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Haven Reviwes: Fortnite Early Acess

 Fortnite is a fun, fast and very addictive game, From green rabbits with guns, to grumpy muscle men cutting their way out of a city eating worm. Epic games knows how to deliver a quality experience. 3rd person action, unique abilities, looting, crafting, a plot, zombies, exploration, base building, a skill three, traps and tower defense. Topped of by the ability to play with 3 other people in glorious cooperation. If you got through all of that you’re probably a tad confused. Fortnite is one of those games that combine many great game play elements into one polished and mostly bug free package. The graphics are colorful, with a cartoon like art direction and over exaggerated features. Which makes for an exceedingly nice combination. The music is fairly a fairly okay fare, with several dynamic tunes, depending on the action. They’re there and they sound okay, but ultimately they are very forgettable. For some reason Fortnite is very found of whooping the butt of various loot pinata llamas. Which talks a lot and is brutally decapitated in a shower of candy and schematics.  The most efficient and best way to unlock new heroes and weapons that can bu build during the missions. Unfortunately this is quite much luck based. Normally I loathe zombies, as they are the most bland, rotten and boring enemy imaginable aside from annoying bats. However this game fixes that by throwing a lot of variation and special enemies that will rip you a new orifice. Plus that they gain various nasty elements later on. That being said, the game does contain a quite bit of grinding. Which will drag out the game a lot, so that is something to keep in mind. It is a time sink, a very addictive time sink. That being said many missions brings a lot of new elements and modifiers to keep things fresh. 

Combined with a randomly generated terrain. As I mentioned earlier tower defense is an important aspect of Fortnite. Most maps have an objective to defend, other wise the relentless horde will destroy it. That’s why manufactured traps and walls can be built all over the place to stop the scourge from getting through too fast. Buildings can be built anywhere as long as one have enough materials. Not to mention the storm shield, which is the main base of operation, that can be built up any way you like. An arena that has to be defended at least 10 times during the story mode. Which is another nice thing about the game, it has a fully voiced story mode with quirky characters and an over enthusiastic robot. In conclusion a good game, with many nice qualities, with quite a bit of grinding. The most negative aspect of the game thus far is that most ability powers are way too weak or short lived.


Njål Sand

Haven Reviews: The Final Station

The Final Station, let’s railroad to the max and get on the choo! Choo! Train, into a god forsaken wasteland, where things have gone really, really wrong and I will probably find out why. Whether you like it or not, unless I fail to keep the passengers alive. Which is a very hard thing to achieve I must admit. The lot of them keeps bleeding out on me, while I fiddle with maintaining the faulty equipment and the power level. The system has a nasty habit of redirecting power away from the air recycling system in the passenger cabin. Luckily I have yet to see my valuable cargo turn into worthless fertilizer. Despite these minor issues I eventually reach my station. As my train locks in to the station, I realize something has gone seriously wrong.


The Final Station is one part system management. One part side scrolling action and survival horror. While the rest is a quite intriguing story with something weird going on. Controller wise game is quite simple and very easy to understand. Even if there is no tutorial that I could find, I found it intuitive. Whenever a system on the train require input an exclamation-marks pops up. The same holds true for the passengers that will have a dialogue among each other when the player is within earshot. That being said. Text in general could use a bigger font and a way to read it after things have been said.20160825003346_1

All the passengers that survive will provide various bonuses, which can be seen when nest to them in the train. While these poor fellows have a bad habit of bleeding out a bit too fast, its funny how none really cares.

It can be a bit hard to follow the dialogue, when juggling food, dying people and technical problems, maybe have at least dialogue stop when fiddling with mechanics


The side scrolling survival horror part in The Final Station, occurs when the train stops and the player embark. Each of these stages involves investigating the area, interacting with people and scrounging for supplies, while searching for the code. Which is the only way to unlock the train stopper and move on to the next story. There are also a great deal of enemies, where a lot of punching and creative use of furniture is needed to survive. Since bullets, first aid kits and supplies like food are a finite supply. Every now and then stores can be found as well, where hard earned riches can be spent. It’s quite satisfying to punt a toilet through an annoying ankle biting monster.


Which brings me to a small issue, while there are checkpoints, they are usually poorly placed. They pay very little attention to what monsters are next to the player. Which can lead to me re-spawn surrounded by the enemies I ran past. While triggering a checkpoint.

Graphically The Final Station is full of small touches, details that adds to the atmosphere. But if sprites are not your thing, then you have been warned. That being said, the background feels a bit out of place at times. While the graphics are nice and moody, the ambiance drives the apocalyptic feel of it all even further, sprinkled with music cues here and there.No to mention how few sound effects are used overall.


That being said, while I greatly enjoy the game, it can be a bit frustrating here and there due to enemies and the environment. To get the full story and all the in-game dialogue, resources has to be managed and all the passengers have to be saved. Which is where some of the re-playability comes from along with Steam achievements. If there are any branching paths I just don’t know it yet. But it would be a waste not to, but apparently there will be differences in the dialogue and npc interactions, .  However I had some issues working out that menu, it was not intuitive at all and poorly high lighted.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Njål H Sand

haven Reviews: V2000

v1 V2000
Retro games and insane challenges is a thing these days. Let me give you a challenge and a treat; A real lesson in game design for all those hard core macho players out there. V2000 is a very odd game with a fun concept but a very flawed execution. According to the story and in-game intro dragons attacks a series of small worlds with a contagious virus and giant bugs among other things.
In order to fight this infestation a weird vtol (vertical take of and landing) craft is deployed


The main reason why the game is so damn hard and broken, is the controls. The craft can’t slide sideways and aiming is quite shit. Nor can the camera actually rotate, which makes this a very tricky business. However the game is far from impossible and each level is unique and interconnected. In order to win the nest has to be destroyed and the infestation must not reach critical mass. Or enough civilians die. Tough at that point it’s just to hit restart. Sure there are extra lives, but those are limited. There are only so many medals to collect. On is gain from finishing the level, while the other ones are hidden in various spots.

The other challenge is that each level is a puzzle of sorts and usually require weapons from another world. Hover these weapons can only be unlocked by ferrying civilians off to the factory, where they will produce new upgrades and guns. After all some enemies are bullet proof to the max. The craft itself has two modes, flying and floating and can be submerged by carrying a weight.

Graphically the game was quite decent for its time, with waves in the ocean, some physics and in full 3D. Naturally the physics is what makes things so hard at times. Touch trees, fences, buildings and such and the craft takes damage. Not only that it will also be bounced backwards as the thing in question usually explode. Which makes the fixed camera and floaty craft a real thorn in the buttocks to deal with. Which surprises me a little that games like the Silver Surfer has been been completed and recorded. One of the very noticeable challenges in V2000 includes, drowning white lizards things through mind control. Rolling boulders down a cliff and have them crush various hives, which otherwise are immortal and a slew of other challenges. Each world is different and very, very challenging.v3

Back in the day the PC version apparently had a versus mode as well. Tough the PC version will not keep the save file when exiting. Naturally this makes the Playstation the best version, if you can get a copy and get it running. Emulators can be a fickle mistress when it comes to weird old and virtually forgotten games. Also, good luck searching for a copy, V2000 is a painfully generic title.

Njål H Sand