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Haven Reviews: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

20161209144753_1      Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

The true purpose of any masked murderer, is to flip out and kill people. Mostly by hiding in the shadows and deploying fiendish traps and distractions. While impaling unassuming guards with icicles, as they ponder about who’s footprints are these? It’s truly wicked world of samurai, corpse devouring bushes and a whole lot of gunpowder.


Shadow Tactics is seen from a birds eye view, where I control a team of heroes with special abilities. Each brings a different tool and challenge to the board and they are all equally important to utilize. Since controlling two characters at once is a tricky business, one can be assigned an order. I can execute while controlling another person. Such as setting one up to throw a noisy rock at a guard and as he look away the other guy will rip him a new one. Since dead enemies can be discovered, ti is totally possible to depose of them in a myriad of ways. Such as into bushes and off cliffs. When the alarm trigger a swarm of alerted folks comes running from various doors to investigate. The plot is fairly decent, with some colorful heroes. They are fun and quirky, but over all they’re a bit stereotypical. If you look away from the way the youngest member talk. She has some really fun and disturbing lines. Especially when dropping lethal things on unassuming victims.



When using a game pad, the A button does it all, well almost and is very finicky when multiple things are too close. Such as torches, bodies, doors and grappling points. The same struggle can happen if two corners are too close as I try to descend from the roof. Plus some enemies are virtually impossible to quick tag with the vision cone.


Repeating dialogue. Some NPC keep repeating lines during the run of a level. This gets very old very quick. Especially the first time around, since I take a long time to complete the levels. I would really appreciate a way to turn off or down the volume of in-game NPC’s. Luckily everyone can be killed. It’s a true sign of patience to let them live. Especially that drunk man in town.


This game is hard and that’s just on normal. On The highest difficulty the game is just mean. Luckily there are medals and steam achievements to unlock for the completionist. It will only take several playthrough of each level to do so. One thing is for certain, doing it all is a challenge all on it’s own.


Enemies are as expected. They will fall for the same trap over and over again. Place a spring loaded floortrap, blow the whistle and watch the guard get Impaled. Naturally this usually causes panic, where the ignorant fools will comb the bushes. Only to find nothing, and return to their guard duties. With some reinforcements and replacements. There is a price to trigger the alarm after all.


The music is quite melodic and is very fitting. A bit forgettable, filled with traditional Japanese instruments and a lot of modern sounds. It’s not bad at all. It’s there and it works. The voice-overs are quite good and can actually be set to fully Japanese, which is quite fitting for the era Shadow Tactics takes place. One thing I found very terrible though, it’s the sound of snoring guards. It’s too loud compared to anything else I’ve encountered.


Due to the difficulty and style of gameplay, Shadow Tactics is not a game everyone can enjoy. However I still highly recommend it for anyone whom like a good stealth game. I can’t stop myself from wanting to play more. Also there are blood and decapitations within the game. There is also a demo of the game.



Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.

Njål Sand

Haven Review: I Am Setsuna

i-am-setsuna-localized-titlecardI am Setsuna, It’s suppose to be the game that surpasses the legendary title Chrono Trigger and from what I have experienced in this game. It does, it’s really good, and its good a really amazing musical score and beautiful look to it. Okay, that’s the quick version you can stop reading now if your lazy.    i-am-setsuna-ps-vita-west

Now if you aren’t lazy, the game gives you a lot of interesting choices straight from the start which help influence how the combat will flow and help you if you have never played a role-playing game in your entire life. With a unique array of enemy monsters as well from a penguin that has giant freaking teeth to a bear plus a bee mixed together. No seriously, a Bear + a Bee literally mixed together as your first boss encounter.iamrelease_610a

Now one of the things I loved about this game is the beautiful cut-scenes it reminds me of child of light in terms of beauty but is on a scale much higher than Ubisoft’s title. The character design looks like something you would find in a Final Fantasy title but a little more mellowed out to make it blend with the beautiful scenery more. Aiming not to make the character pop with the dynamic background but instead just make him slightly noticeable in terms of visuals.

