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haven Reviews: V2000

v1 V2000
Retro games and insane challenges is a thing these days. Let me give you a challenge and a treat; A real lesson in game design for all those hard core macho players out there. V2000 is a very odd game with a fun concept but a very flawed execution. According to the story and in-game intro dragons attacks a series of small worlds with a contagious virus and giant bugs among other things.
In order to fight this infestation a weird vtol (vertical take of and landing) craft is deployed


The main reason why the game is so damn hard and broken, is the controls. The craft can’t slide sideways and aiming is quite shit. Nor can the camera actually rotate, which makes this a very tricky business. However the game is far from impossible and each level is unique and interconnected. In order to win the nest has to be destroyed and the infestation must not reach critical mass. Or enough civilians die. Tough at that point it’s just to hit restart. Sure there are extra lives, but those are limited. There are only so many medals to collect. On is gain from finishing the level, while the other ones are hidden in various spots.

The other challenge is that each level is a puzzle of sorts and usually require weapons from another world. Hover these weapons can only be unlocked by ferrying civilians off to the factory, where they will produce new upgrades and guns. After all some enemies are bullet proof to the max. The craft itself has two modes, flying and floating and can be submerged by carrying a weight.

Graphically the game was quite decent for its time, with waves in the ocean, some physics and in full 3D. Naturally the physics is what makes things so hard at times. Touch trees, fences, buildings and such and the craft takes damage. Not only that it will also be bounced backwards as the thing in question usually explode. Which makes the fixed camera and floaty craft a real thorn in the buttocks to deal with. Which surprises me a little that games like the Silver Surfer has been been completed and recorded. One of the very noticeable challenges in V2000 includes, drowning white lizards things through mind control. Rolling boulders down a cliff and have them crush various hives, which otherwise are immortal and a slew of other challenges. Each world is different and very, very challenging.v3

Back in the day the PC version apparently had a versus mode as well. Tough the PC version will not keep the save file when exiting. Naturally this makes the Playstation the best version, if you can get a copy and get it running. Emulators can be a fickle mistress when it comes to weird old and virtually forgotten games. Also, good luck searching for a copy, V2000 is a painfully generic title.

Njål H Sand

Haven Editorial: Let’s Play: SlamScape

Slamscape [U] [SLUS-00080]-frontImagine being in a car crash. Imagine being taken to the hospital by the paramedics, through long corridors, elevators and faulty lighting. Then imagine having your eyes impaled and being stuffed into a virtual reality. Where your objective is to get the for Orbs as they are called. Four glowing bright balls must be collected to open the exit.

It’s highly recommended to find a copy of the manual, just to read the description of the dangers in the game. Such as the Umjella, a flying umbrella that shots bombs. Don’t ask me where I got this, I only know that I have a copy and its a very obscure game, with a faulty execution.


Giant enemy crab and weird multi-eyed missile creature.

The rest is a psycadellic mix of colors, beats and very little control. This game is someones demented pinball machine. On the flip side, it runs at 60 fps and is fast paced. The core mechanics are simple. There is boosting, breaking, shooting and being bounced back when hitting environmental objects, much like a pinball. Jumping is also very important. The biggest fault is the lack of a definite way to slide sideways. This is what makes the game very hard, aside from some very odd design decisions. On the original disc there was also several songs from the band “God lies underwater”. I can only assume they are the ones behind the score, since this was an MTV release. Rumor has it that the music television channel actually hosted music and put band names on the map. Though I wouldn’t know anything about that, since I don’t watch telly.

Regardless, everything in the game have a beat, and each health pickup that gathers in a tail behind the thing you control have it’s own sound. So not only do you shot and slam into things to escape, you’re also in a trippy beatbox. However I must admit that the score is good, especially since there are no lyrics.elephant-ball

Yes this is a bouncing ball of elephant feet.

Each level have a unique challenge that must be overcome to get the orb. Such as a rain cloud, a giant ball of fused elephant feet. Don’t ask difficult questions, it was probably made on acid. In this day and age players like a good challenge and trying obscure retro titles. So here is one for all of you. This highly experimental game is more of a curio than anything else and is not recommended for sort tempered people and children. Or anyone with a chance of epilepsy.

Incidentally I made a let’s play of the game.

As always they can be found on our YouTube channel, by following the link below.

Njål Sand

Haven Review: Revolution Ace

2015-05-08_00002First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only. All opinions in this article our are own and no monies have been exchanged for this review.

1983 was a milestone year in video arcades worldwide. Games like Mario Bros. (Nintendo) and Dragon’s Lair (Cinematronics) set precedents that echo to this day. That same year, one of the greatest forward-scrolling airplane shoot-’em-ups jetted in from Japan: Atari‘s Xevious.

I spent countless coins fighting off waves of oncoming aircraft, boats and tanks, all the while dodging their perfectly round homing bullets! At the end of each wave was a boss fight, and each successive level got harder until only the Guinness Book ranked players were left standing…in the arcade…for days.2015-05-08_000042015-05-09_00007

Now, ⅓ century later, we have Revolution Ace from Laser Guided Games; a Xevious-like jet fighter with enhancements such as inventory, multiplayer and varying difficulty levels.

As you advance through waves of enemies, you earn new types of weapons and armor, as well as special-use items that require a recharge period before they can be re-deployed. There are also elusive “perks”, which bestow permanent upgrades to your jet…everything from extra shields to additional missile slots. When you deem items obsolete, you can salvage them and use the scrap to improve your inventory.2015-05-09_00009

Enemies come at you from all venues…land, sea and air. There are also stationary ground targets to destroy. A great feature is that you can return at any time to maps you have already beaten. This lets you farm for resources, as well as go back and take that awesome screenshot you missed earlier!2015-05-09_00004

Multiplayer modes are fun, but non-cooperative. You can play split-screen “versus” to see who scores higher, or you can record your play and compare it to your opponents’ recordings…very avant-garde.

Eventually, you will amass an impressive arsenal of offensive and defensive items with which to equip your fighter. There’s something very satisfying about dragging and dropping missiles into position under the wings, and adding homing capabilities to an otherwise basic pellet gun.

Overall, I recommend Revolution Ace to anyone who has considered playing a game of this genre. The “easy” mode is truly easy with plenty of shields and armor to get you started. Through perks you can further increase these protective forces.
2015-05-09_00012When your skills improve and you think you’re ready, select one of the tougher modes. The AI there is smarter and the game becomes less generous with the perky handouts! So go ahead and give Revolution Ace a test flight. We’ll see you at 40K feet.

-Chris Roberts-
Revolution Ace Scale