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Nerd Editorial: Captain America: Civil War Teams Confirmed


The wait is finally over! Leaked promotional art has confirmed what fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been dying to know: in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film, which superheroes will be on which team? Though we only have a vague plot summary, everyone has been hyped to find out who the teams consist of.

For those who don’t know a bit about the upcoming film, here’s a short summary: after an Avengers mission results in collateral damage, politicians try to set up a system of accountability and council that will determine when to call them. This causes the team to split in half, with one side opposed to working for the government. Iron Man’s side isn’t opposed to the system, while Captain America’s is.

Iron Man’s team includes: War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Vision. Cap’s team consists of Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Ant-man, Falcon, and Bucky. No word on where the Scarlet Witch, who is confirmed to be in the film, will place her loyalties. She may end up being a neutral party, but I’m speculating she’ll be on Cap’s side in the end.

I’m also very curious as to how the conflict will play out in the film as opposed to the comics. In the comics, the government was trying to pass legislation requiring all superheroes to give up their secret identities and register with the government. That’s not really as much of a conflict in the movies because secret identities are basically non-existent. I’m not a fan of the comic story-line because I felt like the pro-registration side ended up being jerks and unsympathetic-a classic example was when Captain Marvel went to Emma Frost to ask about the X-Men’s loyalties (they had tried to stay out of the conflict). It was the dumbest thing ever because a good chunk of X-Men stories have them fighting off the government trying to register mutants-why would they be interested in any form of registration that asks them to compromise their identity since it would easily lead to every other mutant having to do the same thing?

The conflict this time around centers more on when and if the Avengers should be sent out at all. It’s true that alien invasions are only something they could have handled, but the incident with Ultron is literally Tony’s fault and would never have happened if not for him-he indirectly killed many people and caused an astonishing amount of property damage. He should be held accountable, as should everyone to some kind of authority. On the other hand, the government in the Marvel universe has been shown to be corrupt many times and would probably only use the team as a weapon of war instead of protectors. It’s an interesting ethical dilemma that could potentially play out with a lot more nuance and thoughtfulness than the original story did. We’ll have to wait until next May to see how it all plays out.

-Bri Nicks-

Haven Review: Project Temporarilty

First up is our disclaimer.  We got this game because we wanted to review it, and as such
all views in this article our are own. No money has been exchanged for this review.project-temporality-cover

Like time travel? Perhaps you like paradox’s and a universe that will self implode because eight of me exist all in one place at a single moment in time. Alright besides that horrifying thought of there being eight of me at once.

Project Temporarily is a puzzle solving game using time travel where you got to create paradox’s to solve various problems as well as rewind time and manipulating the flow of time like you would silly putty.pt_screen12_720

Despite the sinister undertones that are picked up later in the game it remains a heavy puzzle solving game with complex problems that you really need to think about and at times well time them right to solve.temporality

It is one of the better time related games I have played and really enjoyed it up until the point where I stared at the puzzle trying to figure it out for what seems liked hours. But ultimately that became part of its charm. If you are wanting a challenge this would be the game for you to play.

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Haven Editorial: Ban-craft.

Back in February the Turkish ministry began a probe to investigate Minecraft to determine if the game should be banned for being “too violent” Somehow the Turkish government concluded that Minecraft should be banned for being too violent.
I for one find this to be possibly one of the dumbest things ever. Let us ban something for its violence especially something where it can be freely disabled unlike certain world related issues. Here I’ll explain it better for everyone.

There is violence in the bible, nudity, sex, seriously have you read the song of Solomon?
There is violence in the streets, protesting, occasional sex depending on your profession, and murder.

There is violence caused from religion which is always a hot topic issue but you don’t see religions getting taken down. Yet somehow a children’s game is enough to merit removal on the fact you can get cyber-bullied in it or that you can kill a pig.

There are other games way more violent than Minecraft and they are still perfectly playable in Turkey. There are currently no banned games in Turkey.
So why have they decided to go out and ban Minecraft of all things.
It’s perfectly okay for their government to let me go rent a virtual hooker and plow her in my backseat. Then go out and head-shot a random pedestrian walking down the street.

Yet it would not be okay for me to hit a piece of wood from a tree.
Hats off to the Turkish government for proving you can be organized and well mannered and still act like a bunch of idiots.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-