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Haven Review: Batman Arkham City [Return to Arkham]

Batman Arkham City the continuation of the Batman Arkham franchise from Rock Steady. In the first installment Joker had a great plan which involved making Batman out to be a terrible monster like the Joker himself but ultimately it backfired.

Now the story continues and Quincy Sharp the old warden of Arkham Asylum is now the Mayor of Gotham City and from it he created Arkham City a place for all the mentally deranged, criminally insane and all around scum of Gotham to be imprisoned in.

Throw into this prison run by a Professor Hugo Strange the inmates are left to go about their own business. With the return of the famous voice crew again from Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamil and Tara Strong reprising their roles again for Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn.

Now like its predecessor the musical score is on point bringing a great depth and also grim atmosphere to the area. Where Batman is forced to fight for his life and learn the truth behind Arkham City before countless lives are lost to a madman who lurks in the shadows.

Now in Arkham Asylum you could only travel upon the island where the Asylum was. In this installment of the franchise Rocksteady has given us a more open world environment filled with buildings and the chance to explore quite a few of them. However the scale of the open world is still quite limited but at the time of the games release unless you are comparing to Skyrim the game’s map is quite huge.

However like its predecessor it still heavily relies on the two buttons used for combat one for attack and the other for countering. Although this makes it simple for new comers still, the combat is still a bit lacking. Although at times you will have to use two other buttons in conjunction with each other it still doesn’t offer any improvements.

The story of Arkham City though remains very on point, offering a new glimpse at old enemies and new enemies from Batman’s rogues gallery with Mr.Freeze, Two-Face, Mad Hatter, and even Catwoman joining the party. Catwoman being a particularly important character that you play as through a portion of the story.

Visually the game is breath taking, both original and remastered the game remains perfect in its representation of what we believe Gotham City should look like from the grim undertones we have been told about it. A place where villains like the Joker and Penguin fight to rule the place and cause chaos.

The game overall shows us and brings to life everything we have expected from Batman from the city he protects, to the villains he fights and people he protects. Like the character jumped from a comic book and into our gaming systems capturing the essence of Batman so well that the differences between comic and game character are almost indistinguishable.

Like its predecessor its a game I hope comic book fans and even non fans buy and enjoy. Weather it be the original copy or the Return to Arkham edition the game is worth it, and worth every penny.

-Daniel Clatworthy

Haven Review: Batman Arkham Asylum [Return to Arkham]

Arkham Asylum the game that started it all and spawned a series of sequels that are unparalleled in how epic they are. Batman has always been a popular super hero fighting crime as just a man, no super powers just his wit, body and will to save the day and a mind unlike any other.

So popular that there is a college offering a course in all the things Bruce Wayne studied to become Batman and fight crime as the masked Vigilante.

Now onto the review, Batman Arkham Asylum is the title that like I said stated it all, it starts off just like you would expect Batman bringing the Joker in to Arkham for treatment after he escaped. But what he soon realizes is that the Joker set a series of events into motion that will have our beloved Dark Knight fighting for him and Gothams life through out the entire island.

In terms of open world the game is lacking in that department, its a big map and a lot of small area’s where you can explore and adventure into and solve various Riddler related puzzles scattered about but. In terms of exploring Gotham city it is not possible.

However despite this quite a few of the rogues from Batmans gallery of enemies make a appearance such as Bane, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Joker, Killer Croc and Poison Ivy. So there is much to be said a bout the varying array of criminal master minds to fight and bring to Justice.

One of the great enjoyable feats of the game is Mark Hamil reprising his role as the Clown Prince of Crime striking terror into the hearts of people everywhere in a role he was born to play. As well as Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Bruce Wayne / Batman. Growing up as a fan of Batman the two were a huge part of my childhood and even to others they are those characters above everyone else.

But I digress the game itself has a excellent musical score which helps set the tone and the atmosphere for both the mix of detective work and combat. Although the combat is a little on the droll side of things forcing the player to simply button mash two keys the entire time which in its own right is a good thing, but it felt a little underwhelming when it came to fighting certain bosses and criminals in the game.

The story has a few low points as well but nothing that would take away from how its really enjoyed. It brings with it solid mechanics in its game controls, fluid story telling, a great musical score and voice acting which makes the game stand out as one of the best games ever created.

Its sustained the test of time, and even now with the Return to Arkham re-release the game has even more of a popular following than it started out with. I like to think game sales helped with that like on Steam where people could dive into the game title and become addicted like myself.

In conclusion the game is amazing, it has a few issues which have been fixed since its initial release and even gotten a graphical overhaul in Return to Arkham and I suggest if you love super heroes such as Batman that you pick the game up when you get a chance.

You won’t regret it.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Review: Hitman [2016]

13303615761260.822.1dde4da9301213e2cbd5ff1750571d40Assassination is just one of the many things that can bring in money in the underground and when you need a job to look like an accident then there’s only one person to call. Agent 47, the assassin of choice.

HitmanNow I am familiar with Hitman but I have never played a Hitman title this is the first time I have actually managed to play one. An I got to say I am absolutely loving it. I was afraid about it at first, as stepping into a new franchise can be a daunting task as a lot of titles are very unforgiving.

But the Hitman franchise has been gracious in not only teaching me what I need to know but giving tutorial stages to practice your skills out on before you actually go for big assassinations. It also gives you new and fun ways to experiment and play around in each stage so you don’t have to keep killing people the same way. Which I absolutely love about the title.hitman-2016-ps4-pc-xbox-one

I’ve literally sunk hours into the game so far to the point where I am just now getting the review out. Hopefully they will be equally forgiving with me as the gameplay is. Now stepping right into things you are given a single task as your assassination mission starts and it is up to you as you play to come up with new and creative ways to take the life of your target.

My personal favorite so far is simply just blowing up a cockpit with my victim inside and making it look like an accident as I casually slip away under the cover of darkness. As you play also you can unlock new items such as bombs, to make your job easier although for me I am old fashioned with using a coin to distract people and knock them out.

The power of spare change compels you! But I think where the game shines the most is with its episodic games and unlockable content from other places. Although it is a bit troublesome when some the places with unlockable content aren’t near you or even in the same country…2016-02-20_00003

But the episodic approach to the Hitman game really helps make it shine, letting players unlock all the extra content before a new episode comes out and continue the story.

Now the biggest concern is the atmosphere of the game , does it make the locations come alive with what it’s doing? The answer to that is a simple yes, the locations, the attention to detail makes it all flawless from the music they play to the character interactions. Although I do hate having a gun drawn on me every time I drop a chandelier on someone’s head, even though I told them it was an accident.

As an introduction to the series the game is really great, really easy to understand, and really fun to play. They even have a fairly active community with special events going on to where you can hunt down select special individuals such as Gary Busey from the smoking gun’s comedy series on TV, as well as the Predator two movie.

The only issue I have had with it. Is its constant need to always be online and if you are not online it forces you out of the mission you are in, and makes you wait at the title screen until your internet connection is restored.Hit

So if you got bad wi-fi the simple answer is you are boned, don’t buy this game, you can’t have any fun with it at all. Sorry buddy you are shit out of luck.

Minus that one very tragic downside the game is amazing, but seriously if you don’t have the net to support it. I feel sorry for you friend, because you won’t ever be able to enjoy its greatness.

-Daniel Clatworthy-