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Tabletop Editorial: Yu-Gi-Oh! 2017 – New Rules / New Game Field!

Now, what I am about to say may shock all the duelists out there and I am also going all touch and go on my grammar right now to explain this but, here we go anyways!

With Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V coming to a end and Pendulums no longer being the main focus of the card game, Konami is switching things up with the new game mechanic called LINK and I am not referring to the Legend of Zelda on this one.

LINK monsters are blue colored monsters that are almost the same color as Ritual monsters but are not to be confused with them for two major reasons. The first reason being they have absolutely NO level and NO rank, so we can assume that they are immune to gravity bind and other such cards right from the get go.

The second reason being they have no way to go to defense mode, which means they are immune to cards like Book of Moon, This ultimately is a double edged sword since they can never be in defense mode that means you will always take damage if destroyed in battle with a stronger monster, but it also means immunity to cards that forces monsters into defense mode.

Their summoning method also is a bit more different. It act a bit like Synchro summoning where the player has to send monsters to the graveyard and the monsters in total sent to the graveyard is equal to the LINK monster you can bring out. So where Sychro Summoning is basic math of 2+4=6 for a level 6 Sychro Monster. LINK cards operate by a more simple means, I send two monsters so I can grab a LINK 2 monster as indicated by the bottom right hand corner of the LINK card.

I should mention that the LINK “level” and I use level loosely in this regard is where the defense power of a monster generally would be.

Now for the big news BIGGER than the LINK monster, but still equally important. That being the new Game Mechanic and overhaul of the complete dueling we have known up to this point.

The Extra Monster Zones, no longer can a player freely Sychro Summon, Xyz Summon, or Fusion Summon! But instead they must now compete for two spots above the monster zones called Extra Monster Zones. In these SHARED zones the players must fight for control because these two zones are the ONLY PLACE a player can Synchro, Xyz, Fusion, or LINK a monster.

The reason we can guess is Konami decided to finally fix the flood gate, but there is another reason. The LINK monsters as I mentioned earlier are the new Monster on the block, and these cards contain a bit of Tetra Master, you know from Final Fantasy? In their design, that being the Red Arrows indicated on their picture.

You see these red arrows are key to summoning, because where ever they point too. Those monster zones now act as Extra Monster zones and can Synchro, Xyz, or Fusion into those zones as well! So if you can get a LINK monster into the Extra Monster Zone you can being to mass summon again! Assuming you don’t get locked out by your opponent.

Also should mention that LINK monsters wherever their Red-Arrow points too, means those monsters in those zones are LINKED to it. Get it? Because LINK monster? But anyways, enjoy your new game mechanics, engage the rage quitting, and enjoy the new mat I designed myself, took me like eight hours!

Oh yea, Pendulum monsters cards now share the zone with Magic & Traps, if you play them as a Pendulum card you are then limited to using three Magic & Traps total.

Source: New Mechanics
Source: LINK Summoning

-Daniel Clatworthy

Haven Review: Epoch

epochFirst up is our disclaimer.  We got this game because we wanted to review it, and as such
all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.Epoch_screenshot07

In a world decimated by Robots and war much like the terminator franchise comes a Robot who has to save a princess. Battling your way across various stages in the game of EPOCH.
You fight not only for your own survival but also to find and protect the Princess that you fear other robots are after.

During your fights you can upgrade your equipment and your chassis to become stronger and more powerful and when you thought you were strong enough you unlock hard mode and the other difficulty levels after clearing that mode as well.epoch1

Combat in the game solid considoring that it was designed originally for the Tablet and then ported to the PC where it is a simple swipe and fire interface before you duck back behind a piece of concrete. Using the terrain also to your advance to clear out enemy robots that are trying to destroy you and also stop huge bosses.

Is the game worth it, honestly I think it is as it is cheap and kinda fun to play and I recommend it to anyone of all age groups who like robots and shoot’em ups.
My only issue with the game is that to find out more about the plot and the story you got to replay stages over and over again and also read a lot.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Tech Editorial: An Epic Move for the Unreal Engine

UnrealAfter 17 years and four generations, Epic Games has abandoned it’s pay-to-use policy on
the Unreal Engine.  This means that game developers and graphic designers can freely
download and install the product without the former $19 hit each month.

When designing games or other graphic-intense projects, there are hundreds of engines available.  Perhaps the most versatile is Maya, from which you can produce practically anything…games, architectural renderings, lawn furniture…you get the point.  But Maya is pricey:  $185 per month or $3675 to purchase outright for the 2015 edition.  Other engines
are completely free, notably Quake, but are not as powerful as their paid counterparts.

So what’s the catch?  The Unreal Engine (4th generation) is more powerful than
many other engines…and it’s free, right?  Well, almost.  If you go on to release a for-profit product designed with Unreal, you must pay a 5% royalty back to Epic Games.  This seems both nominal and fair.  Epic succeeds only if you succeed, and to proportional degree.

Will the free-to-use model draw more developers to the engine, or has Epic Games set an Unreal expectation?  We shall see.