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Otaku Review: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Oh the animes I have watched. This anime by far takes the cake as one of the most creative in the fantasy genre.JkgVzfB As you watch, you learn that in the world they live in, Gods and Goddesses have come down from Heaven to live with the humans and experience their way of life. Working hard to get a meal, suffering and dying as well. By bestowing upon their followers a blessing, they gain the power to fight monsters.

The series continues with a old man telling his grandson, Bell Cranel about how he has to venture into dungeons and pick up women and how to be strong enough to impress them.
It’s then that it cuts to Bell Cranel running for his life from a giant Minotaur, and he is ultimately saved by a woman known as Azia Wallenstein…for whom he falls head over heels.

isitwrongtopickupgirlsinadungeon02That is what kicks off the series, with him trying to become a great adventurer so she will recognize him and fall in love. But like many series along this fantasy line it also is a “harem anime” with every girl he meets crushing on him something fierce. This creates a lot of tension for the character, and he’s as dumb as bricks (like most male protagonists in this situation).

However despite this, the show remains entertaining as it focuses a lot on Bell’s growth as a person who wants to become a Hero and impress the ladies. Anyone who gets a blessing from a Divine being gets a “status” which records their Strength, Intelligence, Speed, Endurance and all the other stats you would see in your standard Role-Playing Game (RPG). As he progresses through the story, it becomes apparently clear that he’s growing too fast, thanks to an extremely rare skill.tumblr_nnpbw82rfR1uqb1gdo10_1280 As he continues his adventures into the dungeons to collect magic stones to make some money, he is met with a lot of hostility and very unlikely comrades; although at times this creates more problems than it does good. Like a true hero he continues on not thinking about it and not giving up on the friends he makes throughout the series.

In short, as he grows stronger his situation compares to that of an RPG character that you or someone you know has probably played. You start out as a Level 1 rookie and in the end become some overly-powered, sword-wielding bad-ass with enough power to one-shot even the strongest enemy boss.4JJneQ8

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is a re-imagining of old-school fantasy, with a little bit of gaming and a little bit of harem for something that works really well and leaves me wanting more. I hope they honestly make another season so I can keep following this great anime. But in all honesty it probably won’t happen.

Regardless, I totally think it’s worth checking it out.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Nerd Review: Constantine: The Hellblazer


Arguably clunky title aside, Constantine: The Hellblazer is one of the best new comic series for newbies and seasoned readers alike to pick up. Co-written by Ming Doyle and James Tynion (art by Riley Rossmo), the new series offers a sense of fun to entice newer readers while also having an edge fans of Hellblazer might have missed since its cancellation.

The main plot of the story thus far is Constantine trying to figure out what has been killing off his ghostly entourage and how to stop it. It’s a compelling story that promises a good payoff. A minor plotline also deals with John’s flirtatious banter with a local restaurant owner named Oliver-a real treat for fans who have wished for John’s bisexuality to be more explored over the years. The ending of the second issue had me practically begging to know what was going to happen next.

Though the dialogue and John’s inner monologue all work well, the way the series deals with cursing can get a little irritating. While John was over at Vertigo he could say whatever he fancied, here the more naughty words get covered up with pentagrams. I don’t blame the creators one bit, but am a little annoyed DC can’t just doesn’t slap a stronger warning on the series and let it be for mature readers only. It’s confusing as to why certain words have to be censored but John can be having sex with a demon in just the next panel.

The series art can also be a potential turn off for some fans but personally speaking I really like it. I love the look of the backgrounds and think Rossmo’s able to capture John’s facial expressions. I also really appreciate the use of bright colors on occasion, from the beautiful two page spread of different levels of hell in the first issue to flashes of spirits haunting a house John’s walking through in the second one. Just because the series deals with horror doesn’t mean it has to look drab. I appreciate any series that’s going for a unique style rather than just sticking to convention.

Fan reaction to DC’s New 52 launch has been a mixed bag-some titles have been well received while others have been used by fans to argue that DC’s relaunch was a mistake. Constantine: The Hellblazer seems like it’s trying to be the best of both worlds: edgier than New 52 Constantine to appeal to bitter Hellblazer fans (a position I entirely sympathize with-by the time I finally got into it and almost caught up to what was currently selling, its cancellation was announced), while also offering less daunting continuity for newer readers and more stories for writers to explore. There series is still in its infancy so there’s no telling where John will end up, but I got enough genuine enjoyment out of it so far to fully recommend it to fellow comic nerds and hope they like it as well.