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Tech Review: SteelSeries Siberia 200

SteelSeries, maker of such fine products such as the mouse with the gimmick LEDs has come out with a another item. Although this one was released a while back, I just now got around to using it.

2311_1 Normally I use a Corsair V2000 headset with its cushion-like headpiece and its adjustable features, but I can never get it to sit right on my head. It is quite uncomfortable at times. I feel like I have on ear-muffs on and I get really hot. Not to mention it collects dust on the headpiece because it’s made of cotton or some similar fabric.

But I figured it was time for a change so I decided to try another SteelSeries product: the Siberia Forge Red 200 and I must say I am really impressed with the headset. In fact I would go to such lengths as to say it’s possibly one of the best headsets I’ve ever worn.

Its headphones are comprised of a synthetic leather which rests comfortably on my head and the audio quality is superb. I really enjoy how crisp the sound is. The headband section rests comfortably on my head with easy adjustments. Since it’s a wired headset I don’t have to worry about charging the battery at all.da951ee8-b822-48d4-b30c-de5ea6228b71.png._CB290757754__SR300,300_.png

If you are in-game and don’t want to switch off your microphone via software, you can use a switch they have placed on the cable to shut it down without any trouble. The microphone itself picks up crystal clear audio as well, with zero feedback (although this depends on several factors, such as your computer’s ambient noise level).

However I did encounter one tiny issue with the headset: it’s only meant for 3.5mm input and not USB like my Corsair. I have no on-board audio devices since the burnout in my Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard. So I had to use my wife’s laptop for the review of this product.

Do I recommend the SteelSeries Siberia Forge Red 200? Of course I do. If I had a working audio card I would be using it now, and would keep this headset around for emergencies.

There is a reason why SteelSeries sponsors massive gaming tournaments and why competitors like Team Navi, Evil Genius, and Tyloo use the brand. This product is definitely one of the best that I’ve ever tried and I recommend it to anyone who needs a new headset.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Editorial: League of Legends gets Fingered.

Now I am glad the title got your attention. But on the last day of the World Championship group stage the European professional player Fabian Febiven said in a interview that he expected the American team Cloud9 to lose their match that was about to begin.

The star player of Cloud9 Hai Du Lam responded by flipping him off. However this was captured on camera and because of it the player is now being fined €500 or roughly $556 for the American players out there.

I believe the phrase we are looking for at this point is “Get Rekted.” Although the player responds to these accusations by saying he did not mean it in Malice but in good fun!”
However after Riots investigation they concluded he did indeed break their rules and for that he has to pay the fine.

Riot’s ruling said that Hai making an “obscene gesture towards an opponent while on stage during the final day of Group Stages for the 2015 World Championship” violated section 9.1.3 of the World Championship ruleset, “Disruptive Behavior / Insults.” Here’s the text lifted from the Worlds ruleset:

A Team Member may not take any action or perform any gesture directed at an opposing Team Member, or incite any other individual(s) to do the same, which is insulting, mocking, disruptive, or antagonistic.

A lot of people in the league of legends community have responded with the casual jokes and even the founder of Cloud9 responded by saying.

Like many groups out there its safe to say that a lot of professional players will be watching what they do from now on. If you want to watch the bird in action there is a video link below and also a picture attached so you can see it if you miss it.

Now my personal opinion on this is that Professional players should always be setting a example. Even if you did mean it in a way that was not malicious there are people who look up to you and respect you and try to imitate what you do. I played Yu-Gi-Oh! Pro like for years (mind you best I ever did was top thirty six.) But the people I played against knew what sportsmanship was and they respected each other when they played we all knew what we were doing and why we were playing and we all had our own opinions regarding matters.
1485440907756016457Even the judges for the events made it so even new players knew what they were getting into and how to act and treat a person. While we gamed not only did we get to learn about the opponents we were facing but also the respect needed when you played and in a lot of E-sports you just don’t see that respect that players should have.

I hope that someday the E-sports arena changed and that players can learn to respect one another and that there are people who look up to you in regards to matters like this but that’s just my opinion to each his own.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Editorial: Star Guardian Lux

Riot has done it again. They really like to tease and please the community, despite the loud minorities rude and retarded behavior. Regardless of that, Riot keeps adding new content, in this case they cater to even more fanbases. Sure it is just a cosmetic skin, but that does not make it a silly investment. A skin last longer than candy. That however is not my point, I just have to share this with the readers, star guardian Lux is mostly awesome and will a popular cosplay pick. From what I can see, it is mainly Sailor Moon inspired, with touches of other series and a lot of pink. It makes me a bit giddy, since I like the concept of Sailor Moon and magical girls. Though they have a bad habit of having too much focus on transformation sequences.

In the name of Demacia! I will punish you.


And a link to how it looks in game:

-Njål Sand-