on the controller and never shut them down. So now I got a glorified neck massager to help me stay at ease. Although this can be a bit tedious in general if you just enjoy having it vibrate when you jump or fall.

The only real solution to this problem is that you can turn it off in the settings menu but it completely turns the function off, if you turn it back on it will just continue vibrating regardless and not stop at all.

The game overall though is very solid, with stages that change for each segment you complete, a amazing mechanic to control the seasons to help solve puzzles like the Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons, and a beautiful and artistic world that feels as if it was painted onto my screen for me to enjoy.

Despite the game being really short, I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to play a very relaxing game. Seasons after Fall is more about the experience rather than the challenge and I’ve found it very fulfilling both as a game and as an art piece.

-Daniel Clatworthy

Haven Reviews: Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan


While Aurion has a fantastic art direction, with colorful and expressive sprites. Which are clearly hand drawn along with each frame. There is just something about how some of the characters just bled together and how a lot of the special attacks are distinguishable from each other. Especially grievous in the first few fight of the game. 20170108192215_1The music is very nice and full of tribal tunes and catchy as heck. The same can’t be said for the sound design. I feel a distinct lack of impact before and after dealing damage. Not to mention the lack of footsteps. It throws me out of the action, since I can’t tell what is going on during intense action.20170108185211_1 It would be a good idea to have enemies telegraph their attacks much more clearly, than a tiny exclamation mark . It’s clear that the combat style wears it’s inspiration on the sleeve and the special moves looks quite nice, along with the fancy poses. I can also honestly say that I like the way the characters are drawn.


The story follows a duo composed of a newly wed King and his spouse. Whom got dethroned on the same day as the wedding. Their dynamic is fairly amusing, with a lot of jokes and good dialogue. But it could use a proof reader. Since there are several places where space is missing, within the text. That being said, the most annoying thing that I would highly suggest fixing is the loading time. There is loading all over the place, such as before a battle is initiated. It’s a deal breaker if a fight takes less time then then starting it.


Combat is all about the king hacking and slashing, while spamming special attacks. Until the enemy tries to attack, then roll out of the way. When the health is low, his wife can be summoned to heal and support in various ways. Aurion is the fancy name of the energy the King uses to fire off special moves, which eventually is turned into a huge screen shaking finisher. Most of the bosses can use this energy as well. 20170108191005_1

I quite like the setting indeed. It is rare thing to see a game utilizing lore, stories and designs from Africa. Despite the whole continent having more than just desert, lions, pygmies and pyramids. For anyone interested, I’d say it is worth it despite some design issues, that is easy to fix.

20170108173459_1    Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.


Njål Sand

Haven Reviews: Freedom Planet

Freedom planet

A very evil and hammy megalomaniac is out to take over the universe and ravage anyone in his path. Meanwhile a ragtag team of colorful furry misfits sets out to stop his nefarious plot. Which is no easy feat, with three rather dense kingdoms in charge of their home world and their questionable leaders.


Not only is the platforming fun, with several characters to pick from. It also has a fully voice acted plot. Which shows that a mostly female cast still make the game very enjoyable and fun. Though if you have an aversion to anything furry related, then you are though out of luck4.Its easy to pick up the and a breeze to play. Running, jumping and kicking in foes faces, what more could you ask for? It’s a video game. Which includes bosses, powerups and everything in between, though I wish the running was a bit faster.

Collect all the crystals and hidden collectibles. Play through the various difficulty settings,with each of the playable characters. Speedruning and a lot of steam achievements. All of this gives Freedom Planet a great deal of repeat ability.

1  Fantastic music, which can be bought separately. Catchy and very fitting.

The graphics are for the most part fantastic, highly detailed sprites, with very nice animations. Though the sprite rotation on slopes can be a bit sketchy. But for the most part the world is bright and colorful, with a lot of imaginative enemies. There is also a metric ton of speed gimmicks and interesting platform elements.5

I came across a couple bugs, one is that dang rolling boulder, I managed to get over it, then a new spawned and suddenly they where flashing back and forth on the screen. The other one is where it fail to register the Xbox gamepad, until I start, then restart the game. Should something disrupt the game pad, the game will ignore it completely and revert to the keyboard.
Off screen attacks from bosses have a nasty habit of making no sound.

Personally I got my version through a Humble Bundle and it is totally worth it. There is also a demo, you remember those right?


Disclaimer: We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.