The music of the game, where to get started with this. It’s beautiful enough to get a grown muscular man like the Mountain to cry I would think. It helps set the tone and mood of the game flawlessly in a way that most other games fail to carry out in the modern triple A game category.i-am-setsuna

But one of the things I loved the most about the game is the story, and how it all starts off after you have to kill the Bear Bee monster boss creature. You are approached by a man and as a mercenary you are asked to kill a young girl who just turned eighteen. That’s your job, that’s your mission, I don’t want to go further into it as that is spoiler territory. But you can pretty much rest assured that since Square-Enix produced it, you cannot expect the obvious approaches all the time and if you want spoilers well, there are YouTube videos of that.

Another thing I found enjoyable is how they kept with the standard RPG controls with turn based gameplay but innovated so little with it, it stands out in a way that is very dynamic and new.setsuna_20In conclusion though, the game is beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing, and amazing. It’s everything I want in a role-playing game to help draw me into the story and its gameplay in a way that makes me fall in love with the genre all over again.It is totally worth buying if you ever get a chance.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.


Haven Editorial: The Problem with Pokemon GO

pokemon-go-logo-01So Pokemon, its been a great franchise for a long time! Heck, I even grew up with it collecting trading cards and have even more fond memories getting Pokemon Red and a Gameboy color for my birthday one year.

It’s been a long time coming and now the younger generation of trainers can join in on the fun with Pokemon GO! But it presents some problems…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game obsess over it to a point where I kinda dropped off the face of the earth for a week playing it on my wife’s phone and now on a handy down phone from my friend so I can play. But in my playing of the game I have noticed a few issues and I want to make them clear.

I understand that Niantic is busy, swamped even but people who live in rural area’s are getting the short end of the stick. Such as myself, I love Pokemon and I want to play the game more but for the big five ten-mile radius we only have one entire Pokestop. Not to mention its placed where the business manager is a total dick and will probably ask to get it removed once he realizes its there with the hordes of kids parked outside every day.Screenshot_20160725-190946

Despite this issue though the game is very popular out here. However a lot of kids are now being forced to quit because there is very little Pokemon that can be found in the area we live in and with the lack of Pokestops its even worse. Since the rural area we live in is just that “rural” Pokemon don’t flourish here and despite requests the Pokestop we have is just the only single Pokestop.

Now the reason why I bring this situation up, is because somewhere out there. There are other countries who are in the similar circumstances and despite the game being out only for a few weeks. A lot of people including myself want to know when smaller countries that are not the United States, Japan, or England going to get a little boost.

For example here is a picture of where we live and what our map looks like on PokeVision compared to what it looks like in Los Angeles. Screenshot 2016-07-31 01.23.57True, if we visited a major town or city there will be more Pokemon for us to capture and more PokeStops but you must also consider there are poor people who want to play it to relax or who cannot simply go to town anytime they choose because they lack a mode of transportation or cannot afford bus fair.

You would think that because you live in a rural area Pokemon would show up even more. Because that’s where wild Pokemon live and flourish, but the way the game is designed. Unless you live close to a major town or city you’re screwed. I timed it once, it took myself exactly four hours to restock the Pokeballs we used up, that is four hours of sitting next to a Pokestop with no lure for about 80-100 Pokeballs.Screenshot 2016-07-31 01.47.25

Whats worse is that its easy to throw a curve ball, or over throw a ball that you run out almost instantly. However if you invest another $35 dollars into the Pokemon GO plus you can save a few balls by having it throw them for you. Which from my perspective is a cheap business tactic to sell and make more money off of trainers who can afford extra gadgets.

Screenshot_20160723-205957So what I am trying to say with this editorial is simply, we get it the game is to make money. You are making money, and you will continue to make money because people love Pokemon. But will you at least throw a Cubone to those who can’t afford to put money into this game, who want to play it but can’t afford to go to town, or afford a car, can you make rural area’s a priority over big towns and cities where others can freely go?

We’re not asking for a lot, we get that PokeStops wouldn’t be common if you consider it in the way things would get placed in the Pokemon World. But a few more would be nice maybe some even close by and a chance to find even more Pokemon would be great since were lucky if we get one or two a day on a walk.

I really wish I could support the game or say something nice about it besides the fact it gets me up and moving. But with the amount of insane effort needed to play and level up and the amount of money you would expect of me to even get remotely good at this game is staggering.

I feel sorry for all the people living in the rural area’s who face the same problems as we do. Oh, almost forgot to mention closest gym is seven miles away.

-Daniel Clatworthy